Thursday, October 27, 2011

Your White Skin Is Hideous And Your Soul Is Corrupt

Just a friendly reminder from the United Nations.


  1. Check out the BMO advertisements. If you can find the PSA's they do for Harris BMO Bank, they are the worst.

  2. I've actually noticed a surge in my self-confidence and an improvement in my physical appearance since applying the racism cream.

  3. WTF!!!! This is a blatant attack on Whites.

  4. "I've actually noticed a surge in my self-confidence and an improvement in my physical appearance since applying the racism cream."


    Me too! I'm going to recommend it to all my friends.

  5. no wonder michelle obama is butt

  6. The problem here seems to be UN sponsored anti-white racism.

  7. Right, the word Racism is just some word the jew communist made up to lay a false guilt trip on Whites and push non Whites on their societies.
    It's a code word for Anti White.
    So now we have the U.N. pushing for the Genocide of the White Race. By guilt tripping us into excepting non Whites into our Nations and lives.

  8. "The problem here seems to be UN sponsored anti-white racism."

    Precisely. There is NO racism here except that foisted upon whites--doubly foisted: first it depicts white people as aesthetically ugly. Then it implies that whites (and only whites) are also morally ugly because have "racist" views.

    I wonder how many WHITE people see this and think: "white people sure are racist scumbags; the world would be better off if they simply didn't exist. I should therefore have no children at all or mate with a non-white asap."??

  9. Jesus Christ the propaganda runs so deep !

    Truly amazing.

    Thanks to important sites like this one though, what is so obvious to the 1% (us, Those Who Can See), is slowly but surely becoming clear to the 99%.

  10. This stuff is so sickening and insidious.

    Hat tip to a commenter above: I went to check out those BMO commercials.

    Sure enough, this is what you get :

    I had to comment, as obviously the bank people are paying attention to what people are saying. You should too (keep it courteous. As much as you want to say "niggers are not human", resist!).

    This is what I said:

    Hey BMO bank person: I just looked through six of your commercials.

    Why is it that the white kids are always - ALWAYS - portrayed as irresponsible, clueless, stupid, etc., in your ads?

    You guys clearly don't have the balls to portray minorities, ever, in a similar negative light.

    You are PC spineless.

    Don't you see that in this day and age of universal access to information, white people are starting to wake up to your silly propaganda?

  11. Artur nailed it!

    I've noticed on only the past year since I started following this issue that more and more whites are waking up to the fact that it's not just a silly commercial here and there that teases us, but an all out effort to subjugate our people.

    The irony is that if the enemy would have been more subtle, it's likely most who are aware would still be asleep.

    I have since armed myself and joined a militia, trained in self-defense and got in shape in anticipation of the coming conflict.

    The propaganda of the enemy has made me into a warrior who is a hundred times stronger than I would have been if they wouldn't have been so bold.

    Thank, White Genocidalists!

    I may not like them, but at least I'm ready for whatever they can dish out.

    And the best part is, if you look at the "occupy wall street clowns" (the face of the enemy) most of us could whip their asses 10-to-1. I don't see those race-traitors getting very far pushing their agenda on those of us fighting for survival.

  12. The Jews know the nonwhites INSIDE white countries are outnumbered, outgunned, outsmarted to defeat the white race.

    They're going to use nonwhites OUTSIDE our countries. The jews blew up Japanese nuclear plants. They want nonwhite societies to collapse, forcing them all to flood into white countries in an economic collapse.

    The nonwhites INSIDE our countries will also lobby for the ones OUTSIDE our countries to come in. Look at the Mexican-Americans helping Illegal Aliens as example.

  13. Hey Artur,you got a response on that ad(comments are moderated):

    bmoharrisbank 4 days ago

    We appreciate your honest feedback. As parents, we want our children to make smart money decisions. It was our intention to share how parents can begin conversations with their kids using moments in our daily lives.

    bmoharrisbank 4 days ago

    Of course I had to chime in with:

    "We appreciate your honest feedback."

    Well please allow me to supply some more honest feedback.

    This is just another in along line of blatant anti-white "commercials" that ALWAYS portray other racial groups in a favourable light while denigrating white people.

    I`m sure bmoharrisbank is not unaware of the white genocide opposition that is taking place on and off-line.

    I`d hate to see your company sued in the future for complicity in white genocide.


  14. Some day there will be museums people will go to to see the virulent anti-white media from the time when ruling class jooz tried to genocide us.

    People will find it hard to believe that such evil existed out in the open.

    The jooz will be treated humanely but will be completely quarantined from civilized society in the future as mankind will have learned that they are beyond all hope of reform.

  15. I really don't know what to think about the jooz. I at once admire a race that is so darn Einstein smart, and yet so sneeky when it comes to their methods of self-survival as a group.

    Fact is there are 14 million jews on the planet. The real problem, I would say, are the 6.2 billion non-whites (including the 1 billion-plus Africans, 90% of whom exist solely as a result of white (8% in 2011; 33% in 1955)), western food aid).

    I should rephrase that: the multitudes of non-whites are not the problems, for the most part they are too stupid to do anything dangerous apart overbreed.

    What is dangerous, are the minority of whites who enable the non-whites to fight for their "rights."

    The natural hierarchy of the planet has been turned on its head, basically, since 1946.

    See crimesofthetimes you'll see what I'm talking about.

  16. Artur, good points but the fact is the minority of whites that push for special rights for non-whites are often jooz. They, not blacks, founded the NAACP and they are the key to altering the assimilationist American model of immigration to the balkanization and hate whitey model currently enforced. Jooz successfully lobbied for and passed the Immigration Act of 1965 that opened the 3rd world floodgates. They knew this would lead to political disenfranchisement of traditional Anglo-America which was the whole point.

    I like many of them personally but I also know that they are working night and day to politically disenfranchise me and based on their track record in the past will try to do bad things to my loved ones if they gain complete control (see the Black Book of Communism is you believe they lack the will to large scale mass murder of Europeans)

  17. "ruling class jooz"

    The anti-white politicians,media operatives,and academia are mostly white.

    99.99% of anti-whites are not jews,but mostly whites and some non-whites.

    Fix the anti-white problem and the jews will be no threat to us.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  18. Jews will always be a threat.

  19. A video link I posted earlier, that demonstrated how a Jewish-controlled group in Sweden was going to lead the charge in changing White Europe to a more multi-racial hue...has disappeared from this comment section!

    Here are the transcribed words of the leader of that group,transplanted Jewish American, Barbara Lerner Spectre:

    “I think there is a resurgence of anti-Semitism because at this point in time, EUROPE has NOT YET LEARNED HOW to be MULTICULTURAL. And I think WE (Jews) are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which MUST take place.

    Europe is NOT going to be the monolithic societies THEY (Europeans) once were in the last century.

    JEWS are going to be at the CENTRE of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They (Europeans) are now going into a MULTICULTURAL mode and Jews will be resented because of OUR LEADING ROLE. But without that leading role, and without that transformation, Europe will not survive.”

  20. Commenters: I got busy doing some other jobs for a few days. But I am back and will take a look at your suggestions asap. Thanks.

  21. "Europe is NOT going to be the monolithic societies THEY (Europeans) once were in the last century.

    JEWS are going to be at the CENTRE of that."

    Read that again carefully, people of European descent.

    How does a creepy 'American' jewess believe she as a non-Swedish invader has the slightest right to spew such vile garbage as that in the sovereign state of Sweden??!

    Because they are your enemy! Your eternal ENEMY.

    They do not care who or what you want to be or want you want to do. They will try to force you to their will in your own countries as long as you will not expel them.

  22. LAURA BUSH, Barbara Bush that truck face hoe and Hillary Clinton are allllllll Fugly.