Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Castle Lite: Servile Whitey Can't Touch Dis, Only Blacks Can

A contributor turned us on to an Anti-White brand out of South Africa, Castle Lager.

This beer company promotes the White Genocide in South Africa by repeatedly showing negative images of whites and repeatedly deriding and deconstructing any semblance of white racial loyalty or pride.

Here, as in many of their ads, the black man is romanticised and lauded at whitey's expense. The whitey is weak, servile, and can't even touch a chilled bottle without disintegrating into a pathetic, panicky, freak. Only blacks are cool enough to hold the phallic object of desire.

In Castle ads, blacks are paid tribute. Their struggles are "cool." How can this corporation celebrate the Soweto uprisings (in the ad above) without implying that that limp whitey (in the previous ad) belongs in his servile, subordinate role - in the nation he and his white forefathers built?

Castle Lager is Anti-White.

Boycott: Castle Lager, Castle Light.


  1. Thank you for showing interest. Boers (white farmers or Afrikaners) know that we are heading for meltdown. If only it could culminate in a big old fashioned fight. We are ready for that. Bring them on.
    But we cannot fight the media who are constantly feeding our fellow white South Africans anti-white garbage. How are we going to win the fight for our own people's hearts and minds when they are being poisoned 24 hours a day?