Monday, October 17, 2011

MSNBC: Encouraging Blacks To Contribute To Society Is So Rayyycisss

The Anti-White Media often weaponizes really lame semantic arguments, mere language claims and games.

They're only effective if you aren't paying attention.

When (Israel-Firster and uber-neocon) Michelle Bachmann makes the point that 47 percent of American adults pay no income tax, neither Melissa Harris-Perry nor Chris Hayes gainsay her. They can't deny the fact, so their response is that the language by which the fact is asserted is somehow itself corrupt. Hays, for instance, claims such language plays into the "old" (read: outdated) notions of "producerism" (nice: make it an ism and people will think the point is somehow invalid).

Harris-Perry cannot deny the fact either, so what does she do? She cries "Racism!"

How original!

And of course we know, since anti-racism is just a code word for anti-white, the upshot of her argument will be: don't complain, whitey; just keep paying those taxes that support a system that disenfranchises you!

Somehow someone has installed black anti-whites like Harris-Perry into positions in the media and academia where they can declaim the rules of language and spout off-the-cuff cryptologic. Their arguments are never compelling or convincing, but the mere fact that no one calls them on their idiocy leaves their ideas circulating in our culture, wielding undue but insidious influence.

Consider Harris-Perry's unintelligible diatribe between :46 and 1:17:

"...I just think that's racism. Yeah. I-I just, I just think it's 2011 version of the welfare queen...and, um, it-it-it's just a way of saying and and and not racism like a calling somebody a name but wh- that that what that is meant to imply, what [Bachmann's point
is] meant to um suggest is that there is this whole group that is dependent and the fact is since we developed this language that the dependent groups are these 'illegal immigrants' and these unworking, unmarried poor black women who are welfare queens and and these criminal types I mean it's it's just a way of evoking all of these scary, racialized and poor others in a way that that allows us to separate this notion of hard-working, taxpaying Americans from, for example, 'refugees.'"

Then she smiles a self-satisfied smile at 1:17-1:18 as if she imagines she has just enlightened us with witty repartee.

The key phrase here is "since we developed this language." In her world, points and facts are only asserted if you are black. If you are white, a point is made in a "language" that "develops" out of your innate rayyycist evil and corrupt soul.

The idea of "developing" a "language" evokes images of a Bunsen-burner-strewn lab in which an evil mad scientist cackles to his assistant: "I've just about done it, Igor. I've developed a language that will allow us to make our racist points and yet cleverly disguise them in statistics about taxes...or to make points about taxes and couch them in spooky terms like 'other' and 'alien' and 'Welfare Queen' which will scare people into taking our side. "

But little did this mad scientist know that there would be an even greater genius out there named Melissa Harris-Perry who would be able to see through this disguise of language and call the rayyycisst out for being so rayyycissss!

But, seriously. Harris-Perry wants to imagine that the generalizing tendencies and biases of language only work one way, for whites against blacks. She will never admit that blacks' language--HER language--is fraught with the same biases. For example, she calls white complainers about the tax code rayyyciss and then implies that she is righteously anti-racist. But in reality she has only developed a language that allows her to claim a surface-assertion of "anti-racism" when ultimately she is really just asserting an agenda that is anti-white.

More of Harris-Perry's Anti-White logorrhea disguised as academic reasonableness can be found in an article she recently wrote for The Nation HERE. (I like how she forces the use of "epistemology" in this article's title, even though it isn't really appropriate. She's just trying to impress you with a word she learned in college to make you think that what she is saying is credible. Don't worry: it isn't.)

If you bother to read the article, notice how she uses the term "disparate impact" in the case of laws that, for instance, discriminate against blacks moving into a white neighborhood. Ask yourself: does Harris-Perry EVER consider the disparate impact of legislation on whites? Take Affirmative Action, for example. Doesn't AA have a disparate impact on whites, forcing them to score higher on admissions tests in order to get the same positions given to lower-scoring blacks?

Once again, Harris-Perry thinks she is being anti-racist.

Anti-racism is just a code word for anti-white.


  1. Neoswabian - you are on fire man! Great post.

  2. I like the way your break down her so called argument, and expose her agenda. Most people wouldn't give this a second thought, but, wouldn't question it either. I read the article, and it's full of her anti white propaganda.

  3. Thanks to both commenters. I saw her gab on tv and realized there was no "there" there in her argument. I was able to find the exchange on youtube. It took me playing her soliloquy like 40 times to transcribe it in full, it was so convoluted and mumbly. I assure you: her words are meaningless! :) I can't believe she earns money in mainstream media and higher ed. Whites should have a such blabbermouth appealing on our behalf in the mainstream. Why don't we? Buchanan is the closest thing we have (in the mainstream, that is). Sure wish they could put D. Duke or Ol Bob Whitaker up there in their panel!

  4. Wow, what utterly incoherent garbage, but you correctly note that after she comes up with the first-year-"African-American-Studies"-grad-student term "racialized other", she obviously thinks she's just amazingly brilliant.

    This creature should be utterly vilified. What sickening garbage. Also, good job noting the use of a ridiculous, meaningless term "producerism".

    This segment is a lot like a discussion in some pathetic humanities or social science grad school seminar, probably entitled something like "ENGLISH 472: Constructing the 'Other': Neocolonialism, Gender, and Race in Contemporary America." Vomit.

  5. Bachmann said nothing about race, and the only reason her comment could be consider dog-whistle racism is because everybody knows what groups leach off of the productive. And the worst part of this is that Melissa Harris-Perry is among the most reasonable of the cable TV black liberal pundits with the normally the least innflatory racial discourse. Every other word out of pundit Eric Dyson's mouth is "that's racist".

  6. True. Black apologist rhetoric is so prevalent on mainstream networks and in ivy league ivory towers. Meanwhile pro-whites rarely escape the label of "heretic."

    Yet I sense this is beginning to change. Bit by bit people are waking up.

  7. you are awesome. Keep up the good work. Think of how great it is that we can use a platform like the internet to share these ideas. It has been like this for decades, but gone are the days when only CBS News, the AP, the Wa Post and the New York Times got to decide what you should be reading about. Bravo for exposing these evil, society and country destroying fools.

  8. so your admitting that whites are racist when you say what she says is obvious.

  9. The group most on welfare are white woman. But anyways to be against welfare is not to be racist but to be sexist. If men received welfare few would be against it that is for sure.

  10. How can blacks contribute to society when the society we live in will not let us. You give us a lower education and put drugs in our neighborhood, arrest us, giving us felony records from the age of 18 making it so we can not even get jobs and therefore forcing our woman on welfare to support our children. If your not black do not even think you can understand what it is like to live in america with dark skin trying to contribute. Stop trying to lead all white people into incorrect assumptions about blacks because if they fall for your crap they are surely stupid and uneducated as to how society is for the minority. I love all people with open minds and beautiful hearts but believe it or not America is a fucked up place for us. If you want to encourage us to contribute just stop making it so hard then complaining about us, please!

  11. The group most on welfare are white woman. But anyways to be against welfare is not to be racist but to be sexist. If men received welfare few would be against it that is for sure.

    They may be the largest group in overall terms but not in per capita terms, as well you know.

    Compare to another anti-white cliche - white trailer trash. Whites are the largest group of trailer dwellers numerically but are less likely to live in trailers than blacks and hispanics on average.

  12. Anonymous said...

    so your admitting that whites are racist when you say what she says is obvious.

    Wahhhhh More pitiful anti-white lies.You people are shameless.

    You lie about everything,even the international genocide law,all in the service of white genocide.

    Anonymous said...

    The group most on welfare are white woman.

    Because there are over a 100 million non-whites in the country taking up land and resources and denying our people an existence,all courtesy of your genocidal anti-white cult.

    It`s your cult`s fault if any whites are on welfare.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  13. God help us all. Facts are irrelevant to their discussion. They rely on un-verifiable and un-falsifiable assertions of rayyyysisscm that cannot be defended against because they are simply slanders.

    Boycott MSM!!!

  14. Keep up the good work educating whites about the anti-white bigotry and racism in the major media outlets.