Friday, September 14, 2012

Get Religion: Pasty Golem Tools Shame Themselves With Devil Scrawl

The city of Duluth, MN has a 90 percent white population. Apparently some have a real problem with this. Enter their city's self-righteous campaign to shame their population for being who they are.

I love how I'm only 7 seconds into this and they're already contradicting themselves. This girl says how "people see us, not a color." Meanwhile she's being singled out in this video, written upon, and interviewed for no other reason than her whiteness.

The Mayor's office in Duluth is backing this genocidal tripe. How could Duluth's whites allow themselves to be subjected to such social-marxist, Frankfurt school joo-shaming? Call the Duluth Mayor's office and tell them you refuse to let them stigmatize and shame you for being white.

The guy at :21 says "we're privileged because society was set up for us." He needs to clarify this: white people set up society in Duluth for themselves, just as most societies are set up by people for their own convenience. No group sets up their society in order to explicitly benefit some other, outside group. People in Japan over thousands of years set up societies that privilege Japanese. But none of the racially homogenous cities in Japan make videos bemoaning "Japanese privilege." None of the racially homogenous cities in Korea make videos bemoaning "Korean privilege." None of the racially homogenous cities in Madagascar or the Ivory Coast make videos bemoaning "Black privilege." It's Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians -- White countries for everybody!

Here are the Un-Fair campaign partners. Boycott them at will or just tell them what you think.
  • Central Labor Body
  • Churches United in Ministry (CHUM)
  • City of Duluth Mayor’s Office
  • City of Duluth American Indian Commission
  • City of Duluth Human Rights Commission
  • Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial Inc.
  • Community Action Duluth
  • Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs
  • Lake Superior College
  • Life House
  • St. Louis County Public Health and Human Services
  • University of Minnesota Duluth
  • University of Wisconsin Superior
  • YWCA
[Sorry again for the infrequent posts. It will pick up again eventually, as the media hasn't let up being Anti-White in the slightest. We're just backlogged with writing. Stay tuned!]