Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Xerox: Serve Dah Black Man, Whitey

Some might claim that this is just an inversion of the old "shoe shine boy" stereotype. You know: "Now it is duh white man who is shinein' dem shoes. Now it is duh white man who is duh caddy fo duh black man."

This could be chalked up to parody if it weren't for the fact that it is now the 21st century. In THIS century, white servitude to the top-dog black man is the status quo. At least that is how things are relentlessly promoted in the media. The Anti-Whites are selling this imagery for a reason.

The image at :13 speaks volumes. It shows not just an inversion of the past, where the master is now the slave and vice versa. It also disseminates the iconography of a new religious system that is as colonialist/expansionist as was sixteenth century Catholicism in South America--without simultaneously spreading, as the Spanish did, technical know-how and literacy.

When a race is being genocided, I guess it helps to show them as servile, subordinate, slavish.

We don't want the white man to get too uppity.

Boycott: Xerox.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Two More Examples Of How Anti-Racism Is A Code Word For Anti-White

Big Jew Bill Maher thinks he is being Anti-Racist by suggesting Hispanics, and minorities generally, get "screwed over by Caucasians" (:02).

But why Caucasians in particular, Bill? Funny, I know some Jews who own high-interest "payday" loan centers. They operate in south Texas and "screw over" Hispanics all the time. Why not rip on those guys, Bill? Why not make jokes about how your tribe has "screwed over" the Palestinians? No? Not gonna go there? I see how it is. I guess your Anti-Racism is just a code word for Anti-White.

Maher's guest Touré --yes, that's a one word name, like Prince or Sade or Seal--also evokes an evil "racism" that whites are only ever guilty of, even when there is no empirical evidence to support that claim of guilt. Racism here is like a "Fog" that scuds in imperceptibly at the whim of black people, to justify any claim whatsoever they might make.

This ability of blacks and only blacks to make an unsupported claim of racism is about as convenient an exercise of arbitrary intellectual totalitarianism as was the concept of predestination for the Calvinists. If you have black skin, or orange-ish skin as in the case of Touré, you are predestined to wield this mystical weapon of "racism" against those white folk who are predestined to be eternally damned with the taint of supreme corruption, (i.e., of being "racist")

Touré is a male version of Melissa Harris-Perry, whom we have recently featured and whom Touré himself
here references. They are both professional Anti-White victim-pimping race hustlers. They have made a career in mainstream culture by giving their Anti-White comrades precisely what they want to hear: it doesn't matter if their spoutings are incoherent; their message is Anti-White, and thus major networks will prop them up with airtime and large audiences.

Touré: Racism is like "Fog": I can't grab it and show it to you, but whitey sure is guilty of it!

P.S. A tangential point:
At :15 Touré says "...and sociologists talk about that."
Isn't his logic infuriating?: i.e. if "sociologists" talk about it, it MUST be true!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Smokey Bear Be Settin' YT Straight

Anti-White Media Checklist

1. Femmy white nerd. (:13) Check.
2. White guy is immoral. (Burning leaves, leaving them unattended!) Check.
3. Black guy has magic powers. (The ability to transform into Smokey Bear). Check.
4. Black guy distributes wisdom and promotes social cohesion. ("You coulda torched the whole neighborhood.") (:18) Check.
5. Black guy is godlike. (He looks into your private home, your own private affairs and holds you up for judgement and scrutiny.) Check.
6. A not-so-subtle threat of violence. (Brown bear with massive muscles shows up at the door of white wimp.) Check.
7. Black guy is "smooth" with "hip" lingo ("Buzz whassup man! You lef some leaves burnin' out heah!") (:11) while the white guy is stuttering and inarticulate ("Yeah I- I- just- that- there was a- I- I- just came in just for a second") (:14). Check.
8. Black narrator gives more sage advice. (:23) Check.
9. Eerie "spy on your neighbors" Stalinist/Stasi/Social Marxist bullshit. Check.
10. Uses "humor" while suggesting blacks are cool and whites are idiots. Check.
11. Government funded. Check.

Hat tip: an anonymous contributor.

Monday, October 17, 2011

MSNBC: Encouraging Blacks To Contribute To Society Is So Rayyycisss

The Anti-White Media often weaponizes really lame semantic arguments, mere language claims and games.

They're only effective if you aren't paying attention.

When (Israel-Firster and uber-neocon) Michelle Bachmann makes the point that 47 percent of American adults pay no income tax, neither Melissa Harris-Perry nor Chris Hayes gainsay her. They can't deny the fact, so their response is that the language by which the fact is asserted is somehow itself corrupt. Hays, for instance, claims such language plays into the "old" (read: outdated) notions of "producerism" (nice: make it an ism and people will think the point is somehow invalid).

Harris-Perry cannot deny the fact either, so what does she do? She cries "Racism!"

How original!

And of course we know, since anti-racism is just a code word for anti-white, the upshot of her argument will be: don't complain, whitey; just keep paying those taxes that support a system that disenfranchises you!

Somehow someone has installed black anti-whites like Harris-Perry into positions in the media and academia where they can declaim the rules of language and spout off-the-cuff cryptologic. Their arguments are never compelling or convincing, but the mere fact that no one calls them on their idiocy leaves their ideas circulating in our culture, wielding undue but insidious influence.

Consider Harris-Perry's unintelligible diatribe between :46 and 1:17:

"...I just think that's racism. Yeah. I-I just, I just think it's 2011 version of the welfare queen...and, um, it-it-it's just a way of saying and and and not racism like a calling somebody a name but wh- that that what that is meant to imply, what [Bachmann's point
is] meant to um suggest is that there is this whole group that is dependent and the fact is since we developed this language that the dependent groups are these 'illegal immigrants' and these unworking, unmarried poor black women who are welfare queens and and these criminal types I mean it's it's just a way of evoking all of these scary, racialized and poor others in a way that that allows us to separate this notion of hard-working, taxpaying Americans from, for example, 'refugees.'"

Then she smiles a self-satisfied smile at 1:17-1:18 as if she imagines she has just enlightened us with witty repartee.

The key phrase here is "since we developed this language." In her world, points and facts are only asserted if you are black. If you are white, a point is made in a "language" that "develops" out of your innate rayyycist evil and corrupt soul.

The idea of "developing" a "language" evokes images of a Bunsen-burner-strewn lab in which an evil mad scientist cackles to his assistant: "I've just about done it, Igor. I've developed a language that will allow us to make our racist points and yet cleverly disguise them in statistics about taxes...or to make points about taxes and couch them in spooky terms like 'other' and 'alien' and 'Welfare Queen' which will scare people into taking our side. "

But little did this mad scientist know that there would be an even greater genius out there named Melissa Harris-Perry who would be able to see through this disguise of language and call the rayyycisst out for being so rayyycissss!

But, seriously. Harris-Perry wants to imagine that the generalizing tendencies and biases of language only work one way, for whites against blacks. She will never admit that blacks' language--HER language--is fraught with the same biases. For example, she calls white complainers about the tax code rayyyciss and then implies that she is righteously anti-racist. But in reality she has only developed a language that allows her to claim a surface-assertion of "anti-racism" when ultimately she is really just asserting an agenda that is anti-white.

More of Harris-Perry's Anti-White logorrhea disguised as academic reasonableness can be found in an article she recently wrote for The Nation HERE. (I like how she forces the use of "epistemology" in this article's title, even though it isn't really appropriate. She's just trying to impress you with a word she learned in college to make you think that what she is saying is credible. Don't worry: it isn't.)

If you bother to read the article, notice how she uses the term "disparate impact" in the case of laws that, for instance, discriminate against blacks moving into a white neighborhood. Ask yourself: does Harris-Perry EVER consider the disparate impact of legislation on whites? Take Affirmative Action, for example. Doesn't AA have a disparate impact on whites, forcing them to score higher on admissions tests in order to get the same positions given to lower-scoring blacks?

Once again, Harris-Perry thinks she is being anti-racist.

Anti-racism is just a code word for anti-white.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

E Pluribus Unum

Two different reality series, one common theme:

Meet the new holy icons in the new Anti-White religion of blackworship, to be broadcast regularly all over our Miscege-Nation. Check tv listings for times of worship.

Friday, October 14, 2011



I'm sure opinions vary widely about P.J.B, but it appears he has just aided our cause, helping to launch the issue of white genocide into the mainstream with his NEW BOOK.
(See the blurb for chapters 4 through 9.)

I wonder what the Bob Whitakers and Horus The Avengers of the world think about this? I can't help but find myself pleased.


FedEx: Don't Be Stupid, Whitey, Black Boss Can "Still Hear You"

Yet another black boss trying to keep the ship of civilization afloat while his sissy white underlings threaten to sink it.

Sure there's a black guy there playing golf, but the main contrast is between the feminized flailings of the white office slave at :22 and the reasonable, exasperated black administrator at :24. Held up as the sympathetic hero, he subtly shakes his head (:26).

FedEx adopts his point of view at :27: "We understand."

Understand what, FedEx? That whitey is an idiot? That if only whitey were genocided of the face of the planet, offices would run more efficiently? What exactly is your point, FedEx?

Boycott: FedEx.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gerber: Meek Dumb Whites Get Schooled By With-it Blacks

Look at the framing job at :01. Not only did they cast a middle-aged, chubby white guy, but they just had to wedge him between darkened silhouettes. They could have shown him surrounded by happy, friendly faces, but instead they chose to put him amid a hazy sea of obscurity. The effect is not very flattering.

While he looks so adrift, he asks, tentatively, about the uncertain future.

Contrast this with the black guy at :06. He is surrounded by attractive women, and he and his wife are the stable, giving, bestowers of sage advice.

The white guy is so expendable, he doesn't even appear again in the commercial. You only see his supposed wife who sides with the black advice, urging her witless husband off-screen that they need to get hip to the program ASAP.

Another version of the Gerber commercial excises the white male altogether. The effect: three women, two of them white, having a coffee-talk with a wise black guy. Maybe the white guy is hidden behind the glass cylinder thing at :03, but you don't really know for sure, do you?

Hat tip to an anonymous commentor.

Boycott: Gerber.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Bust A Nut

Klohe Kardashian
is slutted up in her miniskirt, flirting with her hubbie, Lamar Odom.

They're about to have sex, you know, since when they share their pistachios, they "do it as foreplay."

This sets up multivalent sexual innuendo: first, we have the "busting nut" at the end of the commercial. To bust a nut, as many of you may know, is a euphemism for male ejaculation.

As if this isn't vile enough, the visuals combine to suggest genitalia in the act of miscegenation. The slit in the cloven pistachio nut is the white female vulva that gets destroyed by the big black rod, the bag of pistachios.

Accidental? Oh sure.

I can't believe they would have a commercial for something as lowly as pistachio nuts in the first place. It's kinda like advertising air, water, or seashells. But to take something as innocuous as pistachio nuts and turn it into a full-throttle miscegenation propaganda weapon sure takes

Hat tip to an anonymous commenter.

Boycott: Wonderful Pistachios.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fiat: Don't Even Try, Stupid White Boy

This one comes at you very fast, so much so that even my trained eye didn't make much of it at first, but the narrative is quite unmistakeable:

In a lame twist on the commercial where thousands of women chase down the guy using Axe body spray, thousands of men of various races chase down Jennifer Lopez in her new Fiat.

But the advertisers couldn't just be satisfied making a pastiche, inverting the paradigm of a popular icon. No. They had to also make it subtly and insidiously Anti-White.

Note the main white guy at :12. He is a subject of ridicule. He makes a ridiculously unflattering facial expression, one that shows him to be far down on the evolutionary ladder of "hipness" and "coolness."

J-Lo confirms this to us. We see her react to the white guy's entreaty by making a face (:12) that says "Get off the hood of my Fiat, freak."

She only stops (:21) when a black guy appears before her. This time her face wears an expression of intrigue and interest. The black guy and a Hispanic guy pull her out of the car and together they do the grinding copulation dance, with the black guy entering from the rear at :26.

While one might object by saying that J-Lo herself isn't white, that's not the issue. This commercial still sends out the message that white men are geeky and are not to be mated with. Millions of white girls will see this video and the meme will be instilled in their minds.

Hat tip to an anonymous commenter.

Boycott: Fiat.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

All New 2012 Honda Genocide

You can't have an all-white family anymore. That would be so rayyyciss. You have to let black kids in.

Your road trips will be funnier.

They'll do clever things like use a cup of ice as a vibraslap during a acapella version of an Ozzy song.

They'll enrich you.

White families are so, like, boring. Not vibrant at all. Get a black kid. He'll fit right in. There's no difference at all between your white son and the black kid that you found on the street.

You can drive around and feel morally superior that you are "reaching out" and "breaking down boundaries" and "giving back to the community."

Boycott: Honda.