Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wisconsin "Teen" Mob: Media Silence Is Anti-White

When blacks break any number of innumerable "color barriers" - first black astronaut, first black congressman from district x, first black person to climb Mt. Whitney or swim the English Channel - it is automatically news!

Their blackness is what makes it news.

But when blacks break certain other things, apparently it isn't newsworthy at all.

...such as when they riot and break the windshield on your car, or your wife's nose, or your son's arm.

Or, if the story happens to make the news, nary a peep you will hear of "blackness."

When the news media refuses to disclose to whites precisely who or what endangers them, that media ceases to be useful and starts to be Anti-White.


  1. carry drain cleaner with you to throw in racist black peoples eyes next time

  2. were any arrests made? is there a more in depth description of the attackers i wonder? this report is watered down and tacky by professional standards, and is anti-white by mine.

  3. They only say the attack was "Racially Motivated," a term often used to describe so-called "hate crimes" AGAINST blacks, as in: "The student with the noose hanging from the tailgate of his truck was questioned by police, who responded to complaints by the NAACP that the presence of the noose was "Racially Motivated.""

    Not mentioning that the crime was black on white, as well as racially motivated, is just irresponsible journalism.

  4. You're gonna love this site !