Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Castle Lager: Whitey Will Eventually Get Sad And Realize He Should Racially Blend

More Anti-White propaganda from South Africa. The "message" of this ad is unmistakable: whites who try to maintain their own territory are doomed to fail; they will inevitably racially blend.

At first these three all-white cricket fans are having a good time, revelling in their splendid isolation from the rest of humanity. They have abundant space, abundant food, and they have each-other.

But not only are they all white, they're all male. The fact that these three whites have no females among them subliminally suggests that they will not be able to reproduce, that their segregated society is unsustainable, doomed.

Look how the multiculturalists not only have Castle Lager to lubricate their multifarious fun, leaving the three whites feeling lonely and left-out, they also have some big-boobed blonde girls who are dangled in front of our minds as the "prize" for joining them (:57).

But what this ad doesn't tell you is this: that there are 50+ countries in Africa that are run by blacks, some at the explicit exclusion of whites. No one is making beer commercials that feature blacks who try and fail to segregate themselves from the rest of humanity. Only whites are made to feel guilty whenever they try to engage in this perfectly natural and human practice of ingroup association.

Castle Lager is Anti-White.

Boycott Castle Lager.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Castle Lite: Servile Whitey Can't Touch Dis, Only Blacks Can

A contributor turned us on to an Anti-White brand out of South Africa, Castle Lager.

This beer company promotes the White Genocide in South Africa by repeatedly showing negative images of whites and repeatedly deriding and deconstructing any semblance of white racial loyalty or pride.

Here, as in many of their ads, the black man is romanticised and lauded at whitey's expense. The whitey is weak, servile, and can't even touch a chilled bottle without disintegrating into a pathetic, panicky, freak. Only blacks are cool enough to hold the phallic object of desire.

In Castle ads, blacks are paid tribute. Their struggles are "cool." How can this corporation celebrate the Soweto uprisings (in the ad above) without implying that that limp whitey (in the previous ad) belongs in his servile, subordinate role - in the nation he and his white forefathers built?

Castle Lager is Anti-White.

Boycott: Castle Lager, Castle Light.

Monday, August 29, 2011

We Whites Are Incompetent. Help Us Mulatto Lady!

White people are so incompetent. Clearly our lives are one big comedy of errors.

I don't know how the white race made it this far, seeing as we can't seem to even look at a car without it crashing catastrophically (:21).

They say we invented the wheel, the stirrup, trigonometry, opera, and moon rovers. But surely somewhere along the way we must have had a fat mulatto lesbian lady to help us keep up a minimal level of competence, as this ad insightfully suggests.

To what depths would we whites devolve if we didn't have blacks around to help us eke out some semblance of stability in life?

Just imagine!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Racial Smokescreen II: WUSA Promotes Black Excuses For Flash Mob

WUSA 9 is a sorry excuse for a news organization. Look how they repeatedly mention the novelty of an all-female flash mob, without once bothering to mention mentioning that the females are also all black.

Selectively reporting the facts, are we?

But that is just the beginning. As if it isn't enough to leave the viewing audience uninformed as to the identity of the shoplifters, they actually provide these criminals with excuses for their crimes.

WUSA 9 interviews blacks who (surprise!) justify the flash mobs (1:30, 1:41). These sorry excuses go completely unchallenged by the reporters. Thus it seems as if they, too, are promoting this angle.

So if there are any flash mob sistahs out there watching this, just keep on doin' whachoo doin'. According to WUSA 9, you have every right to stick it to dah man!

Grossly irresponsible, Anti-White journalism on every front.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sears: White Fem Needs Aggressive-Black-Guy Assistance

Sears and advertising firm McGarryBowen here depict a femmy, pliant white man as needing black-man-facts to set him straight.

Two gorgeous white women surround the white man in the first frames. A newborn. A new home to buy. For the white guy, it's all on the line. He stumbles, thinking "warehouse stores(!)" will save him, will suffice.

But no. How foolish he is, how inept. Like an all powerful, omnipresent, omniscient god, the black guy inserts himself into the
surreal scene. He's calling from "The Truth Room(!)" to point out the white man's shameful ignorance. Mission accomplished. Then he makes the phone retract on command, making the white man look smacked-down and wimpy.

Sears wants us to reflect on this holy question: how can waifish white men survive in this world without constant aggressive-black-guy assistance?

Bow down and praise the new bug-eyed, in-yo-face lawrd!

Boycott: Sears.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

AT&T: Doughy White Guy Ruins Flash Mob For White Woman And Black Guy

This ad picks up where THIS one leaves off: yet another telecommunications company wants us thinking in terms of an Anti-White train station flash mob.

The white guy isn't hip enough to get the latest hi-tech gadget or service. Thus he never gets
the message that the event has been postponed and ends up making a fool of himself.

How many of you think it's a casting accident that this ad contrasts this inept white guy with (of course!) a beautiful white woman and a black guy (:17 and :23)?

The black guy and white woman look upon the white guy with frustration mixed with pity. As if to say "You ruined our event - but what should we expect from a stupid white guy?"

Seeing as the black guy and white woman GOT THE MESSAGE that the mob had been postponed, the message of this ad is clear: interracial couples are hip, informed, and oh so 21st century. Meanwhile, white guys are walking self-humiliation machines.

"Funny" ads are so often only funny at the expense of white males. Why is that?

Boycott AT&T for thus threatening us with obsolescence, for pushing us towards their contrived,
technologized-and-deracinated brand of survival of the "fittest."

Thursday, August 18, 2011

If You See White Terrorists, Tell Black Authorities

If you see white terrorists, tell black authorities.

Courtesy of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, supported by dupedwhiteytaxdollars.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

White Slave/ Black King

The so-called humor in this ad is based on the contrast between the opulence of the throne and the frumpiness of the pathetic white wage slave who is trying to look like he belongs on it. Silly mortal, golden thrones are intended for our black God-King.

Of course this video is reminiscent of the series of Terry Tate videos, where an enormous muscle-bound black athlete belittles pasty office cubicle sheep.

AWM Guarantee: You will never see Dirk Nowitzki in an ESPN commercial in which he can't find his golden throne, only to discover it has been stolen by an out-of-shape black guy.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

BBC Racial Smokescreen: Blacks Are Reformers Not Rioters (Media Silence Is Anti-White, Volume III)

The BBC's main goal here is not to inform the populace about the dangers on their streets, but to obfuscate the real racial issue in this story.

Like most mainstream media, the BBC tried to conceal that the vast majority of the criminals participating in last weeks Tottenham riots were black.

Look how the BBC never shows close-ups of the rioters (1:31). The looters are only shadowy, hooded figures seen from a distance. They could be anyone. They could be your son, your brother, your sister. Just how the BBC wants it.

Meanwhile, they spend the second half of the video interviewing blacks close-up, good-guy blacks who take up the mantle of reform. Through the voices of the blacks they interview, who go unquestioned, unchallenged, the BBC blames the looting on "outsiders," "opportunists," "anarchists" from other neighborhoods, the local authorities' "lack of communication," the lack of jobs, or the lack of "youth projects."

They blame everything but the clear culprit: Black Mob Criminality.

Repeat the refrain: when the media ceases to disclose to whites precisely who or what endangers them, that media ceases to be useful and starts to be Anti-White.

Boycott: The BBC.

Friday, August 12, 2011

British Airways: White Guys Fly Alone; Black Guys Fly With Their Gorgeous White Wives

With their in-flight safety video, British Airways puts itself at the propagandizing spear-point in the fight for white genocide.

Imagine how many thousands of air travellers see this cartoon every day, all ages, all genders - all part of a captive audience: they are buckled up, literally strapped in, and forced to watch this not-so-subtle brainwashing material.

British Airways elite-sters know all about the mind's impressionability. Humans, like other primates, like to mimic the behavior they observe. Thus as much as British Airways folks think their video "represents" interracial mating patterns, it also encouragings and perpetuates those patterns: the white woman is here paired up with a black guy. They have a bi-racial child, who is literally the star of the show. People will think this is normal. And for the majority of the population, it is always desirable to be normal.

Meanwhile, thoughout the video, this fruitful, interracial union is contrasted with a white guy who is flying by himself, who is represented as pathetic, isolated, sterile in his solitude (1:47).

Will people wittingly change their mating patterns based on this video? Probably not. But the more these memes are reinforced, the more they take root in the subconscious of the young, where they are their most virulent. All you have to do is look around the streets of London to see the social changes that 50 years of such propaganda has elicited.

And, needless to say, no one is spreading this kind of propaganda in Vietnam, where a Vietnamese guy is flying by himself while a Vietnamese woman is flying and mating with a black guy.

No one is spreading this kind of propaganda in Mexico, where a Mexican guy is flying by himself while a Mexican woman is flying and mating with a black guy.

No one is spreading this kind of propaganda in Uganda, where a Ugandan guy is flying by himself while a Ugandan woman is flying and mating with a white guy.

No one is spreading this kind of propaganda in Japan, where a Japanese guy is flying by himself while a Japanese woman is flying and mating with a black guy.

No. This kind of social engineering propaganda is only created and disseminated in all white countries and only white countries.

Once again, it's Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, white countries for everybody.

Boycott: British Airways.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Media Silence Is Anti-White, Volume II

Continuing the theme of yesterday's post, today we meet Delroy Grant, Britain's most prolific rapist OF ALL TIME.

He was convicted four months ago, after nearly TWO DECADES of raping elderly people in South London.

Police estimate Grant raped about 500 to 600 people over those two decades.

Why did it take so long for the London police to catch this guy?

Perhaps it's because, though they KNEW he was black based on the descriptions that victim after victim gave, still they released a white "e-fit" wanted poster (1:36) in order to be Politically "Correct."

Why doesn't the BBC draw attention to this disparity? Why don't they mention that the criminal was black, while the police were asking people in the neighborhood to be on the look out for a white guy?

And why did it take a BNP Freedom of Information request to shed light on what the BBC and other media outlets refused to disclose, namely that Grant's 600 victims were white?

How many hundreds, how many thousands of people must be victimized as a result of the willful ignorance of the police and the BBC?

Repeat the refrain from yesterday: when the news media refuses to disclose to whites precisely who or what endangers them, that media ceases to be useful and starts to be Anti-White.

Why is the BBC so Anti-White?

Wisconsin "Teen" Mob: Media Silence Is Anti-White

When blacks break any number of innumerable "color barriers" - first black astronaut, first black congressman from district x, first black person to climb Mt. Whitney or swim the English Channel - it is automatically news!

Their blackness is what makes it news.

But when blacks break certain other things, apparently it isn't newsworthy at all.

...such as when they riot and break the windshield on your car, or your wife's nose, or your son's arm.

Or, if the story happens to make the news, nary a peep you will hear of "blackness."

When the news media refuses to disclose to whites precisely who or what endangers them, that media ceases to be useful and starts to be Anti-White.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Numinous Negro Powerfully Aligns Your Back; 'Racist' White Guy With Bad Teeth Yells At You

More Anti-White social engineering propaganda.

The underlying "message" of the banal 2008 snore Happy-Go-Lucky seems to be that white people are rayyyciss "haters" and that blacks are perfect, even "magic."

The main character Poppy even says as much of her hulking black chiropractor: "Magic fingers!" (2:38).

Her encounter with this doctor is highly sexualized, and is contrasted with a scene in which her roommate observes a pathetic fat white male patient (:38) just to more emphatically underscore Poppy's doctor's magic, healing blackness.

Moreover, while Poppy's black primary school students diligently try to study (2:45) they are viciously attacked by a little ginger-haired white boy (2:53). Commie social workers then trace the little whitey's violent streak to her mother's abusive boyfriend with the very white sounding name: Jason.

This violent evil emerging out of this white boy is subliminally threaded onto Poppy's white driving instructor, since she asks him if he, too, was abused at home. The old coot then screams at her about multiculturalism and how the Washington Monument is connected with the number 666.

The only positive white male figure is her "social worker" boyfriend who helps her snoop into the origin of the white boy's violent streak. The message: "The only acceptable white males are those who abet Anti-White multiculturalism. Meanwhile, blacks are flawless and magic. So don't, you know, oppose multiculturalism."

Also, we are supposed to be OK with the fact that in Poppy's London classroom whites are the minority. If we speak out against the white genocide, we're rayyyciss, just like her rotten-toothed driving instructor.

P.S. Why was I not surprised when I found that the director Mike Leigh OBE originally had the last name of Lieberman?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Afro-Hispanic (And Maybe Gay) Spider-Man Will "Reflect" The Racial Changes In America

Why would whites get bent out of shape over the new Afro-Hispanic Spider Man? He is, after all, a comic book character. And, hey, Marvel Comics announced the new teenaged black kid would reflect the "racial changes in America" and make the Marvel Universe more "diverse."

I suppose a similar rationale might underlie why the Norse god Heimdall was played by a black actor in the recent movie "Thor." After all, the population of many parts of Scandinavia is looking much darker now than it did in the 9th century.

Some media have been ruthless in their mockery of whites who complained about these casting/creative decisions.

But why is it always the white heroes and white gods and white icons that must fall before the sacred religion of multi-culturalism? What would the black community say if, for example, gay Latino icon Ricky Martin was cast in the lead role in a new film about the folk hero John Henry? Would the NAACP sit silent as their "steel drivin' man" underwent a "queering" in the name of "reflecting" demographic change?

Indeed, speaking of folk heroes, what if some forward-thinking director cast Gabourey Sidibe as Anne in the latest production of The Diary of Anne Frank? Would a certain tribe really mind so much, as long as it "reflected" the "racial changes" in modern Amsterdam?

Once again it's Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, WHITE ICONS for EVERYBODY!