Friday, September 14, 2012

Get Religion: Pasty Golem Tools Shame Themselves With Devil Scrawl

The city of Duluth, MN has a 90 percent white population. Apparently some have a real problem with this. Enter their city's self-righteous campaign to shame their population for being who they are.

I love how I'm only 7 seconds into this and they're already contradicting themselves. This girl says how "people see us, not a color." Meanwhile she's being singled out in this video, written upon, and interviewed for no other reason than her whiteness.

The Mayor's office in Duluth is backing this genocidal tripe. How could Duluth's whites allow themselves to be subjected to such social-marxist, Frankfurt school joo-shaming? Call the Duluth Mayor's office and tell them you refuse to let them stigmatize and shame you for being white.

The guy at :21 says "we're privileged because society was set up for us." He needs to clarify this: white people set up society in Duluth for themselves, just as most societies are set up by people for their own convenience. No group sets up their society in order to explicitly benefit some other, outside group. People in Japan over thousands of years set up societies that privilege Japanese. But none of the racially homogenous cities in Japan make videos bemoaning "Japanese privilege." None of the racially homogenous cities in Korea make videos bemoaning "Korean privilege." None of the racially homogenous cities in Madagascar or the Ivory Coast make videos bemoaning "Black privilege." It's Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians -- White countries for everybody!

Here are the Un-Fair campaign partners. Boycott them at will or just tell them what you think.
  • Central Labor Body
  • Churches United in Ministry (CHUM)
  • City of Duluth Mayor’s Office
  • City of Duluth American Indian Commission
  • City of Duluth Human Rights Commission
  • Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial Inc.
  • Community Action Duluth
  • Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs
  • Lake Superior College
  • Life House
  • St. Louis County Public Health and Human Services
  • University of Minnesota Duluth
  • University of Wisconsin Superior
  • YWCA
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Saturday, August 4, 2012

More Olympic Anti-White Mayhem

In the Olympic spirit, circa 2012, we would like to give you another heart-warming story of the best going for the gold.

But in this case, Aaron Cook, Britain's best, is being cut from the Olympic team because he is a "person without color."

As if that wasn't sufficiently tragic, none of the mainstream media outlets are covering the story honestly

Note how in neither of these videos do the reporters mention the obvious: that Cook was disqualified because he is white? that he has been replaced with a black guy so that Brits can look more politically correct to the rest of the world?

So when do the British wake up to so many slaps in the face: when so many dusky-faced reporters tell them that their white star athletes are being replaced for no other reason than the color of their skin?

As a commenter on my Youtube channel said:
"must be that white privilege everyones talking about, lol"

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Olympic Cermonial Blackworship

What in heaven's name were they thinking?

But I called it.  I knew the Olympic organizers for London 2012 wouldn't be able to promote an iota of nationalist sentiment, as we saw in Beijing. No. They would have to prostrate themselves before the New World Order, parade around their dread-locked eye-dolls like a multiCULTy Moloch!

But of course, according to Danny Boyle, Britain was ALWAYS multicultural. Did you see all those dusky 17th century agrarians? Proof!

My Filipino friend laughed out loud at this moment, captured in the video above. Of course casting was going to conjure up a pair of youthful, flirtsy blacks for us, with the girl a little light-skined in order to imply subtly a bit of miscegenation in her past and our future.

It's just a tiny flirtatious moment--and yet it becomes the front-and-center focus of a (formerly) white nation's Olympic opening ceremony, normally the showcase through which a nation expresses its identity.

I guess this, then, is Britain's sense of self: dark faced people tussling over a cell phone. From Shakespeare and Thomas Tallis to this! Depressing.
Why can't whites, especially in Anglosphere, see that their weird, dark fixations look strange to the rest of the world (as to my Filipino friend) for whom racial abasement is not (yet) a religious tenet?

And religious it is, shown here, with a chorus line of whites, arms a-sway in raptures of devotion.

[Sorry for the extra long lapse. I was on the road and burdened by other writing projects. Please be patient if I fall off the radar from time to time!]

Sunday, May 27, 2012

White Men Are Idiots. Black Men And White Women: Pair Up!

Another great find from one of our sharp-eyed contributors. We have often maintained that these subtle commercials are sometimes more poisonous than the more explicit ones because they creep under our radar and poison the well of our unconscious minds.  

Does anyone think these memes are accidental when they play out identically in two separate videos? 

Sure, at first glance these ads might just look to be mocking stupid white men. But you'll notice more going on if you are attentive.

Watch the weird placement of the black guy and blonde white woman in the first video, above. Though physically they are spaced a few feet apart, the camera angle makes it look like they are meshed into each other. At :04, when the black guy leans up against the car, he seems to lean into the white woman. They share the center of the frame together. 

Now pause at :05. Look at the black guy's hand, which is coolly leaning on the windshield of the car. From the angle of the camera, it actually looks like it is draped across the blond woman's waist, touching her just above her vaginal area. Again and again they use this this angle (at :15 and :20). Eventually it looks like he's caressing her. 

Any accident, this pairing? this juxtaposition of black man on white woman while a white guy is made to look like a fool? If you think it is just my own paranoia, check out video two, below. 

Again the white guy is depicted as foolish while the cool black guy and white woman pair up. Again at :04 they are integrated into each other. The white woman looks back at the black guy, as if for reassurance. Again at :05 they are leaned into one another. At :14 they simultaneously shake their heads disapprovingly. In other words, they team up, gang up in rejection of the white male dolt.

Funny how the people who produced this ad think you white fokes gonna go out git yerselves a brand new Chevy like the brainwashed pathetic sheep you are. 

Let's prove them wrong.

Boycott: Chevy.
Hat tip: An AWM contributor.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

LiveLinks: White Women Lust After Black Guys Who Listen

I agree with the anonymous commenter who suggested this one: the commercial is repugnant indeed. 

I sometimes feel I have become numb to the insults that the Anti-White Media throws at us, after having pored over the worst of the worst for so long. But this little ad brought all of my original gag-reflex sensitivity back, as if I were an AWM neophyte. The meme-masters are getting ever-more brazen with their psychic attacks against the white male sense of self.

I hardly need to point out the evil game being played in this ad, it is so obvious. The typical "nice" white guy is shown to be grossly inadequate, and is totally shown up by the in-yo-face, know-it-all negro. The black guy's sneering smack-down of his white "friend" leaves the white waitress positively breathless with passion.

And still the white guy doesn't get it. "What's hot?" he wonders. "The chilli or the chicken?" Ha ha ha. The white psychic cuckold is totally in the dark, blinded by the glare of the volcanic sexual chemistry erupting before him. Pathetic.

Boycott: Livelinks.
Hat tip: An anonymous contributor.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

PBS: Please Let Sweet Innocent Somalis Into Your Town!

More proof that your State Department is actively engaged in genociding the white population of the United States. They work at every level: facilitating the physical movement of black "refugees" from Somalia into middle America (in this case Shelbyville, TN) and then promoting the integration of these refugees via their propaganda arm at PBS.

This film "Welcome to Shelbyville" was screened at the State Department to glowing in-house reviews. It was lovingly promoted by our very own Bureau of Population, Refugees, Migration, and Death To Whitey.

The short clip above is representative. It features a white guy who is inserted by the editors to give voice to the anti-immigration position. Surely they could have found someone to make a more intelligent appeal? But they used this guy, an ex-mayor. Why interview the ex mayor? I suspect the current mayor doesn't mispronounce Muslims as "Muslins."

The editors turn this man's reasoned skepticism into seeming paranoia by immediately cutting from his warning--"They're out to kill us"--to some shots of one of the Muslims in question. And, lo and behold, she turns out to be a harmless old lady! Awww. She just wants to "work" and "find a better education," and this old, dim-witted, alarmist white guy won't let her!

How can our own State Department and our own public broadcasting network give whites fair representation when at the level of video editing there is always this relentless tendency to spin things in the direction of our genocide? Don't resist the influx of the third world, whitey, or PBS will make you look like a foolish old man.

Boycott: PBS.

[ATTN: Sorry for the recent lapse. As I mentioned earlier this year, I am currently writing a few books, one of which is closely related to the contents of this blog. I thank you for your continued interest and I hope to be posting here more regularly in the near future. There is certainly no dearth of Anti-White Media to archive and critique. Know thy enemy!]

Thursday, April 12, 2012

STARBUCKS: Blonde Women, You Must Blend With Coffee-Colored Men

Mellow, cool, hip, white girls need a black guy at their side and a cup o' joe in their hands. Millions have been spent by companies plugging this meme. If you think the interracial pairing in the commercial is accidental, look below at this full page, full color ad on the back cover of the uber-woman's magazine Real Simple:

Boycott: Starbucks.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

How Whites Took Over America

Here is a brilliant satire on the typical Anti-White Media talking points. Great to see pro-whites reflecting back upon their enemy half a trillion dollars worth of "racist" programming.

Pro-white propaganda is getting ever more sophisticated. Congrats to the BUGSters who made this.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

JC PENNY: We Promote Genocide!

This ad works on subconscious and more explicit levels simultaneously. We begin at :04 with a woman using a bicycle pump to fill a little girl's floaty. The ad makers will dream up so many creative ways to mimic the act of sex. Is it any accident that this woman is basically bouncing up and down on a long pole with a big smile on her face? Think that's unintentional?

Hardly. And though this woman looks Cuban/Hispanic or something, from a distance, before we see a close up of her face, her skin tone makes her look like she could easily be a tanned Caucasian. And she just happens to be bouncing up and down on a long black rod. That's right: the rod of the bicycle pump just happens to be black.

Now, of course the naysayers will claim that we are nuts, that we are seeing miscegenation everywhere. But keep watching this ad to the end and then tell me this is intro scene is an accident.

After the first few scenes, we see a bunch of white women looking from side to side, as if they're hunting for something. We even have a post-menopausal woman hunting through nature with binoculars. What could she be searching for? The answer comes in the final scene, the culmination of the ad, which ties the whole thing together.

What has been insinuated since the beginning and sought after through the middle finally gets consummated in the end: a white woman finds her black buck and climbs some fire stairs to what looks like will be a hip upstairs loft. She has a naughty look in her eye, as if to say, I'm gonna fuck the shit out of this black guy.

They embrace and are framed as the camera pans out. The white woman finds her man. The End.

Boycott: JC Penny.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Associating Cheese With Interracial Sex?

I never used to associate cheese with interracial sex. But thanks to Philadelphia Cream Cheese, I now do.

The woman here looks vaguely Hispanic or something, but the casting directors knew what they were doing. They knew that 90 percent of the viewing audience would see this couple and think "white woman, black guy." While selling their cheese, why not sell a little New World Order social engineering on the side?

Par for the course in the genocidal world of 21st century Anti-White Media.

Boycott: Philadelphia Cream Cheese and all Kraft products.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Know-It-All Black Lady The "Brains Of This Operation" On Helpless Whitey

The white male patient is just meat to be humiliated.

The white male surgeon is unethical.

The black lady is the "brains of this operation." She calls out her co-worker on his unethical behavior. She's the judge of white male morality.

She knows everything. She's a brain surgeon. She also knows a more efficient way for whitey to plan his vay-cay.

Note the weak-armed whitey hi-five. Note the disapproving black lady gaze.

Thus we have yet another ad in which blacks fill the role of the Big Other. The Lacanian Big Other, simply put, is the person or thing before whom one must keep up appearances, before whom one must be on good behavior. The Big Other can be a state or a parent. Here, as well as in a thousand other Anti-White ads, the Big Other is the black gaze. Why must the New World Order social engineers constantly promote blacks as this Big Other, and show whites, especially white males, as kowtowing to their afro-centric worldview?

Boycott: Kayak.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

[It is amazing that this show Bonekickers failed to catch on, seeing as it was aimed so narrowly at the enormous "Black British Archaeologist" demographic.]

At :15 we hear a sagacious black man whisper "If you don't know your past, how can you know your future?"

Now, in a normal Britain this would be good advice. Archaeologists would dig up a mountain of evidence showing whites to be the aboriginal inhabitants of their island. Knowing this past, they would promote a future that maintains that heritage.

But in a Britain limping through an age of Anti-White Media, we are brought to the opposite conclusion. Here whites play second fiddle, at best, while blacks are archaeologists, politicians, lovers, and wise men and wise women.

Under the direction of the morally perfect and uber-professional black main character, we find that Britain was always multicultural--"What the hell is a middle-eastern coin doing in a park in Somerset?"-- while at the same time discovering how, historically, whites have been evil slave drivers and evil crusaders and generally evil and culturally insensitive.

But isn't it culturally insensitive to subject white Britain to such an intellectual lashing when no one is producing similar shows in, say, Turkey or Saudi Arabia or Sub-Saharan Africa? -- A show where noble proud whites uncover evidence of centuries of oppression and slavery and brutality fostered by the local Turks, Saudis, and Africans?

Anti-Racism is just a code word for Anti-White.

I give you an episode-by-episode Bonekickers rundown, provided by an anonymous contributor. (Thanks!)

Episode 1: Blonde-haired, blue-eyed Christian terrorists declare a Crusade on poor, innocent brown Muslims. Including one scene where the evil white Christian decapitates an innocent Muslim.

Episode 2: They discover some relic of horrific white-on-black slavery in Bristol, and we get an hour of White Guilt about slavery, on top of a Black Presidential candidate being racially abused by an evil white racist. It also turns out that Black soldiers played a pivotal role in the Revolutionary War in America, but it had been covered up because of evil white racists.

Episode 3: They discover that Boudicca, the Ancient British Queen who famously fought back against the Roman immigration to Britain 2,000 years ago, was actually secretly having an affair with one of the Roman immigrants.

Episode 4: The white female archaeologists tells us that Northern European archaeology is pathetic and boring compared to wonderful Egyptian and Middle Eastern archaeology. We never built anything good and were just savages eating dung. There's also White guilt about looting Middle Eastern artifacts.

Episode 5: I can't remember but it's something that undermines Britain's sense of pride about World War I, they uncover some dead bodies which were on some secret mission to kill some German civilians or something, and the British army tries to cover it up.

Looks like Britain had an evil past and, as punishment, will have a brown future, courtesy of the BBC.

Friday, March 9, 2012

White Wimp Gets Turned Into A Vending Machine(?)

White man. The hockey stick is to emphasize that he's white. Of course he gets humiliated, stripped. His posture is wilty. His voice is meek. He gets transformed into an inanimate object which then gets destroyed. The black guy is given god-like powers. The ad is "funny" so we associate laughter and good times with white men getting smashed.

Par for the course. Now go buy your Old Spice, you self-loathing white sheep.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Naked White Woman [Random White Male Carnage] Cool Black Guy

This one goes quickly, so you have to watch closely. But the message is clear: white males are the disposable, queer, rightful-recipients of violence and shame. Black males are the rightful recipients of porno messages from white women.

This commercial has an arc, a structure. I can block it out for you. It goes something like this: Naked White Woman [Random White Male Carnage] Cool Black Guy.

We see a duckfaced naked sudsy slut sending her photo through some Motorola messaging service or apparatus. The next few scenes trace the trajectory of the message: first she lights up the wires of a phone line, as if her message was still being sent the old fashioned way and was too hot for the old network to handle. The white phone company employee is not the intended recipient of the message. He's just gawking as it passes by him; in fact as a telecommunications lackey he is only there to facilitate its passing, and he is slacking on the job, drooling over an image not for him.

We are supposed to imagine the image moves on through the sequence of scenes. At each stage, white males are humiliated, infantilized, and bitch-slapped. The at :17 the poor white boy Jimmy behind the bathroom door is implicitly masturbating to the slutty pic. Then in quick succession three white men get slapped, two of whom are homos and all of whom are ugly.

It is no accident that the "cool black guy" (who in no way gets slapped, humiliated, or depicted as gay) stands below what looks to be a line dangling from above. He is, visually, the end of the line, i.e. the phone line that the white phone technician was working on. So the white woman at the beginning and the black guy at the end are bookends. He is the terminus of her slutty text.

What do you think the odds were that this interracial pairing was intended from the beginning, at the inception of this ad? I can see it now: ad agency assholes sitting in their sewing circles, trying to concoct a way for a naked white woman to be paired with a cool black guy's gaze.

Such is often the goal in our genocidal 21st century western visual culture.

[Update: Still working on my book related to this blog. Thanks for your patience while the posts are few-and-far-between for the next several months. I do hope to post a few more this month, however.]

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pepsi: Blacks Lead Revolt Deposing Feminized Whitey

Pepsi here tries to encourage an on-going social revolution in which white males are ridiculed and downtrodden. We laugh when the white jester falls through the floor. Of course he's white because he's queer and can't sing and tries to be hip and fails and get's a likely fatal punishment. Hilarious. Of course it's the blackish woman who has the powerful voice, who overturns the old order for "dah people, yo" who symbolized the mixed-race, miscegenating mob. Of course it is no accident that as the black woman croons and gyrates her pelvis, demanding RESPECT, the camera pans to a white woman with a block-jawed (clearly non-feminized) black guy (:30) and a white guy with a distracted black woman.

Of course dah white king gets usurped by the undulating, mixed-race rabble; he falls through the floor and gets mocked by yet another black guy. The white king, it seems, cant even get a break in this new pseudo-hell. He has fallen to the lowest of the low, and the black soul sistah now rules.

All this is to say that while the new political paradigm claims we are all one world, all soul brothahs and sistahs, and thus should all embrace in brotherly love in a world-wide group hug, the opposite is actually the case: in the new order, white males are the enemy because the multicultural mob feels entitled to take from them goodies and power. And empowered blacks and half-blacks are going to distribute these goodies to the mob. Sound familiar?

While we are told how horrible it was for Hitler to scapegoat the Joos, it seems it is perfectly ok to depict all white males as dorks-who-deserve-to-die. Apparently, in the age of Anti-White Media, that's not offensive at all.

Just more propaganda to excuse the on-going genocide in all white countries and only white countries.

Boycott: Pepsi

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The BBC's White Genocide Propaganda

The opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics, if you recall, featured a stadium field full of Chinese drummers and dancers, who were all just that -- Chinese.

I'll refresh your memory:

I remember watching these opening ceremonies in '08 thinking that there was something refreshingly nationalistic about them. I knew that when the London 2012 Olympics rolled around it would be a different story entirely.

You see, the United Kingdom is a white country, and as such it has to prostrate itself to globalist multiculturalism. They will not be able to feature a sea of fit white men dancing in unison like the Chinese did. No, instead there will be loads and loads of propaganda, as in this BBC spot at top, where they do nothing but celebrate diversity and white genocide.

The BBC video asks: "Why does Britain have one of the world's largest mixed-race populations?"

Well, sir, because immigration was forced down its people's throats post WWII. The British people never voted on whether they wanted to be genocided out of existence.

Once again it's Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, White Countries for EVERYBODY!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's Funny When White Boys Get Decapitated

At first I thought there was something distinctly odd about this ad for a fizzy drink.

What is strange here is that, while we have the usual bi-racial cast, the white kid isn't automatically shown as dumb and reliant on the black kid to tell him how to be cool.

The white kid is actually "cool."

Call me crazy, but somehow I had a suspicion that by the end of the commercial, something vile was just bound to happen to the white kid, just to, you know, reassure me that I wasn't dreaming and that I was still in the 21st century, the Age of Anti-White Media. White kids can't possibly be cool next to black kids. It's illegal. He must surely be punished.

How right I was. Don't you love it when those white kids get decapitated and black kids just laugh?

Imagine the "controversy" and all the bitching and moaning that would ensue if the races were reversed.

Boycott: Yoplait

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Reality vs. Antiwhite Hollywood Fantasy

The viral video of Epic Beard Man has been turned into a film by the Hollyweirds.

Of course the new film
Bad Ass distorts the original, real story out of all recognition. They say it is "based on a true story," but here, instead of the white 67 year-old getting harassed on a public bus by an uppity black guy, it is two white skinheads picking on a poor, innocent Mexican! Of course!

As if they couldn't just make a movie about Epic Beard Man. No: he's white, so that would be rayyyycisss.

Our culture has a disease of the soul.

Hat tip: Scotsman.

[By the way, happy New Year. Pardon if postings slow down for a few months. I have tried to keep it up to 12 to 14 per month for over a year, and of course there is always more to post. But don't worry: I'm not getting lazy--quite the opposite! I am writing a book on the subject of this blog, and I intend to finish sometime this year. This plus a full-time job. I still intend to post about once a week, so stay tuned. Normal posting pace will resume eventually. And I will keep you all informed on the status of the new book.]