Saturday, May 25, 2013

AfroZombies Behead Queen's Soldier. Queen and Country Awfully Mum About It.

Brits have lost all sense of the tragic in art. So many of the British commenters on this video think RAMZPAUL is trying to be "funny" with his red hands. They think he is mocking the murder victim in Woolwich. 

He isn't trying to be funny. He's being tragically sarcastic. He is channeling Ed Miliband, Tony Blair, David Cameron--all who have blood on their hands by opening the UK's floodgates to massive third-world immigration. 

A British soldier gets decapitated on a London street by a Nigerian declaring Jihad, and what happens? All over England, Brits are being rounded up and arrested en masse

Is it because they, too, have been suspected of plotting to behead someone? No.

Is it because they have been caught red-handed (pun intended) stabbing another innocent? No.

Is it because they have been found with explosives and maps of the nearest tube station tunnels? No.

These would be the reasons for arresting people if Britain were a normal country. It isn't. It's just an economic zone run by hostile elites who tolerate everything and everyone--except nationalist sentiment. Nothing shall rain on their globalist multi-culti parade!

It is absolutely infuriating that 85-year old grandmas are now being arrested for condemning the Woolwich murder a little too vociferously and with a little too much attention to the ethnic and ideological details. 

THESE THOUGHTCRIME ARRESTS themselves should be convulsing massive riots. Kids overturn cars for a few thousand quid in student fees but they sit back passively when their expression of revulsion to homicide becomes cause for incarceration.  

Britain, here is your true red-handed enemy: your media and your government is Anti-White. Note in this Channel 4 News segment how Mr. Miliband and the reporter collude to shift the focus from a black Muslim's decapitation murder of Lee Rigby to --GASP! HEAVEN FORBID!-- protests by the EDL!


MILIBAND: ...act of complete cowardice. Now, there are people who try and divide us with acts like this and they’ve tried it before in London and they’ve failed. And they will always fail. And there will be people who will try to use events like this to divide us and they will fail too. 
Note how Miliband makes the two camps, the Jihadists and the EDL (the EDL is implicitly who he's talking about here though he doesn't name them) as moral equivalents. So the decapitation murderers are morally on the same footing as people who condemn them because both "try to divide!" Has your moral compass been given a good shake by listening to this tripe? BLOOD ON HIS HANDS! 
MILIBAND: And they’ll fail because the British people are united across different faiths, different  religions, different backgrounds in their abhorrence of crimes like this and in values of decency and tolerance. That is the true character of the British people, and that’s why this terror will lose and fail. Well, obviously people are not united across different faiths or we wouldn't have had a bloody-handed declaration of Jihad. Weren't you paying attention, Mr. Miliband? BLOOD ON HIS HANDS!

REPORTER: And as a politician what’s your message…uh… to the country about how people should react…the EDL…a number of EDL supporters went out into the streets last night. Is that a concern? Tell us what to think, oh exalted one! Tell us the parameters in which we may legitimately react! That's the important thing. Decapitation murders and bloody-handed declarations of Jihad are bad, sure. But what would be even worse is if people reacted to these things in insensitive and non-inclusive ways! Tell the nation how to best grin and bear it oh sagacious joo.

MILIBAND: Look. I think there will be people who will try to use events like this to try and divide us. They won’t succeed…because people of every different background and every different religion have come together—we’ve seen this over the last 24 hours—in their condemnation of what happened. I think the British people’s character is one that has a diversity, a tolerance, an inclusiveness, and also a deep deep abhorrence of the kind of act we saw yesterday. So we’re a united country and not a divided country and anyone who tries to divide us will not succeed.
The tribe and its enablers have refined their talking points these last thirty years to make “tolerance” the new sacrosanct first principle of our people. To me the word only connotes a spineless laziness. My son deliberately knocks over someone's juice? I could tolerate it and he will become a boundary-less twat. You indulge the turd-whirled-ers a little too much and they too will become spoiled and insatiable. Under your roof you enforce your law. You don’t tolerate. Tolerance is a dereliction of duty. Inclusiveness is another meaningless poison. Miliband says Brits define themselves by their "inclusiveness." By this he means that Brits have no definition at all. How can any noun be defined by including things that are not it? Blue must include red? Cold must include hot? Brits must include non-Brits? Voila! The “Brits” disappear. BLOOD ON HIS HANDS!
For more about about what you can do to fight the London genocide, check out the article Woolwich & the Dynamics of "Awareness" over at

Sunday, April 21, 2013

White Dolt Tries To Get Mommy To Help Him

This troll-like, soft white guy has his white offspring to protect, but how can he offer protection to his genetic descendants when he can't even drive down an empty freeway without rear-ending what looks to have been the only other vehicle in a 50-mile radius?

And of course the victim of this white guy's stupidity is a large, competent, smiling black guy.

While the black guy knows exactly what insurance agency to call, and gets immediate results from a broadly smiling white matron, the white guy has to turn to his own elderly mother for help. Help me mommy!

It is as if the advertisers assume white society has been so degraded, so deracinated, that they won't mind seeing themselves depicted as unfit for life in the modern age while a black guy takes charge effortlessly and effectively.

Show them you DO mind. Boycott: State Farm

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Black Alpha Leader Lavishes Praise On White Woman While White Male Dolt Looks Foolish

Par for the course, eh?

I know FedEx is a private company. But you would think they were actually part of the federal government considering their constant Anti-White propagandizing. 

I saw this one in an airport. It aired during Melissa Harris-Perry's show on MSNBC, as if they knew that the vast majority of their television audience would be sympathetic to its Anti-White politics.

Observe how in-charge the black guy is in a room full of women and men of various races. He just happens to zero in on the reasonably attractive, though mousy and frail-looking white woman for particular praise. Look how this sets her in raptures, leading white women everywhere to think that black guys are naturally on their side, looking out for their interests, looking for ways to bolster their self-confidence. 

Meanwhile, this ad's only white guy is a pathetic waste of space and borderline retarded. Look how he not only writes, but essentially speaks in ALL CAPS, as if to drive home the message that he is socially awkward, a pariah, an organism to be shunned.

His request "HEY DO YOU WANNA GET A DRINK LATER?" does several things simultaneously: it shows how he is not really serious about his job; it makes him look desperate for camaraderie, as if he lives in his mother's basement and is thus overly eager to find friends; and it puts in our minds what is implicitly in the minds of his colleagues, namely that the answer to his entreaty for companionship must be a resounding NO!

The other races look on him in amazement, as if to wonder how it ever was that white men like this essentially built civilization and everything in it.

"Now that yo civilization is built and shit, white man, we's gonna take it from you and git all jiggy wid it and make you look like deh fool dat you is in the process." - signed, the Brown Horde and their white and joo enablers at FedEx

Boycott: FedEx

Monday, March 4, 2013

Black Guy Kills White Guy And Gets Heroicized

In Memoriam: Jeremiah MacKay
Sometimes media proves itself to be Anti-White by what it fails to do, rather than by what it does. When mass murderer Christopher Dorner killed Jeremiah MacKay last month, I noticed a suspicious lack of sympathy in the news media for the victim. There were no MSNBC interviews with MacKay's parents or wife; no close-ups on the dead man's 4-month old son in an effort to give that heart-warming human touch, build sympathy, or elicit tears.

Of course, if MacKay had been black and Dorner had been white and had been on an Anti-Black killing spree, you had better believe there would have been vigils, memorials, and cries for "justice" for him.

But Dorner was the black man. So rather than focus on justice for MacKay, the media couldn't help themselves; they had to protagonize the perpetrator; they had to tell his "story:" sure, Dorner was on an Anti-White killing spree, but was he justified? Did he have a legitimate greviance? Did he have a point, after all?

Thus Dorner becomes the "hero" from Django Unchained!

Compare this to the automatic anti-George Zimmerman, pro-Trayvon Martin spin that came last year from CNN and MSNBC; their hoodie-wearing guests demonstrated whose side they were on. There were little montages of Trayvon looking sweet and innocent; there were cries for people to go out and buy Skittles as a sign of solidarity; there were shrines and memorials built in his honor.

MSNBC keepin' it realz on the Lawrence O'Donnell show.

Now, instead of shrines to MacKay, instead of a "million police-uniform march," we get Dorner the hero. "Racism is rampant in the LAPD! Let's investigate!"

People who claim white genocide often cite the Geneva Convention's third definition, where genocide is:

             (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.

Then they point out that these conditions have been institutionalized since the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. I agree with this assessment. But when stories like the Dorner murders receive such Anti-White spin, I would be inclined to find the media complicit in the Geneva Convention's first definition: 

            (a) Killing members of the group. 

At some point, some white guy out there is going to pull a Dorner. He is going to go on a vigilante killing spree of blacks. And just as Dorner cited the "racism" in the LAPD as his justification, this white vigilante is going to release a manifesto that cites the oppression of whites by black criminals, gang-bangers, and "youth" everywhere. 

While I am not condoning mass killing and think it is the wrong way to bring about one's political objectives, still, I recognize that such a white vigilante would, statistically speaking, have more justification in his vigilantism than Dorner had; blacks kill whites far more often than whites kill blacks. But just imagine the demonization this hypothetical white vigilante would receive in the Anti-White media!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Blacks And Whites Unite In Spreading Neocon Global Hegemony In Jeeps

Here is a Superbowl ad by Jeep that was seen by millions. Seems pretty innocent, pretty feel-good, right? How could one have a problem with these teary-eyed sentiments?

But the over-the-top emotional appeal here makes it one of the most effective and insidious Anti-White ads we have seen. 

For what do we take away from an ad like this? We get the fact that families love their family members. We get it. Pretty indisputable. But this natural, instinctive desire to protect loved ones here gets used as a weapon against--against what?--against our natural, instinctive desire to protect loved ones!

For the overuse of mixed racial imagery here implies that we need to feel protective feelings for not just members of our own family and our own race, but for all races who march under the Stars and Stripes. We are, after all, according to Jeep, UNITED! And precisely how are we united? We are united not by blood, but by virtue of our falling within the arbitrary and artificial borders of a political entity that is caught up in a media-driven expansionist agenda in the Middle East! That is what unites us gawd-damn it!

Does anyone else out there gag at the cynical opportunism of this corporation trying to play our emotions like a fiddle? Does anyone out there cringe at the Oprah voice trying to get our nads all juiced up with weepy "feel!" imperatives?

And of course the black woman gets the hero close up at the end. It captures the whole of the new religion's morality play: put aside your reservations, whitey. Don't fight it. As long as you are worshiping black faces, you can call yourself morally superior and then, without a guilty conscience, be shipped off to faraway North Africa and the Middle East and kill some poor sods for your Neocon and Neo-Liberal globalist overlords. 

Boycott: Jeep

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Alpha Technoblack Has All Deh Answers For White Wimminz Deceived By White Male Mouthbreather

Here's the latest genocidal propaganda disguised as a commercial from State Farm. This one makes their prior attempt look positively philo-caucasian in comparison.

Ah! The smugness of this African techno-wizard as he (mere happenstance!) encounters a gorgeous blond! And even post auto accident he's still looking composed and suave! 

Note the scripted ease with which he falls into an interpersonal chemistry with the meek and naive Nordic goddess, as when they say "the internet" simultaneously at :15.

Now contrast this with the white guy, who looks positively subhuman as he grabs the delicious maiden with his gummy dead arms.

While the black guy uses his smartphone to "diagram" his accidents, thus using technology in a constructive, truth-seeking way, the white guy only uses the techno tools of social media to falsely advertise a self that is severely lacking.

The take-away meme here is that white guys are genetically inferior losers who must not be mixed with. Only a pathetic, non-self-respecting, easily hoodwinked, non-hip-to-the-twenty-first-century woman would find herself paired up with one of these white genetic cul-de-sac tidepools

Damnz. She shoulda stayed wif dat sophisticated black polymath!
Boycott: State Farm.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Put Down Dem Guns And Gibs Us Yo Stuff

Oh look at those poor, disadvantaged, oppressed minorities! Poor them. They're suffering. Their poor schools are so riddled with violence and it's all our fault because we haven't yet voted away our rights to own guns. But look at how soulful and real these brown faces are, how vibrant, how "street." We can learn so much from them - we square, suburban, privileged, whites. If only we had left these noble, perfect, flawless, dark tribes alone instead of decimating them with our guns and our drugs and our germs and our gods! We owe it to them to give them California! We owe it to them to cleanse the violence and the gang warfare from the schools we built for them. We owe it to them to end our evil, white, gun-loving ways and vote for our own disarmament, for their benefit. Because, hey, once these kids are edjumakated, they're our future! And what a great future it looks to be, filled with these soulful kids who know how to keep it real, yknowhatmsayin'? Maybe some day they can rap for me their cool flows as they push my wheelchair down the halls of the sad nursing facility in which my white corpse will surely rot. I had better do right by these kids. They are, after all, you'll remember, our future. My future.

WHAT MOST NORMAL WHITE PEOPLE THINK: This is the fate of California. My race is so clearly getting genocided there. The last thing I would want to do, especially after viewing this, is give up my guns, because the moment I do half the teens in this video are going to be jumping over the fence into my backyard and trying to get their hands on my stuff.

Funny: I don't remember needing to ban guns back when California was more white. Maybe there is a correlation between how many brown faces I am seeing here and how violent the schools of California have become. Inevitably the browning of society necessitates a big nanny state and the denial of freedoms once thought sacrosanct, like gun ownership.

Why isn't there a white girl in this video? Usually most commercials bend over backwards to layer white girls between lots of darker men. She could even have her arms draped around her Nigerian boyfriend as she implores me, through the screen, to see the light and change my political views. No? 

I guess the producers of this ad knew that showing white females in this instance would elicit the wrong response, an inconvenient response. After showing so many aggressive browns, showing white girls would only remind the viewer of a good reason to keep their guns: to protect the latter from the former.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Get Religion: Pasty Golem Tools Shame Themselves With Devil Scrawl

The city of Duluth, MN has a 90 percent white population. Apparently some have a real problem with this. Enter their city's self-righteous campaign to shame their population for being who they are.

I love how I'm only 7 seconds into this and they're already contradicting themselves. This girl says how "people see us, not a color." Meanwhile she's being singled out in this video, written upon, and interviewed for no other reason than her whiteness.

The Mayor's office in Duluth is backing this genocidal tripe. How could Duluth's whites allow themselves to be subjected to such social-marxist, Frankfurt school joo-shaming? Call the Duluth Mayor's office and tell them you refuse to let them stigmatize and shame you for being white.

The guy at :21 says "we're privileged because society was set up for us." He needs to clarify this: white people set up society in Duluth for themselves, just as most societies are set up by people for their own convenience. No group sets up their society in order to explicitly benefit some other, outside group. People in Japan over thousands of years set up societies that privilege Japanese. But none of the racially homogenous cities in Japan make videos bemoaning "Japanese privilege." None of the racially homogenous cities in Korea make videos bemoaning "Korean privilege." None of the racially homogenous cities in Madagascar or the Ivory Coast make videos bemoaning "Black privilege." It's Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians -- White countries for everybody!

Here are the Un-Fair campaign partners. Boycott them at will or just tell them what you think.
  • Central Labor Body
  • Churches United in Ministry (CHUM)
  • City of Duluth Mayor’s Office
  • City of Duluth American Indian Commission
  • City of Duluth Human Rights Commission
  • Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial Inc.
  • Community Action Duluth
  • Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs
  • Lake Superior College
  • Life House
  • St. Louis County Public Health and Human Services
  • University of Minnesota Duluth
  • University of Wisconsin Superior
  • YWCA
[Sorry again for the infrequent posts. It will pick up again eventually, as the media hasn't let up being Anti-White in the slightest. We're just backlogged with writing. Stay tuned!]

Saturday, August 4, 2012

More Olympic Anti-White Mayhem

In the Olympic spirit, circa 2012, we would like to give you another heart-warming story of the best going for the gold.

But in this case, Aaron Cook, Britain's best, is being cut from the Olympic team because he is a "person without color."

As if that wasn't sufficiently tragic, none of the mainstream media outlets are covering the story honestly

Note how in neither of these videos do the reporters mention the obvious: that Cook was disqualified because he is white? that he has been replaced with a black guy so that Brits can look more politically correct to the rest of the world?

So when do the British wake up to so many slaps in the face: when so many dusky-faced reporters tell them that their white star athletes are being replaced for no other reason than the color of their skin?

As a commenter on my Youtube channel said:
"must be that white privilege everyones talking about, lol"

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Olympic Cermonial Blackworship

What in heaven's name were they thinking?

But I called it.  I knew the Olympic organizers for London 2012 wouldn't be able to promote an iota of nationalist sentiment, as we saw in Beijing. No. They would have to prostrate themselves before the New World Order, parade around their dread-locked eye-dolls like a multiCULTy Moloch!

But of course, according to Danny Boyle, Britain was ALWAYS multicultural. Did you see all those dusky 17th century agrarians? Proof!

My Filipino friend laughed out loud at this moment, captured in the video above. Of course casting was going to conjure up a pair of youthful, flirtsy blacks for us, with the girl a little light-skined in order to imply subtly a bit of miscegenation in her past and our future.

It's just a tiny flirtatious moment--and yet it becomes the front-and-center focus of a (formerly) white nation's Olympic opening ceremony, normally the showcase through which a nation expresses its identity.

I guess this, then, is Britain's sense of self: dark faced people tussling over a cell phone. From Shakespeare and Thomas Tallis to this! Depressing.
Why can't whites, especially in Anglosphere, see that their weird, dark fixations look strange to the rest of the world (as to my Filipino friend) for whom racial abasement is not (yet) a religious tenet?

And religious it is, shown here, with a chorus line of whites, arms a-sway in raptures of devotion.

[Sorry for the extra long lapse. I was on the road and burdened by other writing projects. Please be patient if I fall off the radar from time to time!]