Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Beta Whites

This has been making the rounds. The claim is that it depicts something completely unrealistic, with beta white kids not being able to figure out how to open milk cartons. The sentimentalism is certainly there, though, depicting multikwulturalism as a beautiful thing. And certainly the youngish dweeb advert directors got that warm tingly feeling while piling together this mound of dung. Either way, multiracial schools are proven to be unsafe for and to have negative effects on childrens' performance.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Disgusting Jewish Perverted Filth

Following description provided by submitter:

"Blatant, BLATANT anti-white propaganda at work here:
-the black male with the wife-beater shirt who's interest seems to be piqued by a blonde white woman (who has acted in movies in many race-traitor roles mind you) who says the word "balls." (0:22-0:24)
-the khazar jew smiling and shaking his head in rapist-delight at a pathetic blonde goyim talking about cleaning your balls (0:39-0:42)
-the blonde, blue eyed white male turning his head in embarrassment at the mentioning of "small balls." (0:46-0:49)
-the old lady. Not sure about this, but my granny definitely isn't a perverted old lady. (1:16-1:18)
-the white guy with a New York-ish accent tossing his "filthy balls" as a white woman in the audience looks on with sheer disgust in her face. (1:22-1:30)
-another black tossing his "ball sack" at the blonde white host, who no coincidence tells her to "plop it right here" as she points down at her vagina. She then continues on to say "what a big ball sack" as the old lady's face lights up in joy. Also note the bright smile on the host's face as she unzips the "sack" as well as the delighted smile from the white woman in the audience who previously had been disgusted about the white man's "filthy balls." (1:34-1:44)
-then, as if it couldn't possibly get any worse, they wheel out an old white man at the end and *surprise* magically new black balls."
Submitted by CA.

Friday, September 3, 2010 Front Page; Niggas Be Touchin' Dey White Hoes

From on September 3rd. Statistically, the coincidental pairing of black men and white women would be a rarity in the United States where black men make up about 7% of the population whereas White women make up roughly 30%. Therein it seems a deliberate action on the behalf of media corporations to constantly portray this combination with ill intent.