Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cool Black Humiliates Clueless White

I have been on the road, so pardon for the hiatus. And as I am still on the road, this post will be short and sweet. It is a companion piece to the posting of July 23rd of last year.

The format is the same: A beer wench who is intended to be "hot" (but really isn't) scolds a clueless white for being a clueless white.

At :05 the beer wench mentions that the white man is wearing his girlfriend's pants, just as he and a blonde woman are framed together. This subliminally connects the blonde woman, as a potential girlfriend, to the clueless white man.

Yet at :12 the camera inspects the man's phallus and it is found to be wanting. It is constrained by the girly pants. The white man is humiliated, emasculated, castrated. Then the blonde woman turns back towards the black guy sitting next to her at the bar.

As if that's not enough Anti-White imagery, the white man, at :25, goes on to get mocked and humiliated by a cool black guy at a table of jocks.

Two Anti-White moments in one 30 second ad? Coincidence? Not when being Anti-White is the new religious dogma, spewed from the media and the marketplace, everywhere you turn.

Boycott: Miller Light

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dumb Whites. Smart Black.

If blacks are always always ALWAYS portrayed as the innocent benefactor, the sage imparter of wisdom and goodness in the world, wouldn't you assume (since no one is really perfect) that there must be some kind of serious overcompensation at play?

Are blacks really that bad that, in order to counterbalance the reality, they need to be fictionalized and cartoonized into some kind of vision of infinite perfection?

For an insightful podcast on this matter, please hop on over to Follow the White Rabbit EPISODE 15 where Horus tells us all about "Negative Conditioning."

Especially relevant: the 13 minute, 52 second mark; also check out the 32 minute, 30 second mark.

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Human Network (At The Center Of Which Is A Breakdancing Black Kid)

We are all "interconnected," sure--but there is a fine line between connectivity and psychic colonization, and Cisco has crossed that line.

A hundred or even ten years ago, Tibetan Monks could focus on their meditations. But now, with Cisco, all attentions get distracted by the dancing black kid. No more will we have a moment's peace. Every household will get invaded by his insistent, mindless, pointless gyrations. Every person will drop what they are doing and re-prioritize, and at the top of their mental to-do list will be, well: pay attention to the dancing black kid. Why? Because Cisco has brought you to this crisis in which what is going on around you is irrelevant. It is only the black kid and your instant access to his dance that matters. If you don't have black-kid access, well, you're just so last century.

And then...then the heartbreaking moment, that crucial second at :27 (the most important point in a 30 second ad, as we have mentioned previously) when the white kid looks up with that face that says "The world would pay attention to me if I were that dancing black kid." His look betokens envy, admiration, loneliness and loss. It only lasts a second, but it is immediately followed by and contrasted with the dancing black kid, looking smug, dancing over Times Square(!)

A voiceover condescendingly reassures "Anyone can be famous," implying that even shy white kids, more cerebral perhaps, might be able to indulge the ego-trip fantasy of being a dancing black kid with the help of Cisco.

Boycott: Cisco

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

eHarmony Redefines "Compatibility"

Everything is ideological.

These ads promote "compatibility" around the most
flimsy and subjective categories--are you "vivacious?" or "rational?" or "self-aware?" "warm?" "spontaneous?" "easy-going?"-- as if such psychobabble terms are the keys to soulmatehood and bliss.

Yet eHarmony disregards the clearly perceptible and measurable--and far more fundamental and consequential--categories of race and ethnicity.

Indeed, their ads actively promote race-mixing. Thus they redefine "compatibility" for us unenlightened, unwashed masses.

Black on white, white on Asian, white on Hispanic, whatever. As long as the whites get blended, eHarmony's agenda is furthered. eMission accomplished. ("eMission?" A procreative pun?)

A white friend of mine tried eHarmony once and just got matched up with a bunch of old
Filipina women. He soon cancelled his membership. Their mainframe has a few kinks in it, it seems.

Boycott: eHarmony

Monday, January 17, 2011

NPR: Gringo Assassin, Brown Heroes

The Jared Loughner case elicits yet more Anti-White Media, more blatant brown boosterism, this time from America's Tax-Funded National Public Radio.

Here NPR reminds us that gay Mexicans are heroes and that white males are psychokillers.

Sure, in this case things just ended up that way. But why doesn't NPR feel the need to make a racial issue out of other crimes, far more numerous, in which the perp is brown or black?

They never do. That just wouldn't fit NPR's "anti-racist" narrative.

Anti-Racism is just a code-word for anti-white.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

USA TODAY: Whites Are Psychokillers, Blacks And Hispanics Are Heroic

USA Today has used the tragedy in Tucson, Arizona as an opportunity to issue some Anti-White propaganda:

Images of the deranged white assassin Jared Loughner (who according to some sources might actually be jewish) have saturated the media landscape. But have you seen USA Today's story on Daniel Hernandez (below), a congressional intern who valiantly attended to Loughner's wounded and dying victims?

Such a juxtaposition of a "white" criminal and a minority hero might be considered a normal, occasional occurrence. It is bound to happen from time to time in a nation of 300 million, despite the fact that whites are far more likely to be the victims of minority crime than vice versa.

But then Anti-White Media moguls at the USA Today decided to pick at this fresh wound and, in the context of the Arizona tragedy, make the absurd, subjective, and totally unverifiable claim that
"blacks and Hispanics [are] twice as likely as whites to perform heroic deeds[!]"

This claim is apparently based on a study by Stanford Prof Philip Zimbardo, who says he seeks to probe deeper into why there are such striking differences between races with regard to heroism. He speculates that non-whites, "being discriminated against, have more compassion to others in need."

After doing some research on Zimbardo, I find nothing to dissuade me of the opinion that he is yet another academic of middling intelligence who nonetheless has made a "brilliant career" for himself by saying exactly what certain powerful groups want to hear.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cue Evil Music: White Australians Once Wanted to Stay White

Thanks to Scott from Australia for turning AWM on to this absurd little tax-funded documentary from Down Under, "Immigration Nation."

Cue evil music: "The commonwealth of Australia was built on a paradox." "The paradox was they were going to realize a utopia, but they were going to do it by excluding the vast majority of humanity."

Pardon, but that isn't a paradox. It's a
means. There's nothing anti-utopian about being exclusive. In fact, utopias are built around the idea of an "intentional community," which involves a much higher degree of teamwork than other communities. This necessitates an in-group and out-group by definition.

is a paradox, however, is that this documentary, which cries bloody murder any time any white person wants to form an exclusive or intentional community, was written by a jew (Sara Tiefenbrun) and commentated by a jew (Andrew Markus). We'll get to why their jewishness is paradoxical in a moment. But first, let's hear what they have to say:

Cue more evil music: "This meant tough restrictions on immigration."

What is really paradoxical is that while Andrew Markus lectures us in his intolerably smug way on how wrong it is for Australia to be white or to want to stay that way, he currently holds the Pratt Foundation Chair of
Jewish Civilisation at Monash University. Hmm. Jewish Civilization? Now let's take a look at Israel's immigration policy. Hmm. What have we here? The Law of Return, an entirely race-based immigration policy that allows in only people who have jewish blood and excludes others. Nice one.

Any documentaries in the works about clearances of Palestinian land, Prof. Marcus? You lecture white Australians about their evil ways, for wanting to be explicitly white, while keeping silent on Israel's much stricter, race-based immigration policies.
What a wee little, smug little hypocrite. You too, Sara.

This entire documentary is a study in faux history, duplicity, and double-standard. It constantly returns to the poor poor Japanese and Chinese, whom Australia meanly, cruelly, and fiendishly excluded. Never does it mention, however, that China and Japan currenly have, and historically have had, extremely exclusive immigration policies.

So whilst Prof. Markus lectures us like this:

he never informs us that in 1990 Japan passed its Immigration Control Act, still in effect, which allows only people who have Japanese blood to immigrate to Japan. So Japan and Israel have very similar, very strict, race-based immigration policies.

Oh so mean. So cruel. Why no outcry against the Japanese and Israelis? Why no tear-jerking photos of innocent little girls who died because they couldn't get into Japan and Israel?

What we have in this video series is blatant Anti-White Media, blatant New World Order claptrap, the protocols of which form a GLOBAL DOUBLE STANDARD:

Africa for the Africans. Asia for the Asians. White Countries for Everybody!

For more info, hop on over to WHITE RABBIT RADIO and check out the podcasts, starting with episode 1.

Or fly on over to BUGS.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Taxpayer-Funded PSA: Don't Do Drugs. Do Racemix.

Social engineering in the guise of a Public Service Announcement.

Your taxes at work.

What's the real message here?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

All Former U.S. Presidents Have Been Too "Stuffy" And "Uptight" In Other Words Not Black

I am almost too embarrassed to post this one, it is so cringeworthy.

You know the United States has lost its way when positions of leadership require little but the
entirely subjective and vaguely defined skill-set known as "swagga."

I, for one, wish President Obama would "swagga" us out of a perpetual 9+ percent unemployment rate.

I wish he would "swagga" us out of a 12+ trillion dollar debt.

I wish he would "swagga" us out of the Fed's quantitative easing and international bankster bailout rackets.

I wish he would "swagga" us out of ever-expanding Central Asian wars for the benefit of Israel and multinational corporations.

Maybe he could "swagga" average Americans out from under the intrusive eye of our own Department of Homeland Security?

Maybe he could "swagga" us out of perpetually declining educational standards?

Maybe he could "swagga" on down to the border with Mexico to stem the floodtide of illegal immigration/invasion?

But I guess, as the anchor says, he is too busy showing up "courtside at basketball games" and going to "nice dinners" and generally constantly partying down!

Sweet! As long as he gots him some of dat swagga, I guess we's coo, dawg.

p.s. Notice how the woman anchor degrades the white camera man for trying and failing to act black?

Is this what our national media has come to?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Nigerians Wont Rip You Off, White Lady

First, AWM would like to thank all our fans, especially those who have suggested material to be posted here. We apologise for the delay in accommodating your submissions or suggestions, but we actually have a bit of a backlog. It just goes to show how much Anti-White Media there is out there!

But today's post will be in keeping with this week's theme: "Don't be Untrusting, Whitey. That's Rayycisss!" It is a common motif in current Anti-White Media, spreading a destructive and dangerous message in the guise of your average Public Service Announcement about good sportsmanship or saying "please" and "thank you."

Like this week's "Boo!" videos, this ad asks you to ignore all your "racist" misgivings and just be trusting of blacks who couldn't, wouldn't possibly in a million years harm you or rip you off. The video tries to make the VIEWER feel rayycisss for thinking: "Oh. Nigeria. This white lady probably should be worried that her credit card info is being whisked around Lagos by an eight year old on a scooter." Oh but then come those two smiling black faces at :46 and :47 that say: "You rayyyciss. You thought we were criminal underworld types just because we're poor and black. You were wrong. All we want is for the beautiful rich white lady to get the right shoes!"

On some level, on a storytelling level, this ad has a heart-warming appeal. "Aww," we think, "the world isn't such a bad place after all." If there really was no danger in real life, then these videos would be spreading a valuable message. Unfortunately, the world is a dangerous place, and people should never be made to feel racist or wrong for staying alert, on their toes, suspicious, or skeptical. Such feelings help a species survive. You don't want to be a dupe.

This issue is particularly important to this writer. One night, as I was walking alone down a dark road, I noticed two black kids walking towards me. "Should I try to avoid them?" I thought. "Oh no. That would be so totally racist. I'll just give them a friendly 'hi' when we pass each other." Stupid me. One of the two kids pulled a gun and took my wallet. I was lucky to have escaped with my life.

If your instincts are telling you to be wary, chances are it's a good idea to listen.

Don't listen to those who tell you that to listen to your instincts is rayciss. These people are usually jews and zombified whites who want a white populace with no sense of self-interest.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

More Evil Whites Being Evil By Staying Alert to Predation (Translation: White Survival Is Bad. We Must Allow Blacks to Attack Us If They So Wish)

White lady, you're so rayyyciss for acting nervous when that random black guy comes and sits down next to you on a park bench. You shouldn't be that way. It's rayyyciss. You need to forget the fact that, as an elderly white lady, you are likely to have fairly ineffective musculature, and that a young, full-grown male of any race will likely be able to injure you in fractions of a second and rob you of your belongings. Just forget about that. Don't pre-judge. No need to be on-edge.

And the fact that the guy is not only young and male and fairly large and healthy, but also black, shouldn't enter into it. Hell no. It would be rayyyciss if you said that mattered. You just need to forget about all the facts and figures that you might hear (as rumor, of course, because it certainly isn't reported on the Talmudvision) that blacks are 50 times more likely to attack whites than vice versa.

Just forget about that. Nor should you scroll through sites like this, because they report facts and figures that are, like, so totally rayyycisss.

[Bonus Video: Alternate Version of Yesterday's Ad, Featuring Pre-"Boo!" Ultraviolence.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Self-Preservation is Evil (according to this "Anti-Racist" psychopath)

ATTENTION WOMEN EVERYWHERE: Never let anyone make you feel guilty for having self-defense instincts.

I am white. I go into an elevator every day. Sometimes I am in an elevator late at night. Sometimes, when I go into an elevator at an odd hour, there's a woman in there by herself and I can sense that her she is mildly fearful that I might attack her. I can tell it at least crosses her mind. This is normal. I am glad it crosses her mind, because self-defense is a good thing. People should be alert to predation, especially single women.

Apparently this guy, this black Napoleon-complex asshole, has a problem with women acting on their instincts of self-preservation.

Apparently the people who made this video, too, have a problem with women, especially white women, acting on their instincts of self-preservation.

I don't begrudge a woman her right to be fearful, to put some distance between herself and myself or any man, to guard her purse.

But this black ass apparently feels morally justified in going apeshit over the slightest slight, the mildest interpersonal friction, a foot or two of personal space.

He considers himself morally justified in lashing out at this "bitch," this worthless racist white "bitch" who deserves nothin' but a good smack-down. Bitch!

We wonder why black crime is so high? Why black men attack white women at such an alarming rate relative to the rate at which white males attack black females? Well, AWM media turds like this make black men feel morally entitled to their rage, their savage violence against an imagined "racist" white woman.

If I was that lady, and that man said boo to me like that, I would have already sprayed his face with oven cleaner before his lips got pursed around that last O.

The makers of this Public Service Announcement probably thought they were being anti-racist. What they really are is anti-white.

Anti-racist is just a code word for anti-white.

Hat tip: Artur

Monday, January 3, 2011

What Has Someone Been Smokin'?


You know someone has been smoking some serious Bizarro bud when they show a world populated by misguided white crack addicts shifting around like lost souls in Dante's Inferno, kids whose only hope is to be saved by the most self-righteous know-it-all bug-eyed black lady since Oprah herself.

She and she alone can save these vacant souls, their skin so white, their morals so threadbare.

Brought to you by the Talmudvision, aka joo fantasyland.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Introducing the New 2011 Genocide, by Lexus

Under international law, genocide includes the intent to destroy in whole or in part a national, ethnical, racial or religious group.


(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, Article II

For more information, hop on over to White Rabbit Radio.