Tuesday, September 20, 2011

GEICO: Sissified White Caveman Engages In Blackworship

Not only did the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffett promote the most Anti-White president in American history, his companies' ads also consistently humiliate white men.

In the ad above, the white guy is doubly humiliated.

First, he is depicted as a caveman, i.e. not fully evolved. Then, as if that weren't enough, he is also feminized. So while we might think of the pre-historical caveman as a "supermasculine menial," the antithesis to today's metrosexual phenotype, this Geico version of a caveman can't cut a break either way; he is both dumbed-down on the evolutionary ladder as well as emasculated as any latte-sipping sissy boy.

Note how the camera hangs on the black guy's muscular back at the very start of the ad. The camera is prying, spying on some private locker-room goings-on. This alone valorizes the black man as the desire object. Then comes the hurried pawing of the white beggar. Instantly a hierarchy is established: the white guy at the bottom, the black guy at top, the beneficent distributor of boons. The white can beg for salvation, but whether or not he gets it is entirely up to the whim the black god.

"Come on Sunshine!" says the blonde woman, twisting the deep-driven dagger of the white guy's humiliation. She tosses a pom-pom, which positively startles him!

Boycott: Geico, Berkshire Hathaway.

These kinds of ads are both postscript and prescript. They reflect current Anti-White attitudes as well as give a prescription for further Anti-White action.

Turning whites into cavemen makes explicit their pending extinction, their planned obsolescence. That the Geico caveman is depicted as weak and ineffectual is fitting: Anti-White media brainwashes whites into forswearing self-assertion, and the removal of self-assertion in a group is genocide.

When a species in nature no longer fights for its survival or actively pursues its interests EVEN AT THE EXPLICIT EXPENSE OF OTHERS, it is fast-tracked to extinction.

Ironically, the idea that “we can all just get along” is promoted by precisely the same people who wish us harm, who wish us to cease to fight for ourselves. Nature is competition and conflict, a “war of all against all,” the Hobbsean bellum omnium contra omnes. Whites have every right to participate in this war as much as any other group, human or non-human.


  1. I think you the motivation the powers-that-be have for exalting these negroes is clear. I’ll go one step further and submit that there is also motive to make the rest of humanity question that which we see with our own eyes.

    Kind of like a "1984" experiment where Big Brother holds up 2 fingers and tells you it’s 4, and if you answer anything other than 4, you get a shock, or a rat is put closer to your face to gnaw it off.

    Similarly with the negro: “Big Brother says the negro is good!” You say, “But those negroes over there are raping and robbing!” Response: Big Brother takes your job via “raycizzm” lawsuit, and says to you again: “Negroes are good!”

    We can see where this is going: How many “reinforcements” will the average person withstand before finally saying, “OK, fine, the negro is GOOD! Just make it stop!”

  2. 'We can see where this is going: How many “reinforcements” will the average person withstand before finally saying, “OK, fine, the negro is GOOD! Just make it stop!”'

    Excellent point! Negro as psychic weaponry to empower the state.

  3. Thanks anon, you have fomented my morning's rant:

    The weaponized negro is only one in a list of things that empower the state at the expense of the family, ethic cohesion, etc.

    Blackpromotion, curbing "global warming," fighting "anti-semitism, the "war on poverty," the spreading of "democracy" and promoting the "rights of women" -- these sound so noble, but they are fool's errands, all. They are weapons against the sovereignty of nations and nationalist sentiment (the only true democracy), especially for whites.

    Blacks are naturally the way they are and no amount of money thrown at them (taken from white taxes) is going to change their nature. Billions into the Department of Education has done nothing but collapse academic standards in an effort to disguise the fact that blacks and whites are so different intellectually.

    Poverty is natures status quo. No one goes into a bird's nest or lion's den, bemoans their shabby living conditions, and works to provide these creatures with a flatscreen tv and health benefits. The anomally in nature is not poverty but western technology and material abundance, which has fooled people into thinking that such a condition is normal and that the rest of humanity might be (should be) raised to that seemingly normal level. But all that has happened in the past century in the 3rd world is population explosion; the poverty persists.

    Meanwhile predator drones are striking in Af-pak, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, etc, in an effort to spread "democracy" and fight "intolerance." Ironic, no?

  4. Ah, speaking of...This just in:


  5. And thank YOU for bringing the incidents of anti-white sentiment to light. I've been trying for a year now to put my finger on just WHY there is so much anti-white sentiment. Who benefits?

    Well, if we "follow the money/power" we clearly see those at the top benefit, regardless of race. As long as they play their role according to the scrips and follow their lines, they'll be rewarded.

  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xtr3j-DuM0
    Go to :30 to 1:00
    Another example of an anti-white stricken commercial.

  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEQzJRRIXKs
    Here's a more blatant anti-white commercial, this time making white women appear stupid (change from the usual AWM).

  8. I like this analysis. Very prescient, well done.

  9. Bioiyon, Anon:

    Thanks for the suggestions. We'll check them out.

  10. I wonder how much this kosher media driven anti-white male propaganda has cost male European Americans in aggregate earnings in the last decade alone? It must be a staggering number when coupled with the anti-European male kosher affirmative action ladder in the corporate world that favors those of the correct race. What a bunch of hypocritical reprobates. This sort of bigotry and racism is not sustainable.

  11. die slow, honkies

  12. funny considering a real cave man would tear that nigger apart limb from limb

  13. Whenever a advert degrades your culture don't buy the product and make sure you tell everyone you know why.If everyone does this the Jew bastards would be running scared about the losses in profits....bastards the lot of them!

  14. your kingdom is falling white people your slowly becoming extinct