Wednesday, September 30, 2009

If This Doesn't Get Your Blood Boiling, You're Either Just Too Indoctrinated or You're Not White

Oh wait, oh wait. I'm going to try to be civil with this one. I'm not partial to Orientals or anything akin to the like, but I think it would be only fair, since we see here, in this preposterous manifestation of Jewish fantasy, a Black "American" being serviced by both a White man and an Easterner that are shown both on their knees and engaging in a quasi-homosexual and equally disgusting practice of putting their mouths in contact with the black's filthy bath water, evoking such intense feelings of repulsion for both this entartete anti-hygenic act and the subtle faggotry of it, that I remind the Whites that may subconsciously absorb this into their half-paralyzed brains and the Negros that have their egos inflated for no reason other than the fact that some kike has a hard-on for seeing Whites subservient to the world's most backwards people, that European peoples can be summed up as such:

White Civilization:

Asian Civilization:

African "Civilization":

I found the last one by simply typing "African Civilization" into Google images.

It's a painting on a fence.

And child-like scrawled pictures of pseudo-history, because as we all know, the Egyptians were black, right? Right?

Subtle... very subtle...

Here we go. From CNN. On the left we see the most popular story: Aryan couple Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are "barely having sex."

After all, constant and wild disgusting sex like that seen in the videos of vaguely-White Lady Gaga and her Afro-can backup dancers is normal and healthy, right? Well then, Mr. Jew, who is having a lot of healthy sex? 

Well, Ms. Brain-Dead-Football-Watching-Aryan-Woman, quite obviously, Jon Gosselin, half-breed Mongoloid slob who impregnated a White woman and popped out eight mush-faces. Now there's a healthy relationship!

Thanks, Jews!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Okay, One More From MSN, To Give You The Hang Of It

Marriage is disgusting! You'll both get fat and smell bad! Especially White marriages! Look how repulsed the White woman on the left is at the idea! But, what are those secrets to happy couples? They're obviously not found in this image!

That just about describes it...

Because, as we know, only White Aryan women make mistakes, and should be SHUT UP. 

Learning the Signs, Part I

Perhaps I'm just being very paranoid, but for the purpose of the initial stages of this website, I'm going to point out how a combination of different images can contribute to impounding specific ideas into the head of the unwary viewer. This may or may not be cooperatively intentional on behalf of the individual producers of the individual pieces of media that appear in tandem to assault the reader, but may in fact be unwitting. However, the presentation of a multicultural array of images created by many people that most likely do not have pro-White agendas, can engender a subtle but very powerful effect.

Here is your average page from CNN, arguably a liberal news network that makes no ends to hide stories that may be detrimental to multicultural propagandizing. However, this array was likely unintended, though I'm willing to accept arguments to the otherwise. On the left one sees a White male purchasing fast food from another White male.

Any visitor to a large number of fast food restaurants in urban areas in the majority of this country is aware that the most frequent customers to these establishments are non-Whites, oftentimes obese. However, on the right side of the page, we see three images, two of which feature very muscular and fit Black men, juxtaposed next to a dozing and undefined White or Whitish male. The words "snoring" and "death" are associated with the White male, whereas "muscle" and "development" are assigned to the Black male.

Very sneaky, indeed.

A fairly obvious one from MSN; expect quite a few of these.

Right. Because White men are known to be lazy, exclusively.

Monday, September 28, 2009

To Start Off...

Look at this image. This is from the new TV show on ABC called "Modern Family." I first noticed these rather innocuous advertisements while riding the subway. On the left is a rather normative-looking White man with his Mestizo wife and fat, unappealing Mestizo child. In the middle is a White woman with a mystery meat, non-Northern European man that could even be Lebanese, and his rather non-traditional looking children. On the right are two White, doofy looking homosexuals, obviously incompetent in their ability to rear an infant. 

So what, brothers and sisters, is the message here, for those who haven't seen the show?

1) Normal strong, White men should be marrying Mestizos, or it is perfectly acceptable for strapping, light-eyed elderly gentlemen of the American White strain to be raising non-White children.

It should also be noted that this man is also the patriarch of the entire family. His miscegenation is very representative.

2) Normal White women shouldn't care who they marry. The fact that this "White" guy in the middle is more of a mystery meat is very, very subtle. I'll let the geneticists and eugenicists of the White Nationalist movement to debate me on this one. The girl on the right is akin to the Beyoncé or other quasi-"White" mold found commonly in today's American media. The children are also darker haired. We must also note that the vast, vast majority of children born today in the world are dark haired.

3) Very phenotypical White men, the red-headed one being the son of the very masculine White male in the initial image, are flabby effeminate homosexuals and terrible fathers, having adopted, get this, an Asian baby.

Come the hell on, ABC. Live and learn, people. Consider this your reeducation.

And, Here We Go

The point of this blog is pretty straight forward.

If I see anything, anything, that could be considered a weapon in this sixty-year war on White unity and White ethnic purity, I will post it. I ask my readers to submit similar material.

Links, videos, advertisements, news articles, commercials, movies, films, posters, personal photographs, anything, you name it. It will show up here. Send 'em to me, and I'll put it up if it's egregious enough.

This is a war, people. We have to fight the bad people that want us gone.