Thursday, April 12, 2012

STARBUCKS: Blonde Women, You Must Blend With Coffee-Colored Men

Mellow, cool, hip, white girls need a black guy at their side and a cup o' joe in their hands. Millions have been spent by companies plugging this meme. If you think the interracial pairing in the commercial is accidental, look below at this full page, full color ad on the back cover of the uber-woman's magazine Real Simple:

Boycott: Starbucks.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

How Whites Took Over America

Here is a brilliant satire on the typical Anti-White Media talking points. Great to see pro-whites reflecting back upon their enemy half a trillion dollars worth of "racist" programming.

Pro-white propaganda is getting ever more sophisticated. Congrats to the BUGSters who made this.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

JC PENNY: We Promote Genocide!

This ad works on subconscious and more explicit levels simultaneously. We begin at :04 with a woman using a bicycle pump to fill a little girl's floaty. The ad makers will dream up so many creative ways to mimic the act of sex. Is it any accident that this woman is basically bouncing up and down on a long pole with a big smile on her face? Think that's unintentional?

Hardly. And though this woman looks Cuban/Hispanic or something, from a distance, before we see a close up of her face, her skin tone makes her look like she could easily be a tanned Caucasian. And she just happens to be bouncing up and down on a long black rod. That's right: the rod of the bicycle pump just happens to be black.

Now, of course the naysayers will claim that we are nuts, that we are seeing miscegenation everywhere. But keep watching this ad to the end and then tell me this is intro scene is an accident.

After the first few scenes, we see a bunch of white women looking from side to side, as if they're hunting for something. We even have a post-menopausal woman hunting through nature with binoculars. What could she be searching for? The answer comes in the final scene, the culmination of the ad, which ties the whole thing together.

What has been insinuated since the beginning and sought after through the middle finally gets consummated in the end: a white woman finds her black buck and climbs some fire stairs to what looks like will be a hip upstairs loft. She has a naughty look in her eye, as if to say, I'm gonna fuck the shit out of this black guy.

They embrace and are framed as the camera pans out. The white woman finds her man. The End.

Boycott: JC Penny.