Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Obama Administration's White Genocide Training Video: Anti-Whites Go Into Trailer Park, Hack At, Shoot Whites

In addition to all the Anti-White advertising and news reporting of late, it looks like we now have to contend with an Anti-White video game that trains fledgling Anti-Whites to A) see "typical" whites as "zombies," to B) kill these white zombies, and to C) spout pro-Obama talking points.

Point A is crucial. Dehumanization is the first step in the oppression of a people.

In the game, your mortal enemies are all white and only white. They live in trailer parks. They fly Confederate flags. They're Tea Partiers.

Give it a whirl:

Notice how, if you kill enough white people and complete a level, you are given lessons in the Obama school of economics. Obviously some high ranking Obama advisor signed off on the release of this game. I wonder which jew it was?

Regardless, their message is clear: Kill Whitey!


  1. Just imagine the media uproar if it was all poor blacks you were killing. Such an Anti-White double standard. God I don't even recognize this country anymore.

  2. germans, nazis, serbians, iranians...all these have been so demonized in recent years by the new world order media. you want to know who the jews don't want you to like? just look at who the bad guys are in joo media. for instance in that new movie "source code" the hero is a jew working in tandem with a jew woman and a black scientist, whereas the evil mass murderer is a white tea party patriot type. typical hollyweird bull-shite.

  3. You gotta admit, the graphics are pretty sweet. Do you think anybody with a brain is going to play this crap anyway?

  4. The enemies of freedom are so extraordinarily vile and debased that one is often left speechless...

    By enemies of freedom I mean the enemies of the spirit of the Tea Party and not the establishment approved neo-con false opposition media figures presented in this juvenile display of gore.

    God help us all.

  5. Yes, pointing out facts of racial injustice against blacks shows you are racist alright. I mean, how dare a black guy point out that white were sometimes cruel to blacks. If Obama wasn't so anti-white, he would suck it up and take it and not be such an uppity ni&&er.

    Tex Shelters