Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sears: White Fem Needs Aggressive-Black-Guy Assistance

Sears and advertising firm McGarryBowen here depict a femmy, pliant white man as needing black-man-facts to set him straight.

Two gorgeous white women surround the white man in the first frames. A newborn. A new home to buy. For the white guy, it's all on the line. He stumbles, thinking "warehouse stores(!)" will save him, will suffice.

But no. How foolish he is, how inept. Like an all powerful, omnipresent, omniscient god, the black guy inserts himself into the
surreal scene. He's calling from "The Truth Room(!)" to point out the white man's shameful ignorance. Mission accomplished. Then he makes the phone retract on command, making the white man look smacked-down and wimpy.

Sears wants us to reflect on this holy question: how can waifish white men survive in this world without constant aggressive-black-guy assistance?

Bow down and praise the new bug-eyed, in-yo-face lawrd!

Boycott: Sears.


  1. Swabi : This is curious: If you go to YouTube after viewing vids featured here, you'll see a whole selection of anti-white vids posted by someone named "MaCaithness."

    Sometimes they use your language I think, as in: "If you see white terrorists, tell black authorities" (HIlarious).

    This is good news. I think all of the attention is finally starting to work, juts a little.


    - crimesofthetimes,com

  2. Have you seen this?

  3. fuck sears. only niggers shop there anyway.

  4. maybe it's just a guy who knows less than another guy. if the roles were reversed, somebody would probably be crying about "the white man's depiction of the black man", but it is entirely possible that an actor was best suited to one roll over another. perhaps the issues with race and extreme sensitivity are your own.