Saturday, November 12, 2011

Oreo: Frail White Boys Would Be Lost Without Heroic Black Genius

I went to a public school that was racially "integrated" and in all my years there I never saw anything like this. On the contrary, usually black boys would prey on the solitary, the weak, and the vulnerable - not selflessly seek to help them.

Note how they cast not just any white boy, but a frail, almost girlish-looking white boy. Note how he isn't smart enough to figure out how to dunk his cookie. This kid is pathetic. But thank heavens the black genius comes to his rescue.

The ad below is by the same Jewish director, Matt Smukler. Note any similarities? Who is the powerful force of nourishment? Who is the helpless sissy? Hmmm. Coincidence?

Hat tip: Anonymous contributor.


  1. Any British citizens should sign this immigration petition:

  2. The sight of this fucking vile unevolved erectus who though blessed with the endowment of probably 40% white DNA is still but a vile nigger predisposed to criminality, lurking in the presence of a young white boy, is evil and wrong and incongruous.

    Upon second viewing, I found this commercial to be incredibly creepy, actually: it's almost like the Jew who made it wants to thrust all its contradictions in your face, to stir up emotions below the surface.

    It is sick and creepy because there it something almost sexual about the negro's attraction to the girly white boy; could the director even be going there, to such dark places of suggestion?

    Alas, as sick and condemndable as it is, that may in fact be the case.

  3. Jews justify this type of reality inversion as "comforting the afflicted, and afflicting the comfortable" and believe themselves morally superior for doing it.

    Because the white children are "advantaged", they can be ridiculed as clueless, weak, and stupid and because blacks are "disadvantaged" they can be portrayed more favorably than they actually are.

    This creates "social justice" according the Jew.

    What they don't tell you is that it also creates the ideal conditions for continued displacement of whites from positions of power and leadership within our own society so that Jews posturing as "morally superior" can fill those positions.

  4. NEOSWABIAN: look at this!!! I made a search it semms it hasn't been posted yet!!!

  5. I'm italian and even here there are spots like this:
    PREGNANT blonde women with blacks in a car

  6. should be renamed leftist self loathing white trash lost without nigga god.keep the rest of us whites out of it

  7. Safe sex ad depicts monoracial couples as bland and unappealing(especially the white ones), in contrast with interracial couples which are hot, spicy and dangerous (as usual, black male/white female)

  8. Damn if only the niggers would have discovered america look how much further ahead us dumbass whites who have invented 90% of the worlds inventions would be... Dont be afraid to tell your children who the real rascist are.. point them out!