Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Xerox: Serve Dah Black Man, Whitey

Some might claim that this is just an inversion of the old "shoe shine boy" stereotype. You know: "Now it is duh white man who is shinein' dem shoes. Now it is duh white man who is duh caddy fo duh black man."

This could be chalked up to parody if it weren't for the fact that it is now the 21st century. In THIS century, white servitude to the top-dog black man is the status quo. At least that is how things are relentlessly promoted in the media. The Anti-Whites are selling this imagery for a reason.

The image at :13 speaks volumes. It shows not just an inversion of the past, where the master is now the slave and vice versa. It also disseminates the iconography of a new religious system that is as colonialist/expansionist as was sixteenth century Catholicism in South America--without simultaneously spreading, as the Spanish did, technical know-how and literacy.

When a race is being genocided, I guess it helps to show them as servile, subordinate, slavish.

We don't want the white man to get too uppity.

Boycott: Xerox.


  1. I might also suggest that this is an accurate, albeit idealized, portrayal of reality, since what we see is a black man sitting on ass doing nothing whilst whites provide everything for him. Only difference is they're not handing him EBT cards and free health care, and he's dressed in a suit instead of gang colors :)

  2. Why didn't the black man tip the shoe shine boy as a ciivilized person would? Why can't the affirmative action beneficiary get out of that club chair and walk up to buffet and stand like a normal person (he looks like he could use the excercise)? The magically moving club chair to golf cart scene (white servants again) where he unexpectedly moves reinforces the same message. Affirmative action corporate blacks don't have to do anything to merit their relative power positions. I half expected the white golf cart staffers to get out and lift the hitherto unmoving welfare toad into position..

  3. oops white man can't drive golf buggy and crashes into back of fat nigger behind thus crushing him to death.stick that up your antiwhite up your ass jew advertisers

  4. It's just all so wrong.

    What all this demonstrates is the malleability of the masses.

    They say that Hitler was evil, and that ordinary Germans the very face of evil, for falling into line because behind a so-called maniac.

    But how is the universal genuflection by whites to BRA - with all its (BRA's) obvious contradictions - any different to what the mighty German people conformed to a mere 80 years ago?

    Answer: no difference, essentially. Both systems (NS and BRA) being proposed by the establishment are based on major untruths, especially the latter.

    But the people - the sheeple - conform spinelessly to the central lie.

    Here's where it gets interesting: you talk about the "99%"? Today the "99%" are the sheeple who have swallowed hook line and sinker the lie of universal egalitarianism, and the lie of the inherent evil of western civilization.

    Ask any American kid under 40 today: he will 99% of the time tell you that Western Civilization is synonymous with "enrichment on the backs of others."

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  5. This commercial reminds me of the fat, lazy groids I see riding scooters at the grocery store. They don't actually need scooters, they are just too lazy to waddle around the store to get their "free" prime rib and organic ice cream. "I jus gots uh padi-cure, Imo take dis scooter 'round da sto so I don't be messin' muh toenails up. I gots tuh look good fer church". Someone needs to ask this nig if his legs are broken. Stand up like a man, and get your own food, ya lazy sack of crap...and screw Xerox.

  6. That "advertisment" is a feeble pretence of pushing Xerox.

    White genocide pushing corporate whores.

  7. Check out this Old Navy commercial:


    It's the standard emasculated unhip White male thing.

  8. In the Jewish Old Navy commercial referred to above, the stupid white guy throws a ball and breaks the mirror the gigantic superior negro was looking in and gets a withering stare of disapproval from the black man.

    White guys are clearly lame.

    Later we see the same superior black lifting a stupid white guy above his head like a barbell signalling again his domination over stupid white people.

    Thanks Joooz!!!!!!!

    We get that you hate us!

  9. At least they got one thing right; Regardless of their status, blacks don't tip.