Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pepsi: Blacks Lead Revolt Deposing Feminized Whitey

Pepsi here tries to encourage an on-going social revolution in which white males are ridiculed and downtrodden. We laugh when the white jester falls through the floor. Of course he's white because he's queer and can't sing and tries to be hip and fails and get's a likely fatal punishment. Hilarious. Of course it's the blackish woman who has the powerful voice, who overturns the old order for "dah people, yo" who symbolized the mixed-race, miscegenating mob. Of course it is no accident that as the black woman croons and gyrates her pelvis, demanding RESPECT, the camera pans to a white woman with a block-jawed (clearly non-feminized) black guy (:30) and a white guy with a distracted black woman.

Of course dah white king gets usurped by the undulating, mixed-race rabble; he falls through the floor and gets mocked by yet another black guy. The white king, it seems, cant even get a break in this new pseudo-hell. He has fallen to the lowest of the low, and the black soul sistah now rules.

All this is to say that while the new political paradigm claims we are all one world, all soul brothahs and sistahs, and thus should all embrace in brotherly love in a world-wide group hug, the opposite is actually the case: in the new order, white males are the enemy because the multicultural mob feels entitled to take from them goodies and power. And empowered blacks and half-blacks are going to distribute these goodies to the mob. Sound familiar?

While we are told how horrible it was for Hitler to scapegoat the Joos, it seems it is perfectly ok to depict all white males as dorks-who-deserve-to-die. Apparently, in the age of Anti-White Media, that's not offensive at all.

Just more propaganda to excuse the on-going genocide in all white countries and only white countries.

Boycott: Pepsi