Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Castle Lager: Whitey Will Eventually Get Sad And Realize He Should Racially Blend

More Anti-White propaganda from South Africa. The "message" of this ad is unmistakable: whites who try to maintain their own territory are doomed to fail; they will inevitably racially blend.

At first these three all-white cricket fans are having a good time, revelling in their splendid isolation from the rest of humanity. They have abundant space, abundant food, and they have each-other.

But not only are they all white, they're all male. The fact that these three whites have no females among them subliminally suggests that they will not be able to reproduce, that their segregated society is unsustainable, doomed.

Look how the multiculturalists not only have Castle Lager to lubricate their multifarious fun, leaving the three whites feeling lonely and left-out, they also have some big-boobed blonde girls who are dangled in front of our minds as the "prize" for joining them (:57).

But what this ad doesn't tell you is this: that there are 50+ countries in Africa that are run by blacks, some at the explicit exclusion of whites. No one is making beer commercials that feature blacks who try and fail to segregate themselves from the rest of humanity. Only whites are made to feel guilty whenever they try to engage in this perfectly natural and human practice of ingroup association.

Castle Lager is Anti-White.

Boycott Castle Lager.


  1. Meanwhile, in Zambia:

    Mosi Lager

    Where is the diversity?

    Where are the black losers giving up their women to other ethnic groups?

  2. Talking of beer ads, you have to wonder how this New Zealand beauty slipped past the censors a few years ago!


    KNOW WHO YOU ARE - Its almost like someone out there was trying to send a message.

    DONT boycott Steinlager (not on the basis of this ad anyway)

  3. WOW. That Steinlager ad is, like, from another planet! Planet White and Normal. Slipped past the censors is right! How I wish all ads were like this. Kudos for Steinlager. I am feeling thirsty for one right now.

  4. White genocide is what I see.
    We'll steal your country and then breed you out of existence.
    And there are Whites stupid enough to go along with this.
    Stinking joos.

  5. At the end at 1:03 the white bloke in the middle clings his glass for a toast with a black girl in the upper left. The message is: drink our beer and mix with blacks and you will get ample tail. Disgusting New World Order social programming from a bloody commericial.

  6. Here's a link to the current Castle-Lite add running in South-Africa.

  7. @ August 31, 2011 10:02 PM

    South Africa is now on a Level 6 Alert, according to

  8. Holy crap. That was approximately 95% anti-white propaganda and 5% beer commercial. I suppose next all the milk commercials will be featuring chocolate syrup and will discuss how the sweet chocolatey milk is so much tastier, healthier, cooler, and sexier than boring white milk. I feel sorry for the South Africans subjected to these stupid, tactless ads.

  9. Perhaps the kosher criminals are getting a little too bold?

    They always overreach and trigger a self-defensive backlash once they've poked their host populations one too many times in the eye (and then whine like the revolting sniveling creeps they are about being 'poysecuted').

    Solution: boycott all MSM and corporations that patronize these genocidal f*cks.

  10. 0:02-0:04 try to guess what important meme appears.