Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Selling Interracial Sex

To the uninformed, this public service announcement might seem to be just stating the fact that when we have our eyes closed we can't tell what color people's skin is.

It is true, after all, that most creatures in the animal kingdom use their eyes to see color.

But this ad goes further. It is explicitly selling interracial sex.

And, even more explicitly, it is promoting sex between a black guy and a white girl.

The black guy at :01 is paired with the white girl at :04. This is a technique called bookending: even though a few other faces flit on the screen between them, the white girl and black guy share the first scraps of dialogue. THEY are having the conversation. It doesn't matter that other races then join in on that conversation; the conversation was initiated between the black guy at :01 and the white girl at :04, and the fact that it was a black guy and a white girl was no accident of casting or editing.

Notice there are no prepubescent kids in this ad. This is because it is rife with sexualized innuendo: the final line of the white girl at :24, saying "when we turn out the lights," is essentially an invitation to come to bed. Note too it is implied that her bed partner will not be white, because then the game doesn't work: if she turns out the lights to have sex with a white guy, no longer does the lack of light erase the differences between the two bedmates - indeed, there would be no difference to erase.

The ad sets up a game that can only be played by finding a bedmate of a different skin tone and then turning out the lights in order to abolish that difference. That is the game. Now play it you raceless zombies.

Follow the money: this ad is put out by the Art Institutes, a division of the federally subsidized (there's those tax dollars at work again) Education Management Corporation (EDMC).

41 percent of EDMC is owned by Goldman Sachs.

Why on earth would Goldman Sachs promote interracial breeding?


  1. ABC is rife with interracial mixing show, their newest show Man Up! aims to make the white male look immature and weak, like a full grown child.
    At :50 the interracial mixing element is introduced. Then, the big black male makes the white male look inferior during the game of basketball, while look like the object of desire for the white women.

  2. They are also repeating the fallacy that racial differences are merely about skin colour.

  3. We're all the same underneath? You could only think that if you've never been around our African "brothers". Silly, ignorant bastards!

  4. Anti-whites pretend to have problems with identifying who is white and who is not when people who want to preserve the white race confront them. But at the same time they have no problems identifying who is White when they talk about slavery, colonization, the Holocaust, discrimination, racism and so on.

    Anti-whites know, as does everybody, who is White and who is not. The reason they deny the existence of the white race is because they are justifying White genocide.

  5. A mouth is a mouth.
    An anus is just another sexual orifice.
    An anus is an anus.
    An child is just a little person.

    Pro sodomy. Pro pedophia. Pro beastiality.

    There is no end to how far this sick nation plans on taking this message.

  6. "Create tomorrow without racism" says the ad funded by jew Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs whose firm also funds to the only race-based nation state on earth ("Israel")where race mixing is frowned upon. Hmmmmm.

    It appears to be rule for them (the jews will maintain racial purity) and another rule for the goyim (you WILL race mix and whites will cease to exist or we will step up our official persecution of you, and slander you as racists).

    We get it jews. We get it.

  7. The Electronic Jew strikes again.

    This time though, it's almost becoming like a parody of itself.

    It's getting too obvious; white people are starting to catch on.

    The white population of the planet is <8%; the negro population is >33%.

    In 1950 those figures were reversed.

    Since 1950, the negro population - in Africa and in the US for that matter - has gone UP thanks to white guilt and the attendant white western food aid that fattens the bellies of these african womenz so they can burf 9.6 nigglets in Nigeria; the white population in the world has gone DOWN at the same time, as a result of a sick, twisted form of white guilt and "standing up for the underdog."

    Make no mistake: this is competitive compassion run amok on an epic, Biblical scale.

    These are dark, sinister times. Make no mistake: 2011 is orders of magnitude worse than 2006; 2006 is orders of magnitude worse than 2001; 2001 is orders of magnitude worse than 1997; and so on all the way back to the suicidal 1965 Immigration Reform Act.

    It's almost like the internet came along just in time, before it was too late.

    Who's with me on this prophesy?

  8. hi neoswabian, I admire you and your site, but I want to ask you a question: how can we contact you, to signal other anti-white media?

  9. Last Anon:

    Thanks for the praise. Unfortunately, I don't give out my email at present, but that may soon change. And we are still looking at ways to make submissions easier. But until those changes occur, you can always submit ideas here via this comments section. Sorry if that seems a little ghetto. But we will expand as resources permit.

  10. thanks! I made some research and seems it hasn't been posted yet.

    Oreo's spot, retarder white kids and smart black boy:

    Oreo is anti-white

  11. plus:
    Advertising Agency: DraftFCB, NYC, USA
    Agency Producer: Michelle Carman
    Creative Director: Noah Davis
    Art Director: Todd Eisner
    Eisner is a Jewish surname

  12. To AWM,

    How could you forget that race-mixing ad, Making Out Is Legal? Here's the link:



  13. The jewwww wants your daughters to have children with the dorky black because he is coooo

    Meanwhile the jeeww punishes jewish girls in "Israel" for even dating non-jeeooisch men.

    This is about white genocide:

    Jew racial purity at the top.

    A mud colored mass at the bottom.


    Marry white.


    Have many children.

    F**k the NWO.

  14. Amen. brother. The Jewish bazooka is only pointed at de white mon's head if he does not mix with non-whites.

    Why is that?

    Because Ashkenazi juize have a mean IQ of about 120.

    There are MILLIONS MORE people of European descent with IQs far above that.


    If your offspring mix with non-Europeans your offspring will have (ceteris paribus) lower IQs unless you blend with an Asian (and because you will have lost your cultural continuity the juize have wayz of dealing wid dat)

    High IQ Europeans must live or the world will be turned into a totalitarian jewish gulag.

  15. That's so true, Anonymouses. Not only does the Jewish masters want White European women to mix with various nonwhites, but they're turning up the campaign to get White men to mix it up with black females or else there's hell to pay. Sad, indeed.

  16. Speaking of White Males and Black females pairings, I have seen more of those in the Talmudvision.

    Only reason the jew does not push this one as hard is black man would take notice and become offended.

    Look at how the Jew Hip Hop music pushes booty shaking hot black girls. They're aimed at White males.

    And lets not be dishonest and say they're not beautiful black women. The jew purposefully picks black models, not your average black woman. The Jew also picks beautiful black women as news anchors, reporters, actresses, etc.

  17. If they are indeed promoting interracial sex, good for them! After ethnic categories become meaningless, there will be no more racist blogs like this one!

    I once believed that everyone could simply learn over time not to be racist. But blogs like this have convinced me that some people will never learn, so the only way to eliminate racism will have to be by mixing. Isn't it ironic that the existence of your blog in itself proves that we need mixing? Not quite what you intended, huh?

  18. If they are indeed promoting interracial sex, good for them! After ethnic categories become meaningless, there will be no more racist blogs like this one!

    I once believed that everyone could simply learn over time not to be racist. But blogs like this have convinced me that some people will never learn, so the only way to eliminate racism will have to be by mixing. Isn't it ironic that the existence of your blog in itself proves that we need mixing? Not quite what you intended, huh?

    boy are you stupid. that's like saying disbanding the "social construct" of family. i hope you're not a familyist.

    have you ever been to brazil? the masses may mix and become mongrels and mulattoes but the ruling class is one pure race living in their wealthy gated communities while the cool mulattoes kill and rob and rape each other trying to scrape a living. as this blog and its underrepresented messages hurt your little subhuman brain go play elsewhere and quit coming back to post your same joke. what a laugh.

  19. >boy are you stupid. that's like saying disbanding the "social construct" of family. i hope you're not a familyist.

    Find me where in my comment I mentioned anything about "social constructs"?

    And no, I'm not a familyist. I would side with my best friends over any of my relatives any day. We choose our friends, but we don't choose our families, neither do we choose our ethnicity. It is stupid to side with something we never had a choice in.

  20. Another denial moron

  21. You would choose your friends over your family any day? I am so glad you are not a part of my family. I can just imagine how trustworthy you are...

  22. So let me get this straight. It is perfectly fine for whites to colonize the African continent, pillage it, strip it of it's resources, both natural and human. Enslave the indigenous population put them in ships and cart them off to the four corners of the world leaving the broken and besieged place we know as Africa today. But God forbid That we race mix in the name of living as one race ,"The Human Race" and try to repair the damage done by the"Great white Man". Thats white genocide?
    If so then I'm all for it you smug , self righteous bastards.
    You destroy the planet, live lives of privilege which you deny to anyone who is not diseased with your God given lack of melanin which thankfully allows the sun to bake your pasty asses as it should. Quit your whining and take your medicne!

  23. @ AnonymousMarch 24, 2012 1:26 PM

    Oh dear I think you might be a raycisss.

  24. Interracial sex wont end any race...and you know why? Because most people end having childs with people of their same race. Interracial marriages are less than a 10 % of the marriages in the United states.

    And not only that, let think of the world: there wasnt any white populationat africa , but then the english and the french and the dutch and the italians went there and populated many parts of africa, including south africa.

    The caribbean is having lately and incresing migration of white people. So the caribeans who are latins, therefore a interracial majority, are getting as much whitening, as the USA are getting mixification. Have in account that most interracial people have a heritage with is just a few centuries old or less, unlike most whites, and blacks and asians who have milleniums of genetic acummulation, there fore a white person with a interracial person will originate childs who are going to be more whiter than not.

    The truth is, races are going to regulate themselves, they will preserve themselve while mantaining interracial people existence.

    Specialy when there are interracial people like me, who actually love pale-white women, so, in other words, i dont mind whitening my heritage. Its not a big deal, my race wont dissapear just because afew of its members want to have mix races.

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  27. We all know that those who promote this bs always think theyre better than other races and always have a star of david handy.

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