Monday, May 30, 2011

Anti-Racism = Anti-White

The people who produced this video would claim they are denouncing racism. But all they are really doing is denouncing white people. How many white people do you know who really act this way?

Here we see the hateful Anti-White stereotyping of the female employer. She is an "airhead," a "bimbo," even a "slut." How can this video effectively get us to treat "minorities" with caution and sensitivity when its portrayal of the sole white person is so hostile, so over-the-top, so insensitive?: (4:30) "The amount of times this BITCH accuses me of stealing her things, it makes me wanna take HER SHIT!"

And of course the white female is here depicted as casually sleeping with some random non-white, "Jesus the pool man." (5:05). We know how all dems white hoes is.

Then at the end of the video some African skull encourages us to spread the word to all our friends via Twitter and Facebook about the white bimbo freak.

This video is yet more evidence that Anti-Racism is just a code word for Anti-White.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

White Expulsion: Silencing the Opposition 101

"There's very different stories depending on what side you're listening to." Action News 8's Erin Clark says, pretending to be un-biased about an allegation of racism at a Santa Cruz area high school. But beyond this token line, the news team makes no attempt to show both sides of the story in any meaningful way. Why? Because they're Anti-White.

Repeatedly the news cameras focus on the peace-sign waving protesters who are against the so-called white supremacists:

1. They give air time to a blond girl at :39, who says racism will not be tolerated.
2. They give air time to Kai Kopecky at :52, who says the crowd is there to protest "racial intolerance..."
3. They give air time to Dainel Shwartz at 1:16, who complains about swastika graffiti.
4. They give air time to Sam Brodkey at 1:26, who complains about how, since he is Jewish, he wants to feel threatened by swastikas, even though he isn't.
5. They give airtime to Asaiah Harris at 1:42, who says these so-called white supremacists are "terrorizing kids."
6. Then they give airtime to another kid, coincidentally also named Asaiah Harris [sic], who wears a shirt that asks "Am I White Suprem-e.stist?" [sic] and who wants to be able to wear this shirt without being so labelled.
7. Then they give air time to School Superintendent Gary Bloom, who supports the expulsions and claims the issue isn't about wearing white shirts, it is "about ensuring school safety."
8. Then they give air time to David Minnie who, though expelled himself, claims not to have been involved in the so-called white supremacist group, but who still managed to learn "a lesson" to "not be racist."
9. Then they give air time to Kai Kopecky again [or is it Asaiah Harris?] to allow him to pirouette and brag about not wanting conflict.
10. Then they wrap up by paraphrasing "school leaders" who say they hope this will be a "learning opportunity."
11.Then Erin Clark informs us that David Minnie will go to prom and graduation, but "several other students" will miss both events.

Now, didn't Action News 8 tell us at the beginning that there are "very different stories depending on what side you're listening to"? At what point did Action News 8 give us the other side to this story? Of all the people interviewed, only #6 applied any criticism whatsoever to the decision to expel the kids. The fact that this kid was non-white was probably why they allowed him to give voice to anything even close to a dissenting opinion. But his dissenting opinion was only controlled opposition, as he was simply asking whether kids should be allowed to wear white in general.

Never does this Anti-White media outlet ever give a genuine counterproposition to the one-sided views of the Superintendent Gary Bloom and the peace-sign waving protesters. Never did they allow the nameless, faceless, expelled white kids to defend themselves, their right to self-expression, their right to have pride in their ethnicity and their background. Never once does someone say this: that in the United States today, high school history classes are little more than Anti-White propaganda festivals. High school history has been reduced to "Whites are evil because they killed the Native Americans and enslaved blacks and killed jews." And when white kids try to push back against this indoctrination, they are silenced, demonized, called "racists," called "terrorists," called "naziswhowanttokillsixmillionjews," and are banished and shamed.

Why can't Action News 8 give air time to a legitimate expression of the grievances of the expelled students? They thought we wouldn't notice that they gave no air time to the true opposing view here.

They failed.

They failed because they are totally Anti-White.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Whitey, You Have No Freedom Of Association

This little nagging man, lets call him a professional nagger, criss-crosses the nation in search of white enclaves in order to harass, demean, and generally nag their inhabitants.

Why would whites want to segregate themselves from other races? he implicitly asks, implicitly calling them raaayyyciss for wanting to do so. It's not like crime rates plummet when whites create homogenous communities or anything.

Or maybe the rates do fall, but who would want that? Isn't it much more fun and, er,
vibrant, when our communities are multi-ethnic, multi-racial, multi-multi-multi?

What Mr Benjamin fails to see, and will never see until he climbs down off his moral high horse, is that:

no one is going into the jungles of the Amazon and telling the natives there that they are wrong to want to be among their own kind and encouraging them to mix with other races;

no one is going to cities in Japan that are 98 percent Japanese and telling them that they are wrong to want to be among their own kind and encouraging them to mix with other races;

no one is going into Chad, into small ethnic enclaves of blacks, and telling them that they are wrong to want to be among their own kind and encouraging them to mix with other races;

no one is going into Chinatown in Los Angeles and telling the ethnic Chinese that they are wrong to want to be among their own kind and encouraging them to mix with other races;

no one is going into exclusively black neighborhoods in Detroit and telling them that they are wrong to want to be among their own kind and encouraging them to mix with other races.

No. Only white communities are guilted into being diverse.

Mr. Benjamin thinks he is being anti-racist by making this documentary. Instead, he is just being Anti-White.


Monday, May 23, 2011

College Kids: Learn Your Anti-White History!

Tim Wise gets paid the big bucks to insist that whites are evil (and don't exist).

His delivery, practiced, almost thespian. His uppity, hyperventilating vocal inflections, indicative of too many late nights alone, in his underwear, watching Malcolm X speeches. Who is this man who propounds such virulent Anti-White propaganda from hundreds of university podiums and panels across America?

He begins, rattling off repeated phrases like an auctioneer: "If you know the history of the whole concept of whiteness, if you know the history..." This form of quick-draw refrain fills the air and gives no time for mental rebuttal. "If you know the history" also implies that he, Mr. Wise, DOES know the history of the concept of the white race. From what he says, though, he only seems to know history from an Anti-White perspective.

He seems fixated on the importance of the fact that whites didn't often refer to themselves as such before they came to North America, before they ran into non-whites in large numbers. Yet this seems perfectly understandable and accords with how people come to categorize things, not just races, but anything at all.

You see, if I lived in a world where all dogs were dachshunds, I would call all
dachshunds by the name of "dog." Just like if I lived in a Europe of all whites, I wouldn't need to distinguish between whites and the non-existent non-whites. I would just call all white people, "people."

Humans categorize differentially, you see Mr. Wise, so if my dachshund and I then moved to a world where there were dachshunds and dobermans, I would then have to make the distinction between the two. Dachshunds would no longer be just dogs. They would now be dogs and dachshunds. Similarly all white people are both "white" and "people" post-Age of Exploration.

So no, Mr. Wise, it is no "trick" (:12) that has "worked brilliantly" (cue Dr. Evil music).

And no, Mr. Wise, we didn't spend "most of our time killing each other" in the old countries of Europe. If that were so, we wouldn't have had the growing population that needed so desperately to expand. As far as I can tell, my ancestors in Scotland and England and Germany loved each other very much. I think Mr. Wise reads history books about wars and strife and thinks that is all that the human experience consists of. He can't conceive of the fact that a history book might be skewed and biased towards focusing on discord and strife simply because that is what many historians choose to focus on.

Look at the look he gives at :40 when he says "Highlanders and Lowlanders just fought the hell out of each other." Such an actor. Such a sock puppet. Would he sneer so indignantly and complain so scoffingly about the inter-tribal conflicts between the Hutus and Tutsis?

And why doesn't he focus more on his father's side of his family? There's a peace-loving people for ya!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Three Cartoons. One Message.

Evil Whitey.

Innocent, pure non-white.

Teach those kiddies the new religion while they're too young to resist.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Whites Be Raaayciss When We Rape Dem

In this mini-documentary on Forsyth County, Georgia, we get a typical Anti-White Media position: black guys can rape and murder a white girl. No problem.

But then some inbred hick local white yokels get all mad and try to respond to this brutal gang rape/murder. That's when the moral indignation can appropriately start.

Whites getting mad when blacks gang rape a white girl is so wrong. It's so evil, so raaayyciss. Poor, poor, misunderstood, mistreated, pure, innocent, neglected, oppressed, victimized blacks.

Don't these white-tards know the proper, enlightened response when blacks gang rape and kill your sister or daughter is understanding and forgiveness? Sheesh. These hicks are so backwards.

It's not like it is a perfectly natural human response to want to kick a certain group out of your community when you feel that you have been wronged by them. No. That's so backwards. (Except of course when blacks do it or when whites are being driven out. Then the cause is noble and pure and good and "justice." Cases like this. Or this.)

So saith the Anti-White Media.

[P.s. I love how the pseudo-intellectual "Mommy Prof" Lawyer here manages to use some form of the word precipitated FOUR TIMES in about 30 seconds worth of interview. Hilarious!]

Friday, May 13, 2011

Blacks Are ENTITLED To White Wimmenz

We have long looked at the mass of pro-miscegenation, Anti-White Media content out there from one angle: that it brainwashes white women into fetishizing the black man. Equally insidious, however, is the effect such imagery has on the black man himself.

Race-mixing imagery propounded by rap "artists" has the effect of dangling white women before black men as the ultimate prize, as a status symbol and a hallmark of success. It tells black men worldwide that they "ain't a playah," that they lack "game," unless they are able to score some white wimmenz fo they trophy shelf.

These videos show that affirmative action works in the dating game, too. You can be totally undeserving. You can be an old slob, overweight, and unattractive. But as long as you're black, you will be entitled to your desire. If white wimmenz don't give you that desire, well, then they be raaaayciss. Blacks are now entitled to white wimmenz just like they be entitled to Obamacare and Firefighting jobs.

P.s. I wouldn't usually watch such "artists," (R.I.O and Cee-Lo Green), but my gym feels the need to show these kinds of videos on their monitors 24/7. It's as if they think that since they have a captive audience, they might as well engage in some hardcore social engineering. I get a feeling that only 5 percent of the gym's clinetele even comes close to enjoying such fare. Wonder when they'll change the channel?

[Once again these videos have been altered for reasons of copyright. Surreal, no?]

Thursday, May 12, 2011

"Most of All, It Was Disturbingly White"

Would a New York Post reporter ever go to a celebrity wedding in Lagos and say 'Most of all, it was disturbingly black'?

Would a New York Post reporter ever go to a celebrity wedding in Beijing and say 'Most of all, it was disturbingly Chinese'?

Would a New York Post reporter ever go to a celebrity wedding in Dubai and say 'Most of all, it was disturbingly Arabian'?

Would a New York Post reporter ever go to a celebrity wedding in Tel Aviv and say 'Most of all, it was disturbingly Jewish'?

No. No. No. And No.

Andrea Peyser is disturbingly Anti-White. The New York Post is disturbingly Anti-White.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Allow Us To Race-Program Your Future While You Pay Your Bills

Media works on us so subliminally. Sometimes the more innocuous images are more harmful because like a stealth aircraft they fly under our radar, our Anti-White Media early warning system, and before we know it miscegenation-bombs are being lobbed into our psyche.

You'd think I would be able to do something simple like pay my student loans online without being preached to about the inevitability that my daughter will one day bring home an Afro-Hispanic guy, and that I should be ok with that because he will be a smiling Afro-Hispanic guy and be able to help my daughter with her bills.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Blackworship Masterclass 1989-2011

For 22 years the mainstream music industry, a massive wing of the Anti-White Media behemoth, has enticed young white girls into pairing up with black guys. They do this by suggesting that interracial pairing will help them feel self-righteous, good, mature, refined, with-it, cool, rebellious, hip, and a little dangerous.

Madonna started this trend in 1989. We have replaced her silly song with something rather different in order to avoid copyright infringement on property of Warner (i.e. BIG JEW) music.

Here Madonna writhes sensually while worshipping blacks. They absolve her of her crime of being white. The white cops are in the wrong. White guys are so racist. White cops won't protect her. She doesn't want them to. Her black lover is her Christ/protector/savior. Her black criminal lover is so misunderstood. She worships the wronged, righteous, misunderstood, perfect, sexy, wonderful, noble savage black guy.

Think of the millions of teenage girls worldwide who admire Madonna, our resident Kabbalist goy, and are prompted to follow her in blackworship.

Unless you are a teenage girl yourself, you might not have ever heard of Jessie J. She is just another of the countless Madonna cookie cutter blackworshipper songbots to have left the factory floor in recent decades. In her video "Price Tag," many of the same Madonna-created memes are evident:

Here the white girl pairs up again with a dangerous, poor, misunderstood black. Again her interracial pairing is morally pure. She's not all about money and materialism. No. She loves this guy despite the fact that he drives a beat-up car. Her love is pure and honorable. Here, the white man is reduced to a mere toy soldier (:30 and 1:38). Like the white cop in the Madonna video, the soldier's role to serve and protect is ridiculized, or rendered obsolete, or passe, or just plain wrong.

Funny how we have these millionaire musicians preaching to us about how money isn't important. I can imagine how lots of teen girls who have never had to work a day in their lives, but who nonetheless live a life of material bounty on their parents' dime, might be made to feel morally empowered and high-and-mighty in conveniently adopting the attitudes and the boyfriend-type as advertised here, as programmed by this high-budget ear, eye, and brain candy.

[Again, due to copyright concerns, this video has been altered, and may still be unavailable in Germany. Sorry.]

Friday, May 6, 2011

CNN Insists Blacks Will Protect You, Helpless Whitey

At first glance the video above might seem like a harmless public-service announcement, until you realize the info the pilot is telling you is so obvious that it is utterly useless (don't overpack for your flight, etc.)

There is obviously some intentional point being made here about the race of the pilot, because CNN would have had to do some digging to find a black one. (Blacks only make up about 2 percent of all commercial pilots.) So what's the real reason this non-story has been produced?
This image of a black pilot underscores the main "public service" and "social engineering" message being conveyed here: Attention whitey, blacks are beneficent and good and giving and powerful. Your life is in their hands. Blacks protect you, helpless whitey.

Think I am exaggerating? Making something out of nothing? Observe the torturous blackworship spin that CNN manages to promulgate around this week's now-famous "situation room" photo.

See CNN's article HERE.

To most, Obama looks like he'd rather be anywhere but there in that room. More specifically, it looks like he's itching to get back out on the links. But the message-controllers at CNN use this image to herald giddily their new utopian age where blacks are at the helm, where "a black man becomes 'protector in chief'."

Of course, we have no problem with a rehabilitated image of black males per se, especially if that image fit a rehabilitated reality (which it currently fails to do). As it now stands, however, CNN projects a fantasy world and cannot admit that by and large blacks are a serious burden on white America, its civility, its economy.

When is CNN going to admit this burden. When will CNN do THAT story?

Oh, of course they never would. CNN is Anti-White.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

MSNBC's "The Black Agenda" Blames Whitey for Black Failures

At MSNBC, more kowtowing blackworship at the expense of whites.

It is embarrassing the degree to which Ed Schultz must ride his high-and-mighty horse of self-righteous "Anti-Racism."

He is so bothered by Trump's use of the term "The Blacks" and implicitly accuses him of racism. But do Trump's words really warrant Schultz's hair-pulling lamentations? Or is Schultz just grandstanding in order to curry favor among blacks?

Why must whites always walk on eggshells when referring to blacks, so as not to offend them with an ill-chosen word? This eggshell dance is especially difficult when blacks themselves and their jewish victim-pimps constantly change which terms are acceptable. At one time, the word "negro" was acceptable, so much so that it gave its name to the "United Negro College Fund." Then, they decided negro was offensive and demanded to be called "colored" or "people of color." Then it was "black." Then it was "African-American." Now it is "black" again.

Can we really get so riled at Trump when blacks themselves can't seem to decide what they want to be called?

And can you really get so riled-up, Schultz, when you host the show "The Black Agenda?"

Just don't put an evil letter "s" in there, Ed! "The Black's Agenda"--That would be so racist.

But of course no one puts on a show called "The White Agenda." That would be
even more racist.

Typical Anti-White Media double standard.

The show "The Black Agenda" is nothing more than a platform for blacks to blame whitey for black failures. Schultz himself gets in on the act. After his guest cites figures showing blacks underperforming in schools and universities, he cries: "...[when] you look at the statistics that Mara was just throwing out there, it looks like Black people in America are being left behind."

Of course it is whitey's fault for "leaving blacks behind." Schultz wouldn't dare point out that black students actually receive MORE funding per capita than white students:

"Nationally, per-pupil public education spending on whites is $10,816. On blacks, it is $11,387. Hispanics also get more money per capita than whites on a national level: $10,951. Asians get the most money at $11,535. In short, contrary to popular myth, white students get the short end of the stick when it comes to per capita spending across the country."

- From Dr. Jason Richwine of the Heritage Foundation.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Royal Wedding Controversy: Where Da Black People?

It is a sad state of affairs when the UK's royal family can't even have a wedding without the mainstream media asking if they are kowtowing sufficiently to black people.

The View's Sherri Shepherd asks of the Windsor wedding: "Where da black people?"

One might think she was being mildly facetious, but her question was picked up and seriously considered by other media outlets.

Why is such a question Anti-White? Because it implies that whites owe blacks inclusion in any event whatsoever.

No one is asking wedding planners in Honduras: "Where da white people?"

No one is asking wedding planners in Nigeria: "Where da white people?"

No one is asking wedding planners in China: "Where da white people?"

Only in white countries are you implicitly racist if you don't fill your quota of black representation.

This question of "Where da black people?" would not be so insidious if it were only asked in the context of royal weddings. But it is only being asked here because our culture is addicted to asking itself this question. Lawyers and blacktivists in white countries are constantly looking at fire departments and university student bodies and asking: "Where da black people?" and "How can we get more minorities in here?" and "How can we make this college/office/classroom/choir/police force/army/neighbourhood more diverse?" Such questions are only being asked in white countries.

Ultimately, such a mindset would even compel us to look at our own progeny and ask: "Where da black people?"

In other words, it fosters genocide.