Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Goodbye Blue Sky

A bit of a departure, I know. But I found this to be a more moving, thought-provoking commentary on our pernicious Anti-White Media than anything I could post today.

P.S. RAMZPAUL uses "youths" as a tongue-in-cheek pseudonym for blacks.


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0IkmstjZes

    Can you please look at this one. Look at how the sexy woman reacts to the white guy(12 second mark) compared to the black(20 second mark). They speed up the reaction when they show the black guy, make sure you pause and repeat.

    Dont be fooled by Jennifer Lopez(women in the car) being mexican. Jews use non-white women to push black male worship. Especially celebrities who are adored by all races.

  2. Anon2,

    Thanks for the suggestion. We have a few videos in a queue, to be released first, but we should be discussing this one soon. Stay tuned.

    Thanks again!

  3. The Jewsmedia has so much blood on it's hands by promoting an anti-European false consciousness (to turn their own propaganda phrase back on them) that when the retribution comes it will be terrible to behold. It's coming.

  4. I am glad to have found your site because my husband & I have been ranting like fools for years when it comes to he media being used to make Whites (it was once just the men, but now it's White women too) to seem inferior & stupid to negroes. I was saddened by this video, it reminds me of the Chris Newsome & Channon Christian & how the media tried to sweep their violent rapes & murders under the proverbial rug. I live in a racial hotbed, Camden County, New Jersey where there is daily black on White crime, yet nothing is mentioned & the newspapers & local media outlets will not even give a description aside from age, height/weight & clothing worn by black criminals making identifying the monsters impossible. When we had a serial rapist in my hometown, all we had to go on to look out for was a 20-30 yr old male, approximately 5'10 -6' tall, wearing a white T shirt, blue jeans & white sneakers. What a sad situation the liberal idiots have made of our once wonderful country. I hope the family & friends of the murder victims, Nathan & Carissa, can find solace & good memories to see them through the sorrow of this senseless loss.

  5. I'm in uk this is a great site remember only White people are racist oppressive colonial hateful we the White people of Europe are colour blind it's just a shame it's our own colour were blind to we are being systematically robbed of our ethnic cultural historical identities the lefts mantra is ONLY WHITE RACES ARE RACIST.Africa for Africans Asia for Asians White country's for everyone

  6. I am also in UK and I have known for years about the anti-white Bias in the media in adverts,films and news reports it has started to get out of control. If our culture does not make a stand about what is happening we will soon in america and Europe be living like the Boers in South Africa which is in full on black on white genocide.