Sunday, August 28, 2011

Racial Smokescreen II: WUSA Promotes Black Excuses For Flash Mob

WUSA 9 is a sorry excuse for a news organization. Look how they repeatedly mention the novelty of an all-female flash mob, without once bothering to mention mentioning that the females are also all black.

Selectively reporting the facts, are we?

But that is just the beginning. As if it isn't enough to leave the viewing audience uninformed as to the identity of the shoplifters, they actually provide these criminals with excuses for their crimes.

WUSA 9 interviews blacks who (surprise!) justify the flash mobs (1:30, 1:41). These sorry excuses go completely unchallenged by the reporters. Thus it seems as if they, too, are promoting this angle.

So if there are any flash mob sistahs out there watching this, just keep on doin' whachoo doin'. According to WUSA 9, you have every right to stick it to dah man!

Grossly irresponsible, Anti-White journalism on every front.


  1. Uh oh guys, watch out for 'people', and 'young women'. I know I always cross the street whenever a group of young women are coming toward me.

  2. Notice that not one of the 'man on the street' interviews are with whites. That must have taken some trying on their part.

  3. "Notice that not one of the 'man on the street' interviews are with whites. That must have taken some trying on their part."

    heaven forbid they interview a white male who tells it like it is and they actually air it!

  4. We are at war people.
    Non Whites do not want to live in harmony with Whites , they wat to rule over us.
    The jew commie system along with our own stupidity has gotten Whites where we are.
    But make no mistake. It's war. It just hasn't broken out in large full scale battles yet.

  5. Come on! Anyone can see they are black (no point stating the obvious) . The fact that they are female is surely the newsworthy part of the story. It's Washington after all - what other color would you expect?

  6. Opus. How long have you lived in this fantasy world and who are you trying to kid.
    Typical liber'''' wait that's not liberal, That's a communistic tactic.
    To deflect the real issue onto something else.
    No commie. The news story isn't that they're females. It's that they're black. Along with all the other flashmobs and 50% of the violence in America.
    The problem is savage negroes in a White Country.

  7. Amazing to see several of the blacks they interviewed justify the brazen theft of someone else's property.

    Property owners, you have been warned.