Saturday, May 25, 2013

AfroZombies Behead Queen's Soldier. Queen and Country Awfully Mum About It.

Brits have lost all sense of the tragic in art. So many of the British commenters on this video think RAMZPAUL is trying to be "funny" with his red hands. They think he is mocking the murder victim in Woolwich. 

He isn't trying to be funny. He's being tragically sarcastic. He is channeling Ed Miliband, Tony Blair, David Cameron--all who have blood on their hands by opening the UK's floodgates to massive third-world immigration. 

A British soldier gets decapitated on a London street by a Nigerian declaring Jihad, and what happens? All over England, Brits are being rounded up and arrested en masse

Is it because they, too, have been suspected of plotting to behead someone? No.

Is it because they have been caught red-handed (pun intended) stabbing another innocent? No.

Is it because they have been found with explosives and maps of the nearest tube station tunnels? No.

These would be the reasons for arresting people if Britain were a normal country. It isn't. It's just an economic zone run by hostile elites who tolerate everything and everyone--except nationalist sentiment. Nothing shall rain on their globalist multi-culti parade!

It is absolutely infuriating that 85-year old grandmas are now being arrested for condemning the Woolwich murder a little too vociferously and with a little too much attention to the ethnic and ideological details. 

THESE THOUGHTCRIME ARRESTS themselves should be convulsing massive riots. Kids overturn cars for a few thousand quid in student fees but they sit back passively when their expression of revulsion to homicide becomes cause for incarceration.  

Britain, here is your true red-handed enemy: your media and your government is Anti-White. Note in this Channel 4 News segment how Mr. Miliband and the reporter collude to shift the focus from a black Muslim's decapitation murder of Lee Rigby to --GASP! HEAVEN FORBID!-- protests by the EDL!


MILIBAND: ...act of complete cowardice. Now, there are people who try and divide us with acts like this and they’ve tried it before in London and they’ve failed. And they will always fail. And there will be people who will try to use events like this to divide us and they will fail too. 
Note how Miliband makes the two camps, the Jihadists and the EDL (the EDL is implicitly who he's talking about here though he doesn't name them) as moral equivalents. So the decapitation murderers are morally on the same footing as people who condemn them because both "try to divide!" Has your moral compass been given a good shake by listening to this tripe? BLOOD ON HIS HANDS! 
MILIBAND: And they’ll fail because the British people are united across different faiths, different  religions, different backgrounds in their abhorrence of crimes like this and in values of decency and tolerance. That is the true character of the British people, and that’s why this terror will lose and fail. Well, obviously people are not united across different faiths or we wouldn't have had a bloody-handed declaration of Jihad. Weren't you paying attention, Mr. Miliband? BLOOD ON HIS HANDS!

REPORTER: And as a politician what’s your message…uh… to the country about how people should react…the EDL…a number of EDL supporters went out into the streets last night. Is that a concern? Tell us what to think, oh exalted one! Tell us the parameters in which we may legitimately react! That's the important thing. Decapitation murders and bloody-handed declarations of Jihad are bad, sure. But what would be even worse is if people reacted to these things in insensitive and non-inclusive ways! Tell the nation how to best grin and bear it oh sagacious joo.

MILIBAND: Look. I think there will be people who will try to use events like this to try and divide us. They won’t succeed…because people of every different background and every different religion have come together—we’ve seen this over the last 24 hours—in their condemnation of what happened. I think the British people’s character is one that has a diversity, a tolerance, an inclusiveness, and also a deep deep abhorrence of the kind of act we saw yesterday. So we’re a united country and not a divided country and anyone who tries to divide us will not succeed.
The tribe and its enablers have refined their talking points these last thirty years to make “tolerance” the new sacrosanct first principle of our people. To me the word only connotes a spineless laziness. My son deliberately knocks over someone's juice? I could tolerate it and he will become a boundary-less twat. You indulge the turd-whirled-ers a little too much and they too will become spoiled and insatiable. Under your roof you enforce your law. You don’t tolerate. Tolerance is a dereliction of duty. Inclusiveness is another meaningless poison. Miliband says Brits define themselves by their "inclusiveness." By this he means that Brits have no definition at all. How can any noun be defined by including things that are not it? Blue must include red? Cold must include hot? Brits must include non-Brits? Voila! The “Brits” disappear. BLOOD ON HIS HANDS!
For more about about what you can do to fight the London genocide, check out the article Woolwich & the Dynamics of "Awareness" over at