Friday, November 26, 2010

Near To Hell

Here is classic Anti-White Media, the 2002 film Far From Heaven.

I saw this once (in a captive audience on a transatlantic flight) and nearly vomited - especially when I learned that it was nominated for an Oscar.

So...if you ever wanted to know what it takes to make an Academy Award-nominated film, the formula seems to be quite straightforward:

1) Take one mildly attractive white woman and in the context of a sun-dappled autumnal garden, have her run into a hulking black man who just happens
also to be kind, caring, and intelligent. He also has his own business and a business degree! Canyoubelieveit?

2) Juxtapose the aforesaid flawless black man with images of a snivelling, cheating, emotionally unpredictable, homosexual white husband. Make sure the gayness of the white man is also closeted because he also needs to be depicted as conflicted and not in touch with his "inner nature."

3) Make sure the white husband is only filmed in dreary, dark, brooding, and confined spaces.

4) Make sure the white wife's encounters with the black man occur in sunlit gardens, fruitful blossom-bearing fields, art museums, and other wholesome and welcoming environments.

5) Make sure that, while the white husband "hates" art exhibits, the black man, on the contrary, goes to art exhibits with his daughter on his own initiative. He just loves "Modern" or "abstract" art, as he says. Make sure the black man corrects the white wife's pronunciation of a famous artist. But make sure he only does so in a tender way. Make sure the white wife cannot express in words her ideas about the art she's staring at, while the black says something profoundly thoughtful and eloquent, such as:

"[you've] confirmed something I have always wondered about modern art...That perhaps it's just picking up where religious art left off, somehow trying to show you...divinity. Modern art just pares it down to the basic elements of shape and color. But when you look at that MirĂ³, you feel just the same."

6) Juxtapose this with a limp-dicked homo of a white man in a darkened room in which he strikes his own wife who tries to convince him the obvious untruth that he is "all man."

7) Now cut to the sun-dappled lawn where the natural, smiling, kind, humble, thoughtful black guy is attending to the neglected, unappreciated white wife.

8) Make sure that sometime shortly after the black man and white woman dance in a romantic embrace, the white man throws a hissy fit (again in a darkened, dreary room).

9) Make sure the black man’s black daughter gets attacked by three white guys who aren’t prosecuted for their crime.

10) Make sure the white man again weeps and sobs and confesses his unerring faggotry, after which the white woman then tries to track down her ultimate desire, the black man, perfect as he tenderly bids her a fond adieu through a departing train's steam. She should have left that queer limp-dicked white hubbie long ago.

Now show this film on transatlantic flights to your captive audience and you have instant Anti-white propaganda.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

state-funded white genocide

White tax dollars at work:
SVT- State-funded Swedish Tel-aviv vision.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Watch: No Limits

The new Galaxy Tab is perfectly sized for life on the go. With a 7" touchscreen, it's small enough to fit in your hand, yet big enough...TO WATCH YOUR GORGEOUS BLOND GIRLFRIEND IN THE ARMS OF A BLACK GUY.

White boy, you can watch, but only if you buy Samsung. It allows you to snoop in on the life you wish you still had. It gives you virtual, vicarious
access to (formerly actual) libidinal situations.

As the ad says: Life without limits. Don't limit the black man's access to your wimminz. Don't limit your girlfriend's access to the black guy. C'mon. Repeat after me: No limits.

Boycott: Samsung
Hat tip: An anonymous contributor.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Virtual Miscegenation

Here's an ad for a company that tries to get you to submit photos of yourself and your "significant other" in order to see what your baby would look like.

Just in case you were wondering: He's black with blue eyes.

I think they're trying to not-so-subtly suggest something.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Beat Whitey Night

In the new global religion of Ho£ocau$tianity™, it is always cool, funny, and entertaining when jews and blacks slap, punch, beat, and even kill the evil whitey.

But if the roles were reversed, if it was whitey beating on a jew or black—well, that’s the definition of EVIL.

Remember this double standard. It is the prime doctrine of the new religion. Whitey hath sinned against the universe and the jews and blacks are the priest caste, exacting penitential retribution.

To buy indulgences for all spiritual whitecrime in this new global religious system, simply go to your local Hollyweird film dispenser and buy some tickets for the latest brainwashing session.

Preferably, bring the whole family along.

"Beat Whitey Night" = Not a Hatecrime.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

And All Asses Shall Smell The Same

The same. We are all the same. We smell the same. Especially if we spray this shit they're selling all over us. Then our natural scents, our natural pheromones, will be cloaked. Then what makes us uniquely us will be obliterated. Our scent will be replaced with a mass-produced, factory floor model—board certified, panel-approved.

They can sell us more of this shit, more of this spray, as long as they can get us to think that what makes us naturally us and uniquely us is good for nothing—except to be slathered over and forgotten forever. Don't give it a second thought.

Is this some kinda metaphor? Perhaps.

But as long as we can hide in mindless vacuity, and boundless promiscuity, it apparently won't be so bad. How can you have regrets if you don't have a conscience or the capacity for introspection? Once we are all dumbed-down and smell the same and have the same vacuous personalities, then we can go fuck each other mechanically and remind ourselves dogmatically how we are all one.

In the fleeting oneness of perfumed ass.

Otherwise forgotten. Food for worms.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Brussels Calling

Hardcore Propaganda Porn (an ad for a radio station in Brussels) selling Deracination-as-cure-for-EuroEmasculation.

From a Francophone Commentator on the ad (translated by AWM):

During wars between primitive tribes (such as in New Guinea), the conquerors kill all the males of the losing tribe and steal their women.

This ad aptly describes the second aspect described above. For the former, it will come ...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Breed 'em Young

Seems a bit premature, but apparently in France they're teaching their kids of, say, five years old the importance of breastfeeding. This little child says: "When I am big, I am going to breastfeed my baby."

But that's not the only thing they're being taught.

Advertising professionals are also hard at work implanting little white girls with the idea that their babies should be, will be, must be black.

Sigh. Five, six - such an impressionable age.

Brainwashing. C'est tres

LINK OF THE DAY: White Rabbit Radio Mantra

Monday, November 8, 2010

Confederate White Skank

Nothing to see here. Move along. Just your typical Anti-White Media involving your typical morally depraved Confederate White Skank who must be saved physically and spiritually by a kind, misunderstood, paternalistic, black pastor.

She and her skanky, white ways aren't meant to be demeaning at all. No. Not when she is bound by a thick black chain near her tight white undies. This only keeps her from doing wrong. The chain isn't IN ITSELF wrong. Not at all. As long as she gets the moral redemption she needs from the black benefactor, she can go on with her life.

She's not there to be his personal sex toy. C'mon. You're racist for thinking so. He's her protector, you see. He's got only the highest spiritual intentions, just like every black person on earth. And all white women on earth need to be shrived of their inner Confederate White Skank, their Original White Sin.

Go on your way ye flocks, and spread this new gospel.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Joo Propaganda 101....

I am going to let the reader figure out what's going on in this one. Let me drop a hint, though. It is the "climax" to the "film" Ringmaster (1998), which was:

Directed by Neil Abramson, a Jew
Produced by Gary W. Goldstein, a Jew
Written by Jon Bernstein, a Jew
and Starring Jerry Springer, a Jew

Are these Jews trying to tell us something? Sell us something?

Friday, November 5, 2010

Join the Multiculti Coalition...or Die!

This one, too, is subtle, but simultaneously over-the-top, seemlessly blending Race-Replacementianity (the new anti-white religion) and hippie-liberal feel-good globalist environmentalism.

Note the lilly white class dappled in golden light listening listlessly as their hippie teacher drones on about being good to the environment.

Note how the casing director thought it would be nice if it was the black kid who here (:14) adopts a vaguely threatening tone (what teacher would put up with such lip?) and challenges the liberal hippie agenda.

But oh, no worries. See how he is soon won over, and forms a coalition with the lilly white liberals. See how they pair up in their endorsement of the scheme? (:40)

You had better pair up. You. White loners. Sitting by yourselves. Philip and Tracy. You must integrate into our liberal worldview or you will die.

And not only will you die, but we will slay you without a second thought. With a casual flick of the index finger you'll be exploded into a repulsive goo.