Thursday, August 4, 2011

Numinous Negro Powerfully Aligns Your Back; 'Racist' White Guy With Bad Teeth Yells At You

More Anti-White social engineering propaganda.

The underlying "message" of the banal 2008 snore Happy-Go-Lucky seems to be that white people are rayyyciss "haters" and that blacks are perfect, even "magic."

The main character Poppy even says as much of her hulking black chiropractor: "Magic fingers!" (2:38).

Her encounter with this doctor is highly sexualized, and is contrasted with a scene in which her roommate observes a pathetic fat white male patient (:38) just to more emphatically underscore Poppy's doctor's magic, healing blackness.

Moreover, while Poppy's black primary school students diligently try to study (2:45) they are viciously attacked by a little ginger-haired white boy (2:53). Commie social workers then trace the little whitey's violent streak to her mother's abusive boyfriend with the very white sounding name: Jason.

This violent evil emerging out of this white boy is subliminally threaded onto Poppy's white driving instructor, since she asks him if he, too, was abused at home. The old coot then screams at her about multiculturalism and how the Washington Monument is connected with the number 666.

The only positive white male figure is her "social worker" boyfriend who helps her snoop into the origin of the white boy's violent streak. The message: "The only acceptable white males are those who abet Anti-White multiculturalism. Meanwhile, blacks are flawless and magic. So don't, you know, oppose multiculturalism."

Also, we are supposed to be OK with the fact that in Poppy's London classroom whites are the minority. If we speak out against the white genocide, we're rayyyciss, just like her rotten-toothed driving instructor.

P.S. Why was I not surprised when I found that the director Mike Leigh OBE originally had the last name of Lieberman?



  2. Great site. But I think you have it backwards at times. The constant glorifying of the black is just an act of compensation on the part of leftists. In truth they see the black as inferior, and all this so-called "blackworship" is just their way of conditioning themselves into changing their true negative opinions about the acomplishments and capabilities of the African. This too will fade and nothing will come of it. You can't change nature, my friend.

  3. ^Problem is these people believe and fall for their own propaganda. This will have disastrous consequences for all of us.

  4. "The constant glorifying of the black is just an act of compensation on the part of leftists."

    This might be true to an extent, and we have theorized as much in the past:

    But still, as the other anonymous poster said, many blacks themselves buy into this promoted idea that whites are pure evil while they, as blacks, can do no wrong. This only leads to increased black egomania, which in turn will cause them to increasingly lash out against whitey, as we are seeing:

    So...any way you slice it, white genocide is coded into Anti-White media.

  5. No, blacks are being weaponized by Jews in a proxy war against their fiercest historic resource competitors (and hence enemies), the Europeans.

    Please to not dance around the bush on this.

  6. I find it more disturbing that the sensible white driver is being portrayed as a mad man. All his arguments have no value because society marks him as crazy because of his conspiracy theories.