Saturday, November 5, 2011

White Women: Competing For Black Rod

This show depicts whites as dumb on all levels. The white guest seems borderline retarded, but even she feels like white men are beneath her intellectually and generally beneath contempt.

Then black women, who also seem borderline retarded, try to edu-mackate dis white ho 'bout how dere black brothaz be usin' dem and sheet caws deys so stooopid.

Is it any surprise that Ricki Lake is of The Tribe? Must they always be so obvious in promoting their vile Anti-White agenda?

More bad news: if you think this poisonous show is off the air, think again. They're bringing it back.


  1. What,no race-mixing female tribesters to laugh and sneer at?

    Big fat ugly ones just like Ricki.

  2. Sorry, they can have those wigger idiots, they're no longer white, they're useless trash.

  3. hierarchy according to this show:

    ricki lake at top (jew!)
    black men (everyone wants them!)
    black women (sassy!)
    white wimminz (they please the black man)
    white men (stupid bottom feederz)

  4. This stuff just makes my soul hurt.

  5. Here's how you punish mudsharks the Mongolian way:

    I love it, because shaving their heads doesn't physically harm them, yet it sends a powerful message.

    These guys are in a similar position to whites, there's less than 10 million of them left, only 2.5 live inside Mongolia proper, and on top of all that they have to deal with a the Chinese (who are over a billion) stealing their women.

    Good for them they don't have mass media brainwashing and putting them down 24/7.

  6. About ten years ago, conva;escing from brain surgery, I discovered daytime TV and Ricki Lake for the first (and only) time. I will always be grateful to her for a good laugh.

    She had this ugly, fat white girl on her show, who complained that her brother was trying to get between her and her boyfriend and break them up.

    Ricki asked, "Why does he object to your boyfriend?"

    She replied, "Well, he's black...". Mostly black crowd went berserk. Racist!

    They brought on the brother to a storm of abuse from the crowd. One black woman got the microphone and yelled, as they do:

    "Are you sayin', that only a white man can have a white woman, an' ever'body else has to be satisfied with all the junk thet's left over?"

    I laughed. How I laughed. How I wished he'd have the presence of mind to reply "Lady, are you saying that any woman who is not white is junk?" (It's true, and they know it's true, but it would have made a point). Instead, he tried to defend himself by saying it wasn't the boyfriend's race he objected to, but that he was an unemployed drug dealer. In vain, of course, because that's racist, too, isn't it?

  7. bitch needs caustic soda ramming down her throat

  8. bitch needs caustic soda ramming down her throat

    No, thats quite wrong.

    Get that comment deleted somebody.

  9. "bitch needs caustic soda ramming down her throat"

    Only savages and cowards talk about violently assaulting women.

    Please go away.

  10. Notice how even though the proletarian white girl is obediently miscegenating just as the jews have taught her to, she is still held up for ridicule for daring to suggest that white girls can do that well.

    The fat jewess in charge of the circus reminds the white girl how she is surrounded and outnumbered by "minorities" in the audience (suggesting she'd better watch her step).

    So even obediently miscegenating whites cannot suggest that they are capable miscegenators or the jews in charge will sick the "minorities" on you.

    Only the low IQ watch the JewTube, except, of course, to document and monitor their culture war against the American people.

  11. Explain how hitting women is cowardly. Anyway, aren't men and women equal?

  12. "Explain how hitting women is cowardly."

    Because women are physically weaker than men.

    "Anyway, aren't men and women equal?"

    No, men and women are not physically equal.

  13. Everybody is equal! Well, except when it's inconvenient for someone who isn't a white male.

  14. "Everybody is equal! Well, except when it's inconvenient for someone who isn't a white male."

    Nobody said anyone was "equal" in this country except under the rule of law you Communist brainless lawless piece of garbage.

  15. I watched that Mongolian link on the responses here of the women who dated Chinese getting their heads shaved.

    I'd get show in the US public for writing this: It be nice if some WNs took those race traitors and shaved their heads.

    Yeah, it be critized but at least it send a message.

    Aren't you also sick of only whispering this miscegenation problem to safe people because it is killing the white race. It really seems to have gone triple fold at least in the last seven years or so.

    I'm not pro nazi, but love how they're going to the extreme against race traitors. It's not like they're doing it in a way that could be criticized as violent.

    Sorry, but try being out numbered 5:1 by a hispanic or black gang. I've dealt with both situations.

    So, ah, poor baby someone shaved your head and made you look like the ass you are, miscegenation trash....

    Nice dream. Whites are apparently too brainwashed into the fear of being "backwards" etc to at least speak out against it without using euphemisms at worst.

    To bad the America I thought I'd be living in while in high school in the late 80s is DEAD!

    Now it's a total multicultural hell. At the workplace, at the college, as a customer of the too many menial jobs who favor minorities over whites who desperately also need that customer service job.

    Forget hard labor. Those days are over it seems to me. I know, now you've gotta speak Spanish to get into the entry level. The only way I ever got hired at those assignments was through a damn day-labor company.

  16. The problem with the black race is the black women who lay down with and have babys with sorry ass uneducated black men who wont be around to help raise those bastard kids who will grow up and do the same thing... The women need to send a message to all the gangstas thugs saggy pants wearing criminals that they dont want anything to do with them. They should try to find a man whos responsible enough to be a father and husband. Shame on the black women for having such low self esteem that they will settle for trash and have their kids. How pathetic they really are....

  17. You know, I really don't care about miscegenation, as long as I can get laid. As long as I can have women I'm attracted to, it really doesn't bother me at all if black guys get white girls. I really don't care about racial purity or anything because that's all a lot of nonsense. Why should I care if a black man impregnates my daughter or granddaughter? What difference does it make to me what my descendants look like, as long as I'm able to breed successfully and HAVE descendants?

    The problem, of course, is that there's a lot more competition for white girls because they go for black guys, and it isn't balanced out by an equal attraction between white guys and black girls. With Asians and Latin Americans the attraction balance is more even and equal. Unfortunately I live in an area that is mostly white and black, and whenever I go somewhere to try to get laid I always end up competing with black guys as well as white guys to hook up with white girls, while the black girls usually just don't interest me. I'm an alpha male, but how can I dominate a black woman the way I would dominate a white woman? I can't, because it would bring up the memory of slavery and racism. Also, a much smaller percentage of black women are pretty and have sweet feminine attitudes compared to white women.

    I was watching a documentary on Brazil and the Brazilian black women seemed very sweet, feminine, and pretty compared to the many American black women I've encountered. I wish American black women were more like that, although that still wouldn't change the fact that I feel like black women aren't good mating choices because I can't dominate them without feeling bad.

    Ultimately I believe America will just keep getting blacker and blacker. Black men will impregnate women of other races, especially white women, at very high rates. This will make the white race darker, but it won't make the black race lighter because all those dark black women who've been left by their men for white women will still get pregnant and have dark black babies, they'll just share men with other black women. We'll just have more and more and more dark people being born while we also have more and more medium skin toned people born and fewer and fewer white people being born.

    Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I don't know. I don't care. Like I said, I don't believe in or care about racial purity. I like black people, I just wish that there weren't so many of them who are racist towards white people. When you are racist towards white people you lose your moral high ground and you essentially justify and validate the racism some white people feel or felt towards you. Again, let me say one more time, I like black people. I don't hate black men who go for white women because if I was black I'd be doing the same thing. I just really wish that more of their women were hot and sexy. Black men love making white women their bitches. I wish that more black women were as hot as white women and I wish that I could make them my bitches without feeling bad because of slavery and racism.