Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Alpha Technoblack Has All Deh Answers For White Wimminz Deceived By White Male Mouthbreather

Here's the latest genocidal propaganda disguised as a commercial from State Farm. This one makes their prior attempt look positively philo-caucasian in comparison.

Ah! The smugness of this African techno-wizard as he (mere happenstance!) encounters a gorgeous blond! And even post auto accident he's still looking composed and suave! 

Note the scripted ease with which he falls into an interpersonal chemistry with the meek and naive Nordic goddess, as when they say "the internet" simultaneously at :15.

Now contrast this with the white guy, who looks positively subhuman as he grabs the delicious maiden with his gummy dead arms.

While the black guy uses his smartphone to "diagram" his accidents, thus using technology in a constructive, truth-seeking way, the white guy only uses the techno tools of social media to falsely advertise a self that is severely lacking.

The take-away meme here is that white guys are genetically inferior losers who must not be mixed with. Only a pathetic, non-self-respecting, easily hoodwinked, non-hip-to-the-twenty-first-century woman would find herself paired up with one of these white genetic cul-de-sac tidepools

Damnz. She shoulda stayed wif dat sophisticated black polymath!
Boycott: State Farm.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Put Down Dem Guns And Gibs Us Yo Stuff

Oh look at those poor, disadvantaged, oppressed minorities! Poor them. They're suffering. Their poor schools are so riddled with violence and it's all our fault because we haven't yet voted away our rights to own guns. But look at how soulful and real these brown faces are, how vibrant, how "street." We can learn so much from them - we square, suburban, privileged, whites. If only we had left these noble, perfect, flawless, dark tribes alone instead of decimating them with our guns and our drugs and our germs and our gods! We owe it to them to give them California! We owe it to them to cleanse the violence and the gang warfare from the schools we built for them. We owe it to them to end our evil, white, gun-loving ways and vote for our own disarmament, for their benefit. Because, hey, once these kids are edjumakated, they're our future! And what a great future it looks to be, filled with these soulful kids who know how to keep it real, yknowhatmsayin'? Maybe some day they can rap for me their cool flows as they push my wheelchair down the halls of the sad nursing facility in which my white corpse will surely rot. I had better do right by these kids. They are, after all, you'll remember, our future. My future.

WHAT MOST NORMAL WHITE PEOPLE THINK: This is the fate of California. My race is so clearly getting genocided there. The last thing I would want to do, especially after viewing this, is give up my guns, because the moment I do half the teens in this video are going to be jumping over the fence into my backyard and trying to get their hands on my stuff.

Funny: I don't remember needing to ban guns back when California was more white. Maybe there is a correlation between how many brown faces I am seeing here and how violent the schools of California have become. Inevitably the browning of society necessitates a big nanny state and the denial of freedoms once thought sacrosanct, like gun ownership.

Why isn't there a white girl in this video? Usually most commercials bend over backwards to layer white girls between lots of darker men. She could even have her arms draped around her Nigerian boyfriend as she implores me, through the screen, to see the light and change my political views. No? 

I guess the producers of this ad knew that showing white females in this instance would elicit the wrong response, an inconvenient response. After showing so many aggressive browns, showing white girls would only remind the viewer of a good reason to keep their guns: to protect the latter from the former.