Sunday, April 21, 2013

White Dolt Tries To Get Mommy To Help Him

This troll-like, soft white guy has his white offspring to protect, but how can he offer protection to his genetic descendants when he can't even drive down an empty freeway without rear-ending what looks to have been the only other vehicle in a 50-mile radius?

And of course the victim of this white guy's stupidity is a large, competent, smiling black guy.

While the black guy knows exactly what insurance agency to call, and gets immediate results from a broadly smiling white matron, the white guy has to turn to his own elderly mother for help. Help me mommy!

It is as if the advertisers assume white society has been so degraded, so deracinated, that they won't mind seeing themselves depicted as unfit for life in the modern age while a black guy takes charge effortlessly and effectively.

Show them you DO mind. Boycott: State Farm