Thursday, December 22, 2011

Di[e]versity Training Video - Training You How To Hate Whitey

[Pardon for the recent lull. Holidays, you know.]

Today we feature a form of Anti-White Media that we have heretofore neglected: the diversity training video.

Many of us have been forced to watch them when taking a new job. Has anyone ever noticed how over-the-top Anti-White they are?

What this video doesn't tell you, but which is clear from the production company's website,
is that the non-whites it features are for the most part professional "diversity" consultants.

The most hostile man here, the colorfully dressed, mixed-race guy, Mr. Victor Lewis, has made a living airing Anti-White grievances. Therefore his spiel about the white guy "standing on the shoulders" of other races is likely scripted; it is probably a point he has made (and was likely paid to make) in front of audiences hundreds of times.

Meanwhile, the white guy they gang up on is just your average Joe. He's not a professional advocate for white interests. He just runs a shop.

So here we have professional race hustlers and "diversity trainers" picking on this one white fall-guy. They put him on trial. Even the black guy he's sitting next to, who acts as his lawyer, turns on him.

But if I had been in the room, I would have had to remind them that just about every race there had at one time gone through an expansionist phase. For instance, one of the men next to Mr. Lewis looks like he could be a Mongolian. Why doesn't Mr. Lewis turn threateningly towards the Mongolian man and tell how he "stood on the shoulders of," enslaved, dominated and decimated the white people of the Russian Steppe for hundreds of years? If the man happened to be Japanese, Mr. Lewis could have complained how the man's ancestors enslaved the Koreans for thousands of years.

In fact, Mr. Lewis himself looks vaguely like Muammar Gaddafi. He could easily be part Arab or Moor. But he doesn't turn to himself and say: You know, self, for hundreds of years you harassed all your neighbors; you killed and enslaved the Indo-European Persians; you converted them at the point of a sword to your oppressive religion; you conquered and killed and converted the people of Spain; you harried all weaker and less organized tribes, enslaved them when you could and justified that enslavement with your not-very-PC religious text, the Koran. Indeed, you have historically dominated your own women, who to this day are far less likely than a white European woman to maintain any sense of independence.

I could go on with critiques of Mr. Lewis, and shall: he singles out the white guy for such particular scorn, blaming him for the alleged wrongs of the white race as a whole. But, to be fair, does he ever think to thank him for the things that the white race has done for him? Has given him? The clothes he is wearing, as Afro-licious as they appear, were made in a textile mill invented by white people. Books, in which he studied to learn how to hate white people, were invented by white people. He probably drove to the film set in a car, invented by white people. And the camera that was used to spread his message of hating white people was invented by white people.

He cries and moans about how North America was taken from red people by white people. But why, then, is he in North America? Who is keeping him here? It's the 21st century, Mr. Lewis. You can get on a plane (invented by white people) and move back to the Sudan, where you look to be from. Oh, but then how would you earn your bread, Mr. Lewis? For then in the Sudan, who would pay you to complain about white people?

Don't mean to burst your bubble, Mr. Lewis, but there in the Sudan you would find people who look a lot like you, people who are currently in the process of raping and murdering and marauding their weaker, darker neighbors. Not a single victim-pimping race-hustling seminar within a thousand miles! How on earth would you then manage to pump yourself up with your high-and-mighty speechifying? How on earth would you continue to spin the narrative of your moral superiority?

I mean, there are lots and lots of ways to counter Mr. Lewis' impassioned argument that aren't, as he claims, merely efforts to "mystify" this issue. If anything, Mr. Lewis is the one doing the mystifying. His raised voice, threatening posture, and harsh tone all serve to take the discussion out of the realm of facts and logic, and push it into the realm of coercion, which is precisely where the makers of this film want to take it.

One more thing: this idea that blacks are somehow morally righteous because they never were imperialistic or colonialist is pure hogwash on so many levels. For one, don't all the PC history texts talk about how we all come from Africa? So if people who are descended from Africans live all over the world, doesn't that mean that at some point Africans were expansionist, and displaced the other human species? Seems kinda contradictory that we are constantly encouraged to celebrate the fact that "we're all from Africa" but fail to heap upon those expansionist Africans the same scorn we reserve for those expansionist Europeans.

Furthermore, the fact that Africans failed to expand like Europeans did in modern times has nothing to do with some kind of innate virtue among blacks. I mean, it wasn't like blacks thought of taking North America for themselves and then chose not to because like peace-loving little Dalai Lamas they thought it would be "disrespectful" to take the lands of other tribes. No. Everybody knows they didn't expand on their own because they couldn't get their act together, technologically speaking. If they could have, you know they would have. Had they been able to construct the Viking longship, they would have made it to Nova Scotia, too. This bitching and moaning about white colonialism is just displaced envy.

This video, claiming to be about encouraging "diversity," actually only trains us how to hate white people.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Mormons Love Black People Too

Mormonism has been morphing for over a century. In the 1890s, the church officially gave up the practice of polygamy so that Utah could gain statehood. That's right: they compromised their belief system for political expediency. They did it again in the 1970s, when blacks were suddenly made eligible to hold the Mormon priesthood.

Now the church is going out of its way to promote interracial breeding. The eye-catching hook to both of these ads (at 1:22 and 2:21 respectively): "Surprise! You thought we were a bunch of racists, but Mormons love blacks too!"

Notice, then, how each time the church has taken steps to become more "mainstream" it increasingly spells the demise of white homogeneity?

Behold Mormonism transformed: from a 19th century religion that embraced polygamy (and was thus essentially one big white baby making machine) to a 21st century, globalist, New World Order mega-corporation that actively promotes race-mixing. What a 180-degree turnaround!

Modern Mormons are trying to show that they aren't racists, and in doing so they're adopting the mindset of the Anti-Whites.

Anti-racism is just a code word for Anti-White.

Hat Tip: an anonymous contributor.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Black On White Suckerpunch And Footstomp - No Hate Crime?

Not only does Yancy Gates suckerpunch the only white player on the basketball court, Xavier's Kenny Frease, but his teammate Cheikh Moodj STOMPS on him (at :26, player number 13 in the upper right of the frame) after he already fell to the floor.

This angle isn't too revealing, unfortunately. Other clips show that Moodj explicitly targeted and attacked Frease with a flying foot stomp after he was down.

It was obvious from the clip that Frease wasn't throwing punches at the time, and even looked like he was trying to calm the situation, with his arms out, unmoving.

The attack itself, though seemingly Anti-White in that it coincidentally targeted the only white guy, wouldn't normally get featured here on We expect such behavior, really, from these "athlete" thugs who have a woefully inflated sense of themselves. If you want an archive of black-on-white crime, go to or one of the many other sites that report on such things.

We feature this story here because the media smokescreen on this incident has totally obscured the racial angle.

If this had been a hockey game, and the lone black player had been specifically targeted for a brutal attack by the crowd of white guys, it would have made the national news. The players would have been hit with a hate crime. They would have gone to jail.

But not once on ANY news outlet reporting on this fight did any "journalist" have the courage to investigate what most people already know, that Frease was dropped to da flo because he was a honky and shiiit.

As with the media's failure to report the black-on-white criminality of "flash mobs," its refusal to report the "hate crimes" of blacks in this brawl shows a sickening Anti-White bias which is particularly dangerous because it only encourages the perps.

UPDATE: Speaking of encouraging the perps: instead of getting tossed out of school and going to jail, Yates has received a paltry 6-game suspension from his team. Yawn.

Boycott: U. Cincinatti

Thursday, December 8, 2011

TV Season Premire Evokes Interracial Porn

It never ceases to amaze me what passes for "entertainment" these days, what some people will spend hours of the only life they will ever live prostrated in front of, slouched on their couches.

Some critics of this site accuse its supporters of being little more than out-of-touch, afraid, aging white men who just can't handle the idea of a black guy paired up with white women (or at least Indo-European women in the case of Armenians).

But it isn't about not being able to handle anything. To me, seeing a naked black guy or even a naked Eskimo is no more interesting than seeing a naked water buffalo. They are simply representatives of the animal kingdom. Speaking of Eskimos: I want to know this: why don't we see season premiers of big reality TV shows that feature naked Eskimos?

Doesn't it seem odd that the same liberal whites and jews who obsess so much about "equality" and fair and evenly distributed representation will never give us a show that features a naked Eskimo yoga instructor teaching a room full of Pakistani hermaphrodites? No. It will always be a black guy mixed with some white women. "There must be some way," the producers will think, "that we can contrive for a naked black guy to be in the same room with some nearly nude white women with their white asses in the air. That would have 'season premier' written all over it!"

Ask yourself: why is this being produced? There is an agenda here beyond "entertainment." It is simply par for the course of a culture that is obsessed with promoting the plight of blacks and the point of view of blacks and the private parts of blacks. And all I can say in response is I don't care about any of that. I want my culture back. I want a white western culture to be free of this mental yoke, this mind-forged manacle of racial guilt and fear politics and in yo face sex friction. I want my children to be able to switch on the television without being barked at visually, without being grappled into some kind of racial submission, without being reminded that there is an impending genocide targeting them, with over-the-top spectacles and billions of corporate dollars backing it all up.

But if I complain about shows like this I am called a racist.

Ah. Methinks the people who are against my supposed racism are really only against my explicit whiteness.

Hat tip: an anonymous contributor.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How To Fight The Anti-Whites w/ Horus The Avenger

In lieu of a video by the Anti-Whites, as we usually show, today we will feature a great new video out of Scandinavia featuring Horus.

Finally, some Pro-White Media!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Black Guy Tells Off Your Ideal White Man

If there is any possible way for three beautiful, young, nubile Caucasian girls to come into contact with a black guy in a commercial, you know our current crop of Anti-White Media advertisers will find that way, will contrive to get us there by the seventh second of their ad. Think it's an accident?

Subconsciously, couch potatoes everywhere will then perk up their interest. Our species, as many in the animal kingdom, must compete for females. So the fear of losing these ladies to the black guy makes us anticipate what will happen next.

Magically, these white girls evoke "the most perfect white guy imaginable." They construct their ideal: handsome, smart, tall, strong, chiseled, sensitive, mysterious.

But apparently even the best white man that can possibly be imagined is no match for the nonchalant black guy, who chides the white guy, commanding him to get off the car as a parent would command a child.

The message: even the best white guy you could ever imagine, ladies, is no match for your average black guy, who will shame him publicly.

Boycott: State Farm

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy, Vibrant Jews Teach Square, Dead, Sexless Gentiles About Life, Love

Another Anti-White Media movie review.

Meet The Fockers
(2004) was written by Jews and directed by Jews and produced by Jews and tells a story starring Jews who tell square, cold, aloof, passionless, white gentile non-Jews that warm, happy Jews have insights into life and love.

And it made $515 million at the box office, mostly from non-Jews who paid Jews to tell them a story written by Jews and directed by Jews and produced by Jews and starring Jews who tell square, cold, aloof, passionless, white gentile non-Jews that warm, happy Jews have insights into life and love.

But seriously, does anyone else find it ironic that the same tribe that is always crying about making schools, businesses, and baseball teams (and just about anything else under the sun) more "diverse" is the same tribe that displays a serious lack of diversity when it comes to their own Hollyweird and bankster rackets?: When it comes to their own strangleholds on power, it's all Jews all the time, without a shred of remorse, a second thought, or the slightest apology. It's one rule for them and another for the rest of us.

Meanwhile Peter Jackson makes The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit with an all-white cast and he's called rayyyyciss!

It seems anti racism is just a code word for anti white.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Queue Up!: Big Black Barista Satisfies Dem White Wimmenz

Another vile ad promoting miscegenation.

The sexual innuendo here -- she asks for a "long, black" coffee -- only draws attention to the fact that all the people in the queue are white women. So it is specifically white women (all white women and only white women) who cannot resist the black guy. They'll line up like soulless zombies in order to get their chance to tame the savage Afro-beast.

And they intentionally cast a slightly chubby, dumpy white girl in the lead role here. She contrasts with the gym-built black guy in order to get us to think that we should actually be grateful that high-value blacks would condescend to sleep with such dumpy white girls. The black guy is doing the white women a favor! Seeing this ad, white women would have a subtle sense of their depreciated market value, and thus be more inclined to "sell low" (i.e. sleep with blacks).

Hat tip: an anonymous contributor.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Grade School Classic Gets "Updated" So As To Be A Bit More Genocidal

Here we have Wuthering Heights (2011), produced by Robert Bernstein.

At first I thought "You. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding. Me."

But really nothing surprises me anymore.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Edition

Video 1) White male, wimpy, gets ignored/shut down by black woman.
Video 2) White male, weak, can't keep up. Wife, tired of his crying, must take charge.
Video 3) Black guy is calm, strong, reasonable. White woman tries to be "cool" and "with it" in his presence.

Boycott Wal Mart this holiday season.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Blacks In Training For Fatherhood After Impregnating White Women

Uh...Maybe you have to be Italian to fully get this one.

All I need to know about it is that it causes a gag reflex. It is perhaps even worse than THIS one, which we featured here a few years back.

How far the Italians have fallen from the old days of Marcus Aurelius, Leonardo, Galileo... Cato...

Hat tip to an anonymous commenter/contributor.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

In Spartacus (1960): An Early Example Of Blackworship

The "big black one" is the "most beautiful," says the white woman.

Would you see a quote like this in any films of the 1930s or 40s?

This brief scene might seem innocuous by today's Anti-White Media standards. But the portrayal of these amoral whites, juxtaposed with the noble, powerful black guy, is an early sign of things to come, preceding Flame in the Streets (1961) by a year.

Thus from an archivist's standpoint I wanted to get Kubrick's "classic" logged here.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Black Genius Saves World While Tenderly Protecting White Women; White Men Are Helpless Bystanders

How Steven Soderbergh's Contagion (2011) was able to turn a global pandemic into such a snore-inducing film is beyond me. Perhaps if he wasn't so concerned with being PC (which, in the Anti-White Media lexicon stands for Post-Caucasian more than it stands for Politically Correct) he would have given more thought to how he might keep his audience awake.

But he just had to make his film Post-Caucasian. This requires white male characters to be stupid janitors who don't even know that you don't ask the black head of the Center for Disease Control about diagnosing your kid's autism. "I'm not that kind of doctor" Laurence Fishburne informs the dolt.

The film is little more than slow-motion vignettes of Fishburne talking to his white female colleagues. Together, they save planet earth.

Compare Kate Winslet's respectful, attentive, careful, concerned, engaged gaze at Fishburne at :39, with the way in which, in the scene immediately after, she blows off the big white male dork that she has been forced to work with (1:01). Note how the white guy just can't keep up in the airport. He's only there to hold Winslet back from saving humanity: "I'd like to get started if that's POSSIBLE" she says (1:13).

As if the special relationship of late-night, tender phone calls with one driven, white female CDC doctor isn't enough for this film, Fishburne also must be shown in another, insightful, productive, tender relationship with Jennifer Ehle's character. It's the same relationship, doubled-up, reinforcing the film's ideological arc: white men are bystanders to the black man and white women who show professionalism and courage.

Fishburne, despite heavy emotional ties with his white female staff, is married to a black woman who, conveniently, gets attacked by masked white males(!) Another white male, who challenges Fishburne's credibility (Jude Law), proves in the end to be yet another unscrupulous criminal(!)

Can you believe that fifty years have passed between Flame in the Streets (1961), (discussed in our last post) and this year's Contagion?

FIFTY YEARS of Anti-White Media propaganda. Let's all wish an unhappy birthday and a short life to this civilization-destroying mental contagion.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Black Guy Evokes Third World Fantasy For First World White Woman

An AWM history lesson: Anti-White Media in the UK began in earnest with Flame in the Streets (1961), which depicts a kind, gentle, morally flawless black guy preaching to an impressionable white woman about the virtues of Jamaica and the evils of whitey.

Britain's elitesters had imported blacks by the thousands all through the 50s, and racial tensions soon skyrocketed. So "films" like this started coming out, which were actually little more than social engineering propaganda weapons, spearheading a campaign to make the Brits feel they "needed" blacks in order to bring a little cheery sun into their otherwise dreary, frown-filled, and damp little world.

Kathie Palmer, played by Sylvia Syms, is here seduced by the idea that she is "different" than the sad, bland race that the black guy describes. She gets a false feeling of moral supririority that is both a cause and an effect of her dating a black guy.

Think of how many impressionable white girls saw this film in 1961 and thought: 'Hey. I don't want to be numbered among these "sad" pasty-skinned stream-polluters!' - and with that thought first began driving Britain, gradually through the ensuing decades, towards wholesale deracination and national suicide.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Oreo: Frail White Boys Would Be Lost Without Heroic Black Genius

I went to a public school that was racially "integrated" and in all my years there I never saw anything like this. On the contrary, usually black boys would prey on the solitary, the weak, and the vulnerable - not selflessly seek to help them.

Note how they cast not just any white boy, but a frail, almost girlish-looking white boy. Note how he isn't smart enough to figure out how to dunk his cookie. This kid is pathetic. But thank heavens the black genius comes to his rescue.

The ad below is by the same Jewish director, Matt Smukler. Note any similarities? Who is the powerful force of nourishment? Who is the helpless sissy? Hmmm. Coincidence?

Hat tip: Anonymous contributor.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Another Talk Show Jewess Promotes Miscegenation

Why am I not surprised that Sally Jesse Raphael's real last name is Lowenthal?

Such TJB (Typical Jew Behavior):

1) Hide your real name and ethnic identity.
2) Promote racemixing and "diversity."
3) Make $£$£$£$£$ by undermining social norms and white ethnic interests.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

White Women: Competing For Black Rod

This show depicts whites as dumb on all levels. The white guest seems borderline retarded, but even she feels like white men are beneath her intellectually and generally beneath contempt.

Then black women, who also seem borderline retarded, try to edu-mackate dis white ho 'bout how dere black brothaz be usin' dem and sheet caws deys so stooopid.

Is it any surprise that Ricki Lake is of The Tribe? Must they always be so obvious in promoting their vile Anti-White agenda?

More bad news: if you think this poisonous show is off the air, think again. They're bringing it back.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Stupid White Boys/Righteous Black Father

Often, as we have repeatedly shown, Anti-White Media depicts a kind of Bizarro World reality in which all the negative stereotypes associated with blacks are inverted. In movies such as Source Code or Unstoppable or Green Mile or Far From Heaven (the list goes on and on) - blacks are genius physicists or genius mystics or generally misunderstood genius geniuses. They are always ALWAYS contrasted with stupid, misguided morally corrupt whites.

This commercial is no different. It inverts the statistically provable trend of the absentee father in the black community by presenting us with a protective, present, conscientious, alert, and nurturing black father figure. But he cannot just be an active principle of goodness alone. No. He must be juxtaposed with some degraded white kids. What incompetent Caucasian parental unit has let their kids run feral?

The black guy looks at the white kids with a kind of strange self-righteousness in his eye that says "Hell no is my kids gonna end up like these crazy ass white boys, throwin' theys money around."

And Montreal-based BMO Harris Bank thinks this ad is going to endear whites to them?

Perhaps their marketing strategies and PR marching orders simply come to them from on high, directly from Rothschildlandia.

Pure speculation there. But it wouldn't surprise me.

Hat tip: Anonymous & Artur @

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Selling Interracial Sex

To the uninformed, this public service announcement might seem to be just stating the fact that when we have our eyes closed we can't tell what color people's skin is.

It is true, after all, that most creatures in the animal kingdom use their eyes to see color.

But this ad goes further. It is explicitly selling interracial sex.

And, even more explicitly, it is promoting sex between a black guy and a white girl.

The black guy at :01 is paired with the white girl at :04. This is a technique called bookending: even though a few other faces flit on the screen between them, the white girl and black guy share the first scraps of dialogue. THEY are having the conversation. It doesn't matter that other races then join in on that conversation; the conversation was initiated between the black guy at :01 and the white girl at :04, and the fact that it was a black guy and a white girl was no accident of casting or editing.

Notice there are no prepubescent kids in this ad. This is because it is rife with sexualized innuendo: the final line of the white girl at :24, saying "when we turn out the lights," is essentially an invitation to come to bed. Note too it is implied that her bed partner will not be white, because then the game doesn't work: if she turns out the lights to have sex with a white guy, no longer does the lack of light erase the differences between the two bedmates - indeed, there would be no difference to erase.

The ad sets up a game that can only be played by finding a bedmate of a different skin tone and then turning out the lights in order to abolish that difference. That is the game. Now play it you raceless zombies.

Follow the money: this ad is put out by the Art Institutes, a division of the federally subsidized (there's those tax dollars at work again) Education Management Corporation (EDMC).

41 percent of EDMC is owned by Goldman Sachs.

Why on earth would Goldman Sachs promote interracial breeding?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Xerox: Serve Dah Black Man, Whitey

Some might claim that this is just an inversion of the old "shoe shine boy" stereotype. You know: "Now it is duh white man who is shinein' dem shoes. Now it is duh white man who is duh caddy fo duh black man."

This could be chalked up to parody if it weren't for the fact that it is now the 21st century. In THIS century, white servitude to the top-dog black man is the status quo. At least that is how things are relentlessly promoted in the media. The Anti-Whites are selling this imagery for a reason.

The image at :13 speaks volumes. It shows not just an inversion of the past, where the master is now the slave and vice versa. It also disseminates the iconography of a new religious system that is as colonialist/expansionist as was sixteenth century Catholicism in South America--without simultaneously spreading, as the Spanish did, technical know-how and literacy.

When a race is being genocided, I guess it helps to show them as servile, subordinate, slavish.

We don't want the white man to get too uppity.

Boycott: Xerox.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Two More Examples Of How Anti-Racism Is A Code Word For Anti-White

Big Jew Bill Maher thinks he is being Anti-Racist by suggesting Hispanics, and minorities generally, get "screwed over by Caucasians" (:02).

But why Caucasians in particular, Bill? Funny, I know some Jews who own high-interest "payday" loan centers. They operate in south Texas and "screw over" Hispanics all the time. Why not rip on those guys, Bill? Why not make jokes about how your tribe has "screwed over" the Palestinians? No? Not gonna go there? I see how it is. I guess your Anti-Racism is just a code word for Anti-White.

Maher's guest Touré --yes, that's a one word name, like Prince or Sade or Seal--also evokes an evil "racism" that whites are only ever guilty of, even when there is no empirical evidence to support that claim of guilt. Racism here is like a "Fog" that scuds in imperceptibly at the whim of black people, to justify any claim whatsoever they might make.

This ability of blacks and only blacks to make an unsupported claim of racism is about as convenient an exercise of arbitrary intellectual totalitarianism as was the concept of predestination for the Calvinists. If you have black skin, or orange-ish skin as in the case of Touré, you are predestined to wield this mystical weapon of "racism" against those white folk who are predestined to be eternally damned with the taint of supreme corruption, (i.e., of being "racist")

Touré is a male version of Melissa Harris-Perry, whom we have recently featured and whom Touré himself
here references. They are both professional Anti-White victim-pimping race hustlers. They have made a career in mainstream culture by giving their Anti-White comrades precisely what they want to hear: it doesn't matter if their spoutings are incoherent; their message is Anti-White, and thus major networks will prop them up with airtime and large audiences.

Touré: Racism is like "Fog": I can't grab it and show it to you, but whitey sure is guilty of it!

P.S. A tangential point:
At :15 Touré says "...and sociologists talk about that."
Isn't his logic infuriating?: i.e. if "sociologists" talk about it, it MUST be true!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Smokey Bear Be Settin' YT Straight

Anti-White Media Checklist

1. Femmy white nerd. (:13) Check.
2. White guy is immoral. (Burning leaves, leaving them unattended!) Check.
3. Black guy has magic powers. (The ability to transform into Smokey Bear). Check.
4. Black guy distributes wisdom and promotes social cohesion. ("You coulda torched the whole neighborhood.") (:18) Check.
5. Black guy is godlike. (He looks into your private home, your own private affairs and holds you up for judgement and scrutiny.) Check.
6. A not-so-subtle threat of violence. (Brown bear with massive muscles shows up at the door of white wimp.) Check.
7. Black guy is "smooth" with "hip" lingo ("Buzz whassup man! You lef some leaves burnin' out heah!") (:11) while the white guy is stuttering and inarticulate ("Yeah I- I- just- that- there was a- I- I- just came in just for a second") (:14). Check.
8. Black narrator gives more sage advice. (:23) Check.
9. Eerie "spy on your neighbors" Stalinist/Stasi/Social Marxist bullshit. Check.
10. Uses "humor" while suggesting blacks are cool and whites are idiots. Check.
11. Government funded. Check.

Hat tip: an anonymous contributor.

Monday, October 17, 2011

MSNBC: Encouraging Blacks To Contribute To Society Is So Rayyycisss

The Anti-White Media often weaponizes really lame semantic arguments, mere language claims and games.

They're only effective if you aren't paying attention.

When (Israel-Firster and uber-neocon) Michelle Bachmann makes the point that 47 percent of American adults pay no income tax, neither Melissa Harris-Perry nor Chris Hayes gainsay her. They can't deny the fact, so their response is that the language by which the fact is asserted is somehow itself corrupt. Hays, for instance, claims such language plays into the "old" (read: outdated) notions of "producerism" (nice: make it an ism and people will think the point is somehow invalid).

Harris-Perry cannot deny the fact either, so what does she do? She cries "Racism!"

How original!

And of course we know, since anti-racism is just a code word for anti-white, the upshot of her argument will be: don't complain, whitey; just keep paying those taxes that support a system that disenfranchises you!

Somehow someone has installed black anti-whites like Harris-Perry into positions in the media and academia where they can declaim the rules of language and spout off-the-cuff cryptologic. Their arguments are never compelling or convincing, but the mere fact that no one calls them on their idiocy leaves their ideas circulating in our culture, wielding undue but insidious influence.

Consider Harris-Perry's unintelligible diatribe between :46 and 1:17:

"...I just think that's racism. Yeah. I-I just, I just think it's 2011 version of the welfare queen...and, um, it-it-it's just a way of saying and and and not racism like a calling somebody a name but wh- that that what that is meant to imply, what [Bachmann's point
is] meant to um suggest is that there is this whole group that is dependent and the fact is since we developed this language that the dependent groups are these 'illegal immigrants' and these unworking, unmarried poor black women who are welfare queens and and these criminal types I mean it's it's just a way of evoking all of these scary, racialized and poor others in a way that that allows us to separate this notion of hard-working, taxpaying Americans from, for example, 'refugees.'"

Then she smiles a self-satisfied smile at 1:17-1:18 as if she imagines she has just enlightened us with witty repartee.

The key phrase here is "since we developed this language." In her world, points and facts are only asserted if you are black. If you are white, a point is made in a "language" that "develops" out of your innate rayyycist evil and corrupt soul.

The idea of "developing" a "language" evokes images of a Bunsen-burner-strewn lab in which an evil mad scientist cackles to his assistant: "I've just about done it, Igor. I've developed a language that will allow us to make our racist points and yet cleverly disguise them in statistics about taxes...or to make points about taxes and couch them in spooky terms like 'other' and 'alien' and 'Welfare Queen' which will scare people into taking our side. "

But little did this mad scientist know that there would be an even greater genius out there named Melissa Harris-Perry who would be able to see through this disguise of language and call the rayyycisst out for being so rayyycissss!

But, seriously. Harris-Perry wants to imagine that the generalizing tendencies and biases of language only work one way, for whites against blacks. She will never admit that blacks' language--HER language--is fraught with the same biases. For example, she calls white complainers about the tax code rayyyciss and then implies that she is righteously anti-racist. But in reality she has only developed a language that allows her to claim a surface-assertion of "anti-racism" when ultimately she is really just asserting an agenda that is anti-white.

More of Harris-Perry's Anti-White logorrhea disguised as academic reasonableness can be found in an article she recently wrote for The Nation HERE. (I like how she forces the use of "epistemology" in this article's title, even though it isn't really appropriate. She's just trying to impress you with a word she learned in college to make you think that what she is saying is credible. Don't worry: it isn't.)

If you bother to read the article, notice how she uses the term "disparate impact" in the case of laws that, for instance, discriminate against blacks moving into a white neighborhood. Ask yourself: does Harris-Perry EVER consider the disparate impact of legislation on whites? Take Affirmative Action, for example. Doesn't AA have a disparate impact on whites, forcing them to score higher on admissions tests in order to get the same positions given to lower-scoring blacks?

Once again, Harris-Perry thinks she is being anti-racist.

Anti-racism is just a code word for anti-white.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

E Pluribus Unum

Two different reality series, one common theme:

Meet the new holy icons in the new Anti-White religion of blackworship, to be broadcast regularly all over our Miscege-Nation. Check tv listings for times of worship.

Friday, October 14, 2011



I'm sure opinions vary widely about P.J.B, but it appears he has just aided our cause, helping to launch the issue of white genocide into the mainstream with his NEW BOOK.
(See the blurb for chapters 4 through 9.)

I wonder what the Bob Whitakers and Horus The Avengers of the world think about this? I can't help but find myself pleased.


FedEx: Don't Be Stupid, Whitey, Black Boss Can "Still Hear You"

Yet another black boss trying to keep the ship of civilization afloat while his sissy white underlings threaten to sink it.

Sure there's a black guy there playing golf, but the main contrast is between the feminized flailings of the white office slave at :22 and the reasonable, exasperated black administrator at :24. Held up as the sympathetic hero, he subtly shakes his head (:26).

FedEx adopts his point of view at :27: "We understand."

Understand what, FedEx? That whitey is an idiot? That if only whitey were genocided of the face of the planet, offices would run more efficiently? What exactly is your point, FedEx?

Boycott: FedEx.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gerber: Meek Dumb Whites Get Schooled By With-it Blacks

Look at the framing job at :01. Not only did they cast a middle-aged, chubby white guy, but they just had to wedge him between darkened silhouettes. They could have shown him surrounded by happy, friendly faces, but instead they chose to put him amid a hazy sea of obscurity. The effect is not very flattering.

While he looks so adrift, he asks, tentatively, about the uncertain future.

Contrast this with the black guy at :06. He is surrounded by attractive women, and he and his wife are the stable, giving, bestowers of sage advice.

The white guy is so expendable, he doesn't even appear again in the commercial. You only see his supposed wife who sides with the black advice, urging her witless husband off-screen that they need to get hip to the program ASAP.

Another version of the Gerber commercial excises the white male altogether. The effect: three women, two of them white, having a coffee-talk with a wise black guy. Maybe the white guy is hidden behind the glass cylinder thing at :03, but you don't really know for sure, do you?

Hat tip to an anonymous commentor.

Boycott: Gerber.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Bust A Nut

Klohe Kardashian
is slutted up in her miniskirt, flirting with her hubbie, Lamar Odom.

They're about to have sex, you know, since when they share their pistachios, they "do it as foreplay."

This sets up multivalent sexual innuendo: first, we have the "busting nut" at the end of the commercial. To bust a nut, as many of you may know, is a euphemism for male ejaculation.

As if this isn't vile enough, the visuals combine to suggest genitalia in the act of miscegenation. The slit in the cloven pistachio nut is the white female vulva that gets destroyed by the big black rod, the bag of pistachios.

Accidental? Oh sure.

I can't believe they would have a commercial for something as lowly as pistachio nuts in the first place. It's kinda like advertising air, water, or seashells. But to take something as innocuous as pistachio nuts and turn it into a full-throttle miscegenation propaganda weapon sure takes

Hat tip to an anonymous commenter.

Boycott: Wonderful Pistachios.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fiat: Don't Even Try, Stupid White Boy

This one comes at you very fast, so much so that even my trained eye didn't make much of it at first, but the narrative is quite unmistakeable:

In a lame twist on the commercial where thousands of women chase down the guy using Axe body spray, thousands of men of various races chase down Jennifer Lopez in her new Fiat.

But the advertisers couldn't just be satisfied making a pastiche, inverting the paradigm of a popular icon. No. They had to also make it subtly and insidiously Anti-White.

Note the main white guy at :12. He is a subject of ridicule. He makes a ridiculously unflattering facial expression, one that shows him to be far down on the evolutionary ladder of "hipness" and "coolness."

J-Lo confirms this to us. We see her react to the white guy's entreaty by making a face (:12) that says "Get off the hood of my Fiat, freak."

She only stops (:21) when a black guy appears before her. This time her face wears an expression of intrigue and interest. The black guy and a Hispanic guy pull her out of the car and together they do the grinding copulation dance, with the black guy entering from the rear at :26.

While one might object by saying that J-Lo herself isn't white, that's not the issue. This commercial still sends out the message that white men are geeky and are not to be mated with. Millions of white girls will see this video and the meme will be instilled in their minds.

Hat tip to an anonymous commenter.

Boycott: Fiat.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

All New 2012 Honda Genocide

You can't have an all-white family anymore. That would be so rayyyciss. You have to let black kids in.

Your road trips will be funnier.

They'll do clever things like use a cup of ice as a vibraslap during a acapella version of an Ozzy song.

They'll enrich you.

White families are so, like, boring. Not vibrant at all. Get a black kid. He'll fit right in. There's no difference at all between your white son and the black kid that you found on the street.

You can drive around and feel morally superior that you are "reaching out" and "breaking down boundaries" and "giving back to the community."

Boycott: Honda.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

SunDrop: White Girl Cannot Properly Abase Herself To Category Of Africanized Ghettoslut

Yet another video in which whites are humiliated under the watchful, judgemental gaze of glorified blacks.

French psychologist Jacques Lacan speaks of the "Big Other" as anyone before whom one must keep up appearances. The Big Other might be the watchful gaze of a god or a parent, whom we as devout worshippers or as children try to appease and impress .

Here at :10 the Big Other becomes the black guy. The slightly thick-set woman, with her stiff and awkward attempt at rhythmic Africanized Ghetto-grinding, cannot win his approval, try as she might.

Why does SunDrop need to cast a black actor as the driver at :10? Because in the early 21st Century, we have replaced god with blacks as the Big Other. In so many films, in so many commercials, they become the righteous, morally perfect being before whom we must prostrate ourselves for scrutiny and final judgement.

In doing so we are humiliated, debased, deracinated.

Note at :27 how the pale, geeky, inept, white male-meat is contrasted with the easy-going, naturally ebullient ebony girl with the big breasts in the foreground.

The geeky white girl (the commercial's main character), blurred out at :26, is paired in our minds with her geeky white male twin at :27. How might these white geeks save themselves from a reality of eternal geekdom? The answer is in the subsequent frame, at :28, which depicts, right behind the SunDrop logo, an in-your-face example of uber-miscegenation--a bikini clad blonde girl paired with a wide-smiling, be-muscled black guy, a black guy who in no way is being singled out for optical ridicule as was the white beanpole at :27.

SunDrop supports white genocide.

Boycott: SunDrop.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Goodbye Blue Sky

A bit of a departure, I know. But I found this to be a more moving, thought-provoking commentary on our pernicious Anti-White Media than anything I could post today.

P.S. RAMZPAUL uses "youths" as a tongue-in-cheek pseudonym for blacks.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Whites Have To Vote For Blacks TWICE, Or They Be Rayycisss

During the 2008 US presidential election, accusations of "racism" were often made against anyone who didn't support Obama. At the time, I knew that this tactic would succeed: Americans like to think of themselves as "moral" and "fair" and "righteous;" they're deathly afraid of not living up to "egalitarian principles."

Of course thinking individuals knew that imbedded in this media push for "fairness," for letting the black guy be president for once, was an insidious unfairness: Obama was treated with unfair deference by the Big Media who wouldn't vet him as they normally would for fear of being labelled "raaayyyycisss." They rarely asked him tough questions in interviews; they always showed him in the most positive light.

But most importantly, they corroborated with team Obama in spreading the whisper-campaign that "all who don't vote for Obama be rayyycisss."

The tactic worked so well I just knew we would see it dredged up again for the 2012 race. It's like a hit movie's bad sequel. In the video above, we see the trailer for the new blockbuster to come: in
Obama II The Wrath Of Barack we find that one has to vote for the black guy TWICE in order to PROVE beyond a shadow of a DOUBT that they aren't rayyyycisss.

This clip from Matthews is beyond hilarious. Look how he is sure to call these black commentators "professors" from whom he is eager to get "analysis." But he only asks these "professors" for their "analysis" on how we can all more effectively blame whitey.

Matthews has the audacity to suggest that whites hold their black elected officials to a higher or more "rigorous standard." No Chris, it's the other way around. If Bush had done Solyndra, Lightsquared, Rezko, Attackwatch, the failed 2016 Olympic bid, the expansion of wars in the Middle East, the expansion of rendition, and at the same time presided over perpetual 9+% unemployment, the Big Media would have annihilated him.

In contrast, they are perpetual spinmeisters on Obama's behalf. "Obama is not to blame that he has failed so badly that nobody wants to vote for him next year. It's only ever whitey's fault. They be rayyyyycisss."

CNN engages in the same tactic below.

Look how Piers Morgan sets up Morgan Freeman's Anti-White rant by asking him if the election of Obama has made rayyyycism worse. Of course Freeman takes the idea and runs with it. (I am surprised how unintelligent he seems, here without a script to emote from...Reminds me of a particular "articulate" president).

Whitey got guilted into voting for an open-borders communist Soros-stooge in 2008. But
as far as Freeman is concerned that still isn't sufficient to expunge the evil sin that flows through whitey's veins. It never will be.

Don't think that this is an appeal for people to vote "Republican." It isn't necessarily that. It is just to show how, in the 21st century's Anti-White Media, whites who dare reject the new religion
of Blackworship (or Soros' Open Borders, or Multiculturalism, or Holocaustianity) are immediately inscribed into a sinister new demonology.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Slacking White Feminerds Draw The Ire Of Hard-Working Black Lesbian

More Anti-White propaganda from the GEICO Bizarro World.

After years of Affirmative Action's shoehorning blacks into jobs for which they aren't, technically speaking, qualified, we now enter a weird phase in which our elites try to convince us that blacks actually run things and that without their wise, righteous, hardworking presence, the world and workplace would soon devolve into white-male sissidom and non-productive chaos.

Hat tip: Anonymous Commenter.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

GEICO: Sissified White Caveman Engages In Blackworship

Not only did the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffett promote the most Anti-White president in American history, his companies' ads also consistently humiliate white men.

In the ad above, the white guy is doubly humiliated.

First, he is depicted as a caveman, i.e. not fully evolved. Then, as if that weren't enough, he is also feminized. So while we might think of the pre-historical caveman as a "supermasculine menial," the antithesis to today's metrosexual phenotype, this Geico version of a caveman can't cut a break either way; he is both dumbed-down on the evolutionary ladder as well as emasculated as any latte-sipping sissy boy.

Note how the camera hangs on the black guy's muscular back at the very start of the ad. The camera is prying, spying on some private locker-room goings-on. This alone valorizes the black man as the desire object. Then comes the hurried pawing of the white beggar. Instantly a hierarchy is established: the white guy at the bottom, the black guy at top, the beneficent distributor of boons. The white can beg for salvation, but whether or not he gets it is entirely up to the whim the black god.

"Come on Sunshine!" says the blonde woman, twisting the deep-driven dagger of the white guy's humiliation. She tosses a pom-pom, which positively startles him!

Boycott: Geico, Berkshire Hathaway.

These kinds of ads are both postscript and prescript. They reflect current Anti-White attitudes as well as give a prescription for further Anti-White action.

Turning whites into cavemen makes explicit their pending extinction, their planned obsolescence. That the Geico caveman is depicted as weak and ineffectual is fitting: Anti-White media brainwashes whites into forswearing self-assertion, and the removal of self-assertion in a group is genocide.

When a species in nature no longer fights for its survival or actively pursues its interests EVEN AT THE EXPLICIT EXPENSE OF OTHERS, it is fast-tracked to extinction.

Ironically, the idea that “we can all just get along” is promoted by precisely the same people who wish us harm, who wish us to cease to fight for ourselves. Nature is competition and conflict, a “war of all against all,” the Hobbsean bellum omnium contra omnes. Whites have every right to participate in this war as much as any other group, human or non-human.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

E!News Celebrates Miscegenation As "News"

A follow-up to yesterday's miscegenation propaganda: you know there is a problem with our culture when "entertainment news" shows gleefully report on the minor flirtations that occur on the set of a commercial about water.

But hey, this is potential black-on-blonde miscegenation we're talking about here, so apparently it instantly becomes BIG NEWS to be reported with ENTHUSIASM.

Look how 50 Cent ogles the poor girl from his boxing rink :05-:11.

I was going to transcribe what he is saying here, but honestly for the life of me I can't figure it out. I'm sure it's something vile.

Regardless, it gets taken up as "news" by E! and spread worldwide.

Boycott: E!, NBCUniversal.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Vitamin Water: Blacks Humiliate White In Front Of Gorgeous Blonde

The usual Anti-White eye poison from Coca-Cola Company, makers of Vitaminwater.

Carrie Underwood plays a hot blonde training with a lot of inept white cosmonauts and powerful, dominant blacks.

Watch how she is used to tease us with desire (:26) in the instant before the black man's fist punishes the formerly feisty white trainer (:29). The message: don't think, white man, that you can assert yourself when a black man is in dah house.

More sexual humiliation comes at 1:06. Stop the video there. Note the sexual position of Underwood in relation to the black man behind her, as if he has her in a doggystyle position.

She is straddling the limp white guy, who absolutely begs her for CPR: "Revive me!"

Underwood's expression at 1:08 indicates such an idea is repulsive to her. And at the moment that she rejects the white guy's pathetic advances, she is surrounded by victorious blacks.

Boycott: Vitaminwater, Coca-Cola

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Good-Natured White Girl Schooled By Conceited Blacks

Here Disney and the Obama White House team up for a public service message about the "Magic of Healthy Living." Getting regular exercise might be one way to live magically and healthfully, yet this video also contains more subliminal instruction, namely demonstrating how it is magical and healthful for young white girls to play hoops in the urban park with their black boyfriends.

The interracial pairing here is made explicit at 1:00, when it gets sanctioned as if from on high by the First Lady's winking quote: "I do know excellent teamwork when I see it!"

But why are these blacks so conceited and so condescending to the poor girl? Disney and the White House are probably unaware how off-putting their script is. At :22 the black kid says, mockingly: "Maybe [hitting 30 freethrows straight is] not possible for you..." At :50, Michelle Obama says, condescendingly: "You know, eleven's not that bad."

These two blacks thus school the poor girl in various ways, showing her a) how to put deh bawl in deh hoop, and b) how to get all helfy and shit, and c) how to listen to the sagacious wisdom of black authority figures and d) how to pair herself up with a black guy.

The poor white girl never questions any of this. She goes along with the whole program with a dumb smile on her face - just how Disney and the White House want her to be!

Disney and the White House are Anti-White.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Nick Jr./Viacom: "Friends" Team Up Against Lazy Whitey

This is just a small sample of the kinds of brainwashing that Viacom conducts on your kids through their channel Nick Jr.

Nick Jr., according to Wiki, is "aimed at
2 to 6 year olds."

Though this is just one sequence in an entire series, it is pretty much representative. The white guy's character is by and large "dorky" and is often upstaged or shown up by the others.

Meanwhile the jewish girl and black boy are "cool" and sing together on more than one occasion about how they are "best friends," or "special friends" who give each other "a hand."

[Update: This post was originally written under the assumption that Shayna Rose (the red haired, blue eyed girl) was a white gentile. But a commenter pointed out that she is in fact a member of "the tribe." I would imagine she has ample amounts of Celtic/Galatian blood, or that her hair is a dye job. Regardless, the fact remains that she teams up with the "cool," "hardworking" black boy against the lazy white boy, and as such this remains an example of Anti-White Media. Thanks to all commenters.]

Sunday, September 11, 2011

eHow: How To Make A Family

Just in case you were wondering.

Hat tip: Anonymous commenter.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

White Guy Ruins The Day Of Cool Black Protagonist, Sagacious Black Man Has The Answers

"Are you in good hands?" Asks Dennis Haysbert, Allstate's Magic Spokesnegro.

This video depicts a cool black guy, cruising down the road in his flashy new ride. All is well until da white man crashes into him.

Two cool, successful, reliable blacks in one 30-second commercial, whereas the only white guy is "he who will crash into your car and ruin your day."

Friday, September 9, 2011

Kanye: White Women Are Zombie Sex Slaves For Blacks

Ah, wholesome modern "entertainment."

This video promotes images and lyrics that blend Anti-White snuff-film gore with interracial other words, it's fun for the whole family!

Here Kanye is a "Monster," whose victims are strewn about the his darkened lair, decapitated, lynched, and dismembered. He's rapping about his insatiable sexual appetite: his trophy corpses are all women, and clearly the majority and most prominently placed of these are white.

"Less talk more head right now, huh?" He raps at :32.

(Get it? More 'head'? in decapitation and fellatio? Isn't that clever!?)

Also, the dead white woman who slumps into Kanye's reclined body at 2:00 does so in a way that suggests fellatio.

No police, no hero, certainly no white man, ever shows up to rescue these women from their hellish fate as interracial sex-meat.

As our last post proclaimed: elitesters try to dehumanize their enemy, whomever they are trying to defeat or oppress or subjugate. What does the dehumanization, the zombification, of whites in these videos mean? Who is trying to create a Miscege-nation, a Misogy-nation, a nation of zombie white meat, easily cowed, controlled? Why? Who benefits?

When do the white heroes show up? In the video they don't. But in reality?

Boycott: Universal Music Group, Vivendi.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Obama Administration's White Genocide Training Video: Anti-Whites Go Into Trailer Park, Hack At, Shoot Whites

In addition to all the Anti-White advertising and news reporting of late, it looks like we now have to contend with an Anti-White video game that trains fledgling Anti-Whites to A) see "typical" whites as "zombies," to B) kill these white zombies, and to C) spout pro-Obama talking points.

Point A is crucial. Dehumanization is the first step in the oppression of a people.

In the game, your mortal enemies are all white and only white. They live in trailer parks. They fly Confederate flags. They're Tea Partiers.

Give it a whirl:

Notice how, if you kill enough white people and complete a level, you are given lessons in the Obama school of economics. Obviously some high ranking Obama advisor signed off on the release of this game. I wonder which jew it was?

Regardless, their message is clear: Kill Whitey!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dumb Honkies Crash Into MSU (Miscegenation Suggestion University)

Professional Magic Negro Dennis Haysbert stars as the voice of the "good hands" of Allstate. Yes that's right, the same Haybert that played the Magic Negro in one of the most Anti-White movies of recent years (which is saying a lot) Far From Heaven.

Here a powerful black man is asserted twice, both times to protect you from the worthless honky. First we encounter (at :17) the hulking presence of the black football star, white girl draped over his shoulder, fighting back against the two hillbilly white men who have defaced team and tribe.

Then, another powerful black man, Haysbert himself, as narrator. He represents the insurance company who will also protect you from the aforementioned white hick lunatics.

Two black man pitted against two dumb white men who can't drive. Casting-wise, what are the odds?

Pretty high, I reckon, in the era of Anti-White Media.

Boycott: Allstate.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sky News: Are You Going To Believe Us Or Your Own Lying Eyes?

"You're not being stereotypical there?" Asks Sky News reporter Kay Burley when her interviewee has the audacity to mention that the people who looted his shop were black.

Kay Burley: I’m sure they weren’t all black, were they?

Big Jim: OK, then. Let me then to say they weren’t all black. I was the white guy there.

Kay Burley: Well, there were probably other white guys there as well.

Big Jim: I didn’t see any.

Note how it is far more important for the media to assert that some of the rioters were white than it is for them to report eyewitness accounts to the contrary. This man was there on the scene saying he saw black rioters, and all this "reporter" can do is essentially call into question his judgment and implicitly label him raaayyycisss.

Anti Racism is a code word for Anti White.

Hat tip to Majority Rights for turning us on to this video.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Castle Lager: Whitey Will Eventually Get Sad And Realize He Should Racially Blend

More Anti-White propaganda from South Africa. The "message" of this ad is unmistakable: whites who try to maintain their own territory are doomed to fail; they will inevitably racially blend.

At first these three all-white cricket fans are having a good time, revelling in their splendid isolation from the rest of humanity. They have abundant space, abundant food, and they have each-other.

But not only are they all white, they're all male. The fact that these three whites have no females among them subliminally suggests that they will not be able to reproduce, that their segregated society is unsustainable, doomed.

Look how the multiculturalists not only have Castle Lager to lubricate their multifarious fun, leaving the three whites feeling lonely and left-out, they also have some big-boobed blonde girls who are dangled in front of our minds as the "prize" for joining them (:57).

But what this ad doesn't tell you is this: that there are 50+ countries in Africa that are run by blacks, some at the explicit exclusion of whites. No one is making beer commercials that feature blacks who try and fail to segregate themselves from the rest of humanity. Only whites are made to feel guilty whenever they try to engage in this perfectly natural and human practice of ingroup association.

Castle Lager is Anti-White.

Boycott Castle Lager.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Castle Lite: Servile Whitey Can't Touch Dis, Only Blacks Can

A contributor turned us on to an Anti-White brand out of South Africa, Castle Lager.

This beer company promotes the White Genocide in South Africa by repeatedly showing negative images of whites and repeatedly deriding and deconstructing any semblance of white racial loyalty or pride.

Here, as in many of their ads, the black man is romanticised and lauded at whitey's expense. The whitey is weak, servile, and can't even touch a chilled bottle without disintegrating into a pathetic, panicky, freak. Only blacks are cool enough to hold the phallic object of desire.

In Castle ads, blacks are paid tribute. Their struggles are "cool." How can this corporation celebrate the Soweto uprisings (in the ad above) without implying that that limp whitey (in the previous ad) belongs in his servile, subordinate role - in the nation he and his white forefathers built?

Castle Lager is Anti-White.

Boycott: Castle Lager, Castle Light.

Monday, August 29, 2011

We Whites Are Incompetent. Help Us Mulatto Lady!

White people are so incompetent. Clearly our lives are one big comedy of errors.

I don't know how the white race made it this far, seeing as we can't seem to even look at a car without it crashing catastrophically (:21).

They say we invented the wheel, the stirrup, trigonometry, opera, and moon rovers. But surely somewhere along the way we must have had a fat mulatto lesbian lady to help us keep up a minimal level of competence, as this ad insightfully suggests.

To what depths would we whites devolve if we didn't have blacks around to help us eke out some semblance of stability in life?

Just imagine!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Racial Smokescreen II: WUSA Promotes Black Excuses For Flash Mob

WUSA 9 is a sorry excuse for a news organization. Look how they repeatedly mention the novelty of an all-female flash mob, without once bothering to mention mentioning that the females are also all black.

Selectively reporting the facts, are we?

But that is just the beginning. As if it isn't enough to leave the viewing audience uninformed as to the identity of the shoplifters, they actually provide these criminals with excuses for their crimes.

WUSA 9 interviews blacks who (surprise!) justify the flash mobs (1:30, 1:41). These sorry excuses go completely unchallenged by the reporters. Thus it seems as if they, too, are promoting this angle.

So if there are any flash mob sistahs out there watching this, just keep on doin' whachoo doin'. According to WUSA 9, you have every right to stick it to dah man!

Grossly irresponsible, Anti-White journalism on every front.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sears: White Fem Needs Aggressive-Black-Guy Assistance

Sears and advertising firm McGarryBowen here depict a femmy, pliant white man as needing black-man-facts to set him straight.

Two gorgeous white women surround the white man in the first frames. A newborn. A new home to buy. For the white guy, it's all on the line. He stumbles, thinking "warehouse stores(!)" will save him, will suffice.

But no. How foolish he is, how inept. Like an all powerful, omnipresent, omniscient god, the black guy inserts himself into the
surreal scene. He's calling from "The Truth Room(!)" to point out the white man's shameful ignorance. Mission accomplished. Then he makes the phone retract on command, making the white man look smacked-down and wimpy.

Sears wants us to reflect on this holy question: how can waifish white men survive in this world without constant aggressive-black-guy assistance?

Bow down and praise the new bug-eyed, in-yo-face lawrd!

Boycott: Sears.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

AT&T: Doughy White Guy Ruins Flash Mob For White Woman And Black Guy

This ad picks up where THIS one leaves off: yet another telecommunications company wants us thinking in terms of an Anti-White train station flash mob.

The white guy isn't hip enough to get the latest hi-tech gadget or service. Thus he never gets
the message that the event has been postponed and ends up making a fool of himself.

How many of you think it's a casting accident that this ad contrasts this inept white guy with (of course!) a beautiful white woman and a black guy (:17 and :23)?

The black guy and white woman look upon the white guy with frustration mixed with pity. As if to say "You ruined our event - but what should we expect from a stupid white guy?"

Seeing as the black guy and white woman GOT THE MESSAGE that the mob had been postponed, the message of this ad is clear: interracial couples are hip, informed, and oh so 21st century. Meanwhile, white guys are walking self-humiliation machines.

"Funny" ads are so often only funny at the expense of white males. Why is that?

Boycott AT&T for thus threatening us with obsolescence, for pushing us towards their contrived,
technologized-and-deracinated brand of survival of the "fittest."

Thursday, August 18, 2011

If You See White Terrorists, Tell Black Authorities

If you see white terrorists, tell black authorities.

Courtesy of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, supported by dupedwhiteytaxdollars.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

White Slave/ Black King

The so-called humor in this ad is based on the contrast between the opulence of the throne and the frumpiness of the pathetic white wage slave who is trying to look like he belongs on it. Silly mortal, golden thrones are intended for our black God-King.

Of course this video is reminiscent of the series of Terry Tate videos, where an enormous muscle-bound black athlete belittles pasty office cubicle sheep.

AWM Guarantee: You will never see Dirk Nowitzki in an ESPN commercial in which he can't find his golden throne, only to discover it has been stolen by an out-of-shape black guy.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

BBC Racial Smokescreen: Blacks Are Reformers Not Rioters (Media Silence Is Anti-White, Volume III)

The BBC's main goal here is not to inform the populace about the dangers on their streets, but to obfuscate the real racial issue in this story.

Like most mainstream media, the BBC tried to conceal that the vast majority of the criminals participating in last weeks Tottenham riots were black.

Look how the BBC never shows close-ups of the rioters (1:31). The looters are only shadowy, hooded figures seen from a distance. They could be anyone. They could be your son, your brother, your sister. Just how the BBC wants it.

Meanwhile, they spend the second half of the video interviewing blacks close-up, good-guy blacks who take up the mantle of reform. Through the voices of the blacks they interview, who go unquestioned, unchallenged, the BBC blames the looting on "outsiders," "opportunists," "anarchists" from other neighborhoods, the local authorities' "lack of communication," the lack of jobs, or the lack of "youth projects."

They blame everything but the clear culprit: Black Mob Criminality.

Repeat the refrain: when the media ceases to disclose to whites precisely who or what endangers them, that media ceases to be useful and starts to be Anti-White.

Boycott: The BBC.

Friday, August 12, 2011

British Airways: White Guys Fly Alone; Black Guys Fly With Their Gorgeous White Wives

With their in-flight safety video, British Airways puts itself at the propagandizing spear-point in the fight for white genocide.

Imagine how many thousands of air travellers see this cartoon every day, all ages, all genders - all part of a captive audience: they are buckled up, literally strapped in, and forced to watch this not-so-subtle brainwashing material.

British Airways elite-sters know all about the mind's impressionability. Humans, like other primates, like to mimic the behavior they observe. Thus as much as British Airways folks think their video "represents" interracial mating patterns, it also encouragings and perpetuates those patterns: the white woman is here paired up with a black guy. They have a bi-racial child, who is literally the star of the show. People will think this is normal. And for the majority of the population, it is always desirable to be normal.

Meanwhile, thoughout the video, this fruitful, interracial union is contrasted with a white guy who is flying by himself, who is represented as pathetic, isolated, sterile in his solitude (1:47).

Will people wittingly change their mating patterns based on this video? Probably not. But the more these memes are reinforced, the more they take root in the subconscious of the young, where they are their most virulent. All you have to do is look around the streets of London to see the social changes that 50 years of such propaganda has elicited.

And, needless to say, no one is spreading this kind of propaganda in Vietnam, where a Vietnamese guy is flying by himself while a Vietnamese woman is flying and mating with a black guy.

No one is spreading this kind of propaganda in Mexico, where a Mexican guy is flying by himself while a Mexican woman is flying and mating with a black guy.

No one is spreading this kind of propaganda in Uganda, where a Ugandan guy is flying by himself while a Ugandan woman is flying and mating with a white guy.

No one is spreading this kind of propaganda in Japan, where a Japanese guy is flying by himself while a Japanese woman is flying and mating with a black guy.

No. This kind of social engineering propaganda is only created and disseminated in all white countries and only white countries.

Once again, it's Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, white countries for everybody.

Boycott: British Airways.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Media Silence Is Anti-White, Volume II

Continuing the theme of yesterday's post, today we meet Delroy Grant, Britain's most prolific rapist OF ALL TIME.

He was convicted four months ago, after nearly TWO DECADES of raping elderly people in South London.

Police estimate Grant raped about 500 to 600 people over those two decades.

Why did it take so long for the London police to catch this guy?

Perhaps it's because, though they KNEW he was black based on the descriptions that victim after victim gave, still they released a white "e-fit" wanted poster (1:36) in order to be Politically "Correct."

Why doesn't the BBC draw attention to this disparity? Why don't they mention that the criminal was black, while the police were asking people in the neighborhood to be on the look out for a white guy?

And why did it take a BNP Freedom of Information request to shed light on what the BBC and other media outlets refused to disclose, namely that Grant's 600 victims were white?

How many hundreds, how many thousands of people must be victimized as a result of the willful ignorance of the police and the BBC?

Repeat the refrain from yesterday: when the news media refuses to disclose to whites precisely who or what endangers them, that media ceases to be useful and starts to be Anti-White.

Why is the BBC so Anti-White?

Wisconsin "Teen" Mob: Media Silence Is Anti-White

When blacks break any number of innumerable "color barriers" - first black astronaut, first black congressman from district x, first black person to climb Mt. Whitney or swim the English Channel - it is automatically news!

Their blackness is what makes it news.

But when blacks break certain other things, apparently it isn't newsworthy at all.

...such as when they riot and break the windshield on your car, or your wife's nose, or your son's arm.

Or, if the story happens to make the news, nary a peep you will hear of "blackness."

When the news media refuses to disclose to whites precisely who or what endangers them, that media ceases to be useful and starts to be Anti-White.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Numinous Negro Powerfully Aligns Your Back; 'Racist' White Guy With Bad Teeth Yells At You

More Anti-White social engineering propaganda.

The underlying "message" of the banal 2008 snore Happy-Go-Lucky seems to be that white people are rayyyciss "haters" and that blacks are perfect, even "magic."

The main character Poppy even says as much of her hulking black chiropractor: "Magic fingers!" (2:38).

Her encounter with this doctor is highly sexualized, and is contrasted with a scene in which her roommate observes a pathetic fat white male patient (:38) just to more emphatically underscore Poppy's doctor's magic, healing blackness.

Moreover, while Poppy's black primary school students diligently try to study (2:45) they are viciously attacked by a little ginger-haired white boy (2:53). Commie social workers then trace the little whitey's violent streak to her mother's abusive boyfriend with the very white sounding name: Jason.

This violent evil emerging out of this white boy is subliminally threaded onto Poppy's white driving instructor, since she asks him if he, too, was abused at home. The old coot then screams at her about multiculturalism and how the Washington Monument is connected with the number 666.

The only positive white male figure is her "social worker" boyfriend who helps her snoop into the origin of the white boy's violent streak. The message: "The only acceptable white males are those who abet Anti-White multiculturalism. Meanwhile, blacks are flawless and magic. So don't, you know, oppose multiculturalism."

Also, we are supposed to be OK with the fact that in Poppy's London classroom whites are the minority. If we speak out against the white genocide, we're rayyyciss, just like her rotten-toothed driving instructor.

P.S. Why was I not surprised when I found that the director Mike Leigh OBE originally had the last name of Lieberman?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Afro-Hispanic (And Maybe Gay) Spider-Man Will "Reflect" The Racial Changes In America

Why would whites get bent out of shape over the new Afro-Hispanic Spider Man? He is, after all, a comic book character. And, hey, Marvel Comics announced the new teenaged black kid would reflect the "racial changes in America" and make the Marvel Universe more "diverse."

I suppose a similar rationale might underlie why the Norse god Heimdall was played by a black actor in the recent movie "Thor." After all, the population of many parts of Scandinavia is looking much darker now than it did in the 9th century.

Some media have been ruthless in their mockery of whites who complained about these casting/creative decisions.

But why is it always the white heroes and white gods and white icons that must fall before the sacred religion of multi-culturalism? What would the black community say if, for example, gay Latino icon Ricky Martin was cast in the lead role in a new film about the folk hero John Henry? Would the NAACP sit silent as their "steel drivin' man" underwent a "queering" in the name of "reflecting" demographic change?

Indeed, speaking of folk heroes, what if some forward-thinking director cast Gabourey Sidibe as Anne in the latest production of The Diary of Anne Frank? Would a certain tribe really mind so much, as long as it "reflected" the "racial changes" in modern Amsterdam?

Once again it's Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, WHITE ICONS for EVERYBODY!