Thursday, March 7, 2013

Black Alpha Leader Lavishes Praise On White Woman While White Male Dolt Looks Foolish

Par for the course, eh?

I know FedEx is a private company. But you would think they were actually part of the federal government considering their constant Anti-White propagandizing. 

I saw this one in an airport. It aired during Melissa Harris-Perry's show on MSNBC, as if they knew that the vast majority of their television audience would be sympathetic to its Anti-White politics.

Observe how in-charge the black guy is in a room full of women and men of various races. He just happens to zero in on the reasonably attractive, though mousy and frail-looking white woman for particular praise. Look how this sets her in raptures, leading white women everywhere to think that black guys are naturally on their side, looking out for their interests, looking for ways to bolster their self-confidence. 

Meanwhile, this ad's only white guy is a pathetic waste of space and borderline retarded. Look how he not only writes, but essentially speaks in ALL CAPS, as if to drive home the message that he is socially awkward, a pariah, an organism to be shunned.

His request "HEY DO YOU WANNA GET A DRINK LATER?" does several things simultaneously: it shows how he is not really serious about his job; it makes him look desperate for camaraderie, as if he lives in his mother's basement and is thus overly eager to find friends; and it puts in our minds what is implicitly in the minds of his colleagues, namely that the answer to his entreaty for companionship must be a resounding NO!

The other races look on him in amazement, as if to wonder how it ever was that white men like this essentially built civilization and everything in it.

"Now that yo civilization is built and shit, white man, we's gonna take it from you and git all jiggy wid it and make you look like deh fool dat you is in the process." - signed, the Brown Horde and their white and joo enablers at FedEx

Boycott: FedEx

Monday, March 4, 2013

Black Guy Kills White Guy And Gets Heroicized

In Memoriam: Jeremiah MacKay
Sometimes media proves itself to be Anti-White by what it fails to do, rather than by what it does. When mass murderer Christopher Dorner killed Jeremiah MacKay last month, I noticed a suspicious lack of sympathy in the news media for the victim. There were no MSNBC interviews with MacKay's parents or wife; no close-ups on the dead man's 4-month old son in an effort to give that heart-warming human touch, build sympathy, or elicit tears.

Of course, if MacKay had been black and Dorner had been white and had been on an Anti-Black killing spree, you had better believe there would have been vigils, memorials, and cries for "justice" for him.

But Dorner was the black man. So rather than focus on justice for MacKay, the media couldn't help themselves; they had to protagonize the perpetrator; they had to tell his "story:" sure, Dorner was on an Anti-White killing spree, but was he justified? Did he have a legitimate greviance? Did he have a point, after all?

Thus Dorner becomes the "hero" from Django Unchained!

Compare this to the automatic anti-George Zimmerman, pro-Trayvon Martin spin that came last year from CNN and MSNBC; their hoodie-wearing guests demonstrated whose side they were on. There were little montages of Trayvon looking sweet and innocent; there were cries for people to go out and buy Skittles as a sign of solidarity; there were shrines and memorials built in his honor.

MSNBC keepin' it realz on the Lawrence O'Donnell show.

Now, instead of shrines to MacKay, instead of a "million police-uniform march," we get Dorner the hero. "Racism is rampant in the LAPD! Let's investigate!"

People who claim white genocide often cite the Geneva Convention's third definition, where genocide is:

             (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.

Then they point out that these conditions have been institutionalized since the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. I agree with this assessment. But when stories like the Dorner murders receive such Anti-White spin, I would be inclined to find the media complicit in the Geneva Convention's first definition: 

            (a) Killing members of the group. 

At some point, some white guy out there is going to pull a Dorner. He is going to go on a vigilante killing spree of blacks. And just as Dorner cited the "racism" in the LAPD as his justification, this white vigilante is going to release a manifesto that cites the oppression of whites by black criminals, gang-bangers, and "youth" everywhere. 

While I am not condoning mass killing and think it is the wrong way to bring about one's political objectives, still, I recognize that such a white vigilante would, statistically speaking, have more justification in his vigilantism than Dorner had; blacks kill whites far more often than whites kill blacks. But just imagine the demonization this hypothetical white vigilante would receive in the Anti-White media!