Thursday, March 31, 2011

Your Government is Anti-White

Allow me to point out the obvious:

The Feds aren't going into Detroit and demanding that blacks "diversify" and allow more whites into their communities.

The Feds aren't going into East St. Louis and demanding that blacks "diversify" and allow more whites into their communities.

The Feds aren't going into Harlem and demanding that blacks "diversify" and allow more whites into their communities.

The Feds aren't going into New Orleans and demanding that blacks "diversify" and allow more whites into their communities.

The Feds aren't going into Brooklyn and demanding that jews "diversify" and allow more whites into their communities.

The Feds aren't going into San Diego and demanding that latinos "diversify" and allow more whites into their communities.

The Feds aren't going into Chinatown and demanding that Chinese "diversify" and allow more whites into their communities.

But it's white communities for EVERYBODY!

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white!

CNN: New World Order Brainwashing Machine.

Monday, March 28, 2011

London's White Genocide

Note how they say that young people are OK with the race-replacement of whites and that it is only the oldsters that have a problem with it. They do this to suggest that it is not "hip" to be against white race-replacement, since all the youngsters seem to be on board. Then, as if to prove this fact, they interview two young minorities who agree that, yes, whites should be race-replaced.

Of course the race-replacers are going to be ok with the race-replacement. They have everything to gain and nothing to lose. They have their "gibs me dat" to think of.

Of course it would go against the thesis of the makers of this Anti-White media if they had included an interview with a young white person on the street who had the opinion that their race-replacement was a bad thing. I am sure they would be able to find such people, just as easily as they were able to find some older folks who made this assertion -- though the more time passes, the less the youngsters will know what it was like before the influx of millions of other ethnic groups. They will look at the ghetto surrounding them and think it normal.

Of course the more the schools indoctrinate the remaining white children that their own race-replacement is a good thing, as evinced here at 3:02, the less these white children will feel inclined to speak out against it.

According to this video, non-whites in London have gone from 20% to 31% in a mere 16 years! I still don't see how people can deny that whites are facing genocide in the UK.

Convention on the
Prevention and Punishment
of the Crime of Genocide

Article 2

...Genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Brainwashing Irish Children

It is extra tragic that after hundreds of years of fighting to be able to run their own affairs, the Irish have suddenly and easily fallen to the protocols of the New World Order. No longer can the Irish claim Ireland for the Irish. No. They must bend to the will of IMF, EU and UN multiculturalists who want to make a blended humanity on their island.

Maybe what Irish children really need to know is the following:

No one is producing cartoons that show how important it is for the children of Mali to
accept and befriend Irish children and adapt to their culture and customs.

No one is producing cartoons that show how important it is for the children of Borneo to
accept and befriend Irish children and adapt to their culture and customs.

No one is producing cartoons that show how important it is for the children of Pakistan to accept and befriend Irish children and adapt to their culture and customs.

No one is producing cartoons that show how important it is for the children of Honduras to accept and befriend Irish children and adapt to their culture and customs.

No one is producing cartoons that show how important it is for the children of Chad to accept and befriend Irish children and adapt to their culture and customs.

Once again it's "Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, - White countries for Everybody!"

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Your Tax Dollars At Work: White Slaves Were So Happy!

Imagine if a documentary came out depicting some black slaves in the American South as perfectly content in their servitude, or if it depicted an old white slave master lovingly showing his black slave children the basics of proper hygiene. Imagine if these images came with a voiceover of some mommy professor type telling you how "beautiful" the American system of slavery was, or how blacks were materially so much better off in the American South than they were in Africa.

Of course, there might be some truth to such a documentary. But you would NEVER see such a point of view endorsed, produced, and distributed by PBS, would you?

Then why does PBS think it is ok to use tax dollars to put out such a positive spin on white slavery?

Yep. PBS released a video that depicts the Ottoman Turkish enslavement of whites as nothing but a "beautiful" thing, and if you pay taxes in the United States, you funded this Anti-White media's double standard.

Many Americans forget that the Moors, the Arabs, and the Turks all enslaved Europeans for hundreds of years. Ottoman slave raids into the Balkans and Russia led to the rape of white women, and even the death of the entire male population when they refused to surrender.

Here PBS seems to think that white children are better off being used as pawns in some kind of Islamist political machine, rather than being raised by their parents.

But it's ok. They're white. According to PBS, white slavery is "beautiful."

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Incompletely Lovely

"She is the cutest little white genocidalist I have yet seen, which makes her case extra sad."

I don't mean to pick on this person too much; she seems like your typical, "nice" girl who just wants people to like her. That's fine. But I think her video portrays a very commonplace Anti-White bias. And since Youtube is part of the new media, it follows that we need to address her rant here on

She is complaining about a recent white-pride rally in Calgary, and you can hear in her voice her condescending disdain for whites who would dare to assemble to raise awareness about issues related to being white.

Though she seems reasonably intelligent, her worldview is largely formed by the television. Thus she imagines that people with white pride are like cartoon or
Hollywood Nazis, without feelings or families, who can just get run over by speeding cars to laughing and applauding studio audiences.

She depicts an irreconcilable gulf between the racial self-awareness of minorities and that of the majority of whites. But her problem isn't really with majorities as such. I mean, people like her wouldn't have a problem with blacks in South Africa holding a rally, even though blacks are a majority in South Africa. I don't see her making videos mocking the rallies of Jews in Jerusalem, even though Jews are the ruling majority in Jerusalem. I don't see her mocking Turks when they rally in Turkey, nor any other majority group for promoting their own ethnic interests. She only has a problem when white people do so. She thinks that:

"There is a huge difference between a celebration of Latin culture or a celebration of, you know, African culture and supporting, you know, your fellow immigrant or your fellow person with the same background--that way--versus when you're, you know, the majority."

Translation: "
--versus when you're, you know, WHITE."

You see, I think she thinks that when minorities assemble, it is always only done in order to peacefully "celebrate" their culture. She seems to have gone to a lot of cultural festivals in well-policed urban parks, where she could, you know, go to the Sri Lankan booth and get some Nag Champa and then hop on over to dance in a drum circle with a lot of shirtless and dreadlocked Jamaican Rastafarians. She might even loosen her Anti-White bias on such an afternoon in order to visit the Bavarian booth to sample some Hefeweizen.

But when people rally based on ethnic interests it is not always only to just share old recipes. Sometimes ethnic groups gather because they are motivated by a cause, a feeling of injustice. When the Black Panthers thought the white Duke Lacrosse team raped a black girl, they were out in force to "spread awareness" and "seek justice." And the mainstream media jumped at the opportunity to raise the banner on their behalf, to participate in their moral indignation and self-righteousness. Of course we all know that the Duke charges were phony and were later dropped, but at the time the story was all over the national news.

But when whites rallied in Knoxville, TN in order to "spread awareness" about the gruesome torture-rape-murder of Christopher Newsome and Channon Christian by a gang of blacks (and protest the complete blackout of this torture-rape-murder by the mainstream media), these whites were themselves counter-protested, called "white supremacists," even threatened with death.

So the right to gather and spread awareness is to be taken very seriously. This girl dismisses this right, mocks it when the awareness-spreaders are white. Maybe someday she will awake from her media-zombification, her consensus trance, and realize that all human beings should be allowed to promote their own interests--personal, sexual, racial--without being publically mocked or derided.

As it stands, she thinks only "Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians - White countries for everybody."

She is the cutest little white genocidalist I have yet seen, which makes her case extra sad.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Racemixing Euphoria

Benetton has long shown their expertise in Anti-White and Race-Replacement ad campaigns. They are one of the main Icon Makers of the new Religion.

Here is one of their latest Holy Icons, one of many such ads placed on your typical European streetcorner.

At first glance, this is just another Benetton vision of a Multicultural Heaven: the United States and Europe circa the present day, where all races sport and play and coalesce into a boundary-less oneness.

As if this weren't bad enough, or genocidal enough, on closer inspection we find that Benetton asserts an even more insidious Anti-White angle.

Note how the white guy is consigned to the background. Indeed, the background, being white, further fades his expressionless presence into oblivion. The black woman with him seems far more interested in joining the other party, which we find out is a party indeed: The black man and white woman are utterly euphoric in each other's arms.

The dark black skin on the negro against the white background makes him stand out, as does his ebullient smile. Who wouldn't want to be with this man instead of the white guy, who is essentially a no-show in this photo. The white woman here seems positively thrilled to be racemixing. All the white girls who see this ad will subconsciously think: to really be happy in life, I need to find a big, smiley-mouthed black guy.

Many women will mentally fight against this programming, but many will give in and race-replace themselves, the latest victims in The 21st Century Image War.

Africa for the Africans, Asia For The Asians, - White Countries For Everybody! - Google it.

Boycott: Benetton.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Kill Whitey, Buy Sneakers (Part IV)

Here in the final instalment in the Terry Tate series, we see the usual ultra-violence directed at white males. But Reebok doesn't stop there. No. They also have to push misogyny and miscegenation in whitey's face.

In this video, white men are once again the enemy. They are weak, snivelling, corrupt, immature and inconsiderate. Only a black man can lay down the law and get these idiots to do their job. The woman and the Asian male in the elevator are disgusted by the white man's impolite gas-passing (:15), and they rely upon the black man to purge the system of him.

As it turns out, the white man is lactose intolerant. Of course! We know white men's bodies are in open revolt against them. The white man is further emasculated when he needs a large-breasted lactose-laden mommy bimbo figure to come rescue him from the black justice-enforcer.

Now the black hulk has an opportunity to assault white men while the white woman looks on (1:11). The white woman seems aroused by the black man's domination of the pathetic whites (1:14) and the sexualization of this sequence is further underscored when she immediately starts lecturing about a "personal bubble that should never be PENETRATED without HR approval."

Reebok's worldview: white men are physically, intellectually, and morally weak; white women are rightful objects of black lust and violence; black men should be allowed to do whatever they want because ultimately they know what is best and they have the musculature and assertiveness to get results.

Boycott: Reebok

Friday, March 18, 2011

Kill Whitey, Buy Sneakers (Part III)

When we are naked, we are at our most expressive; we reveal our true, unfiltered, unmasked selves. This is why when we are sleeping, when all our inhibitions are down, we often dream of ourselves going about our daily life in the nude or in our underwear.

This commercial is like such a dream, one that soon turns into a nightmare.

The streaker is like our subconscious selves, symbolizing pure self-expression. He runs out into the field for all to see--not just those at the stadium but everyone watching the commercial on television. For a moment we connect with this man. We have all been him in our dreams and fantasies.

Oh. But wait. This streaker is white. White people aren't allowed to express themselves, so this man must be humiliated and destroyed. He needs some hulking black guy to slam him to the ground and put him in his place.

White self-expression will not be tolerated. Signed: Reebok.

Reebok's strategy here is to A) Appeal to their black customers, and B) Make whitey feel inferior and suggest that only by buying Reebok can he hope to avoid the humiliation that this commercial portrays.

Don't let Reebok get away with such an insulting and harmful marketing strategy. Take them down. Boycott: Reebok.

Here's another Bonus Video from Reebok, Anti-White Media at its most vile.

Regardless of what you think of Sarah Palin, the most important thing to know is that misogynistic woman-beating is fine. You know, it has been approved by Reebok's corporate heads. They seem especially to like such violence when the woman in question is white and the one administering her violent, fatal smackdown is a hulking black giant.

Thus, while purporting to sell us sneakers, Reebok here promotes Anti-White violence as well as interferes in American politics.

Well it worked. Millions of whites were guilted or intimidated into voting for Obama and his Czars.

How's that working out for us?

Reebok, a British company, should mind their own business. And we, as consumers, should avoid them like the Anti-White plague they are.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Kill Whitey, Buy Sneakers (Part II)

Reebok was clearly attracted to the Anti-White message of the pilot featured in our last post, or at least it didn't dissuade them from using such genocidal imagery. They picked this idea and ran with it, convinced they had a winner, and sank some serious money into developing this piece for their big SuperBowl showcase. Note the higher production values in the version featured above.

But note also how the Anti-White nature of this piece has also been heightened. The female actor playing Laura in this version, at :10 above, is much darker than the woman in the pilot; her darkness subliminally draws further attention to the whiteness of the evil, inconsiderate, smarmily smiling co-worker.

Clearly the white man, in not re-filling the coffee, deserves to be subjected to some extreme violence. He is tackled and then humiliated by the black man, and rightfully so. After all, he's a white guy, right? Surely the audience will laugh and feel this bone-crushing retribution is fully justified, especially since it is administered by a black man. We know how righteous blacks are. How could they do wrong? How could we even presume to question them when they deliver a near-fatal body-blow?

No, this stuff is entertaining. And it trains the mind to think that whites are easy targets. Surely no gangbanger is going to mimic this stuff on the street! Nah. That would never happen.

After promoting these memes of white genocide on national television, Reebok continued to promote Anti-White violence on its website for years, showing a wide range of Terry Tate videos in which one could always find him engaged in his favorite Anti-White bloodsport(s).

Now who on earth would think to weaponize blacks against whites in such a blatant
, perverse, and over-the-top manner? It wouldn't be a jew working behind the scenes, now, would it? Nah. Couldn't be. That would be so racist to even suggest such a thing! Because we know we would be just falling back into the same old, tired, anti-semitic stereotypes.

Oh. Maybe in this one case it is true. It seems it was the Arnell Group's Peter Arnell who promoted and produced this Anti-White, genocidal ad for the all-consuming millions.

Mind warfare at its worst.

Boycott: Reebok

Friday, March 11, 2011

Kill Whitey, Buy Sneakers

This is the original pilot of what became a multi-million dollar SuperBowl ad for Reebok in 2004.

Even in its infancy, it exudes a particular agenda, does it not?

Even at :12 we have the incompetent white male, making life hard for the other races. "If only this typical white guy wasn't so inconsiderate" this Asian woman thinks with a roll of her eyes, "maybe I would be able to enjoy my morning cup o' joe."

But fear not, Asian lady. The black man will avenge all wrongs perpetrated upon you by evil whitey.

Not only does this black guy assault the white man, he stands over him and teaches him how to be a respectable co-worker: "You kill da joe, yo make some mo! You know that shit baby!"

Hmm. Such violence. Such language. Surely no respectable multi-national corporation, such as Reebok, would have considered this pilot as a potential vehicle for their reputable product. Surely not.

Surely Reebok wouldn't endorse such violence against a young white man simply for socializing with a young white woman (:57), or the intimidation and humiliation of a white man simply for not recycling (1:35), or the crushing of a white man's collarbone (2:27) simply for...well, for being white.

Surely Reebok wouldn't endorse such criminal behavior or associate its brand with blatant Anti-White violence before a SuperBowl TV audience of millions?

Well, they did. And in our next post we will show you how this pilot was further developed--lovingly crafted into the multi-million dolar ad it became: an Anti-White Media classic.

Stay tuned!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Let Whites Make Decisions And Look What You Get

Another massive budget expended to promote white self-loathing and black supremacism.

This Fed-Ex commercial has all the usual Anti-White Media indicators:

a) A know-it-all, suave, cool black guy in charge of everything. (They cast a Morgan Freemanesque character to assure the public: what we have here is a "magic negro," so you know he should be listened to with a kind of religious deference.)

b) An effeminate, incompetent, white fool whose decisions wreak havoc on the city, potentially killing millions.

It is only through the assuring sagacious commanding presence of the black boss that people's lives will be spared from what white incompetence hath unleashed.

Boycott: Fed-Ex