Monday, October 10, 2011

Bust A Nut

Klohe Kardashian
is slutted up in her miniskirt, flirting with her hubbie, Lamar Odom.

They're about to have sex, you know, since when they share their pistachios, they "do it as foreplay."

This sets up multivalent sexual innuendo: first, we have the "busting nut" at the end of the commercial. To bust a nut, as many of you may know, is a euphemism for male ejaculation.

As if this isn't vile enough, the visuals combine to suggest genitalia in the act of miscegenation. The slit in the cloven pistachio nut is the white female vulva that gets destroyed by the big black rod, the bag of pistachios.

Accidental? Oh sure.

I can't believe they would have a commercial for something as lowly as pistachio nuts in the first place. It's kinda like advertising air, water, or seashells. But to take something as innocuous as pistachio nuts and turn it into a full-throttle miscegenation propaganda weapon sure takes

Hat tip to an anonymous commenter.

Boycott: Wonderful Pistachios.


  1. There is a new ad (I believe it is some 4g nonsense) wherein several sprinters are at the starting line, and then the black male bursts so far ahead of his competition that he has spare time to laugh at the pathetic white male laggers. It's so flagrant it made my stomach churn. I will try to track down this piece of demoralizing nonsense if I see it again.


  3. "Get Crack`in"

    Pay for white genocide promoting filth,no,no,no.

  4. She looks like a fat peasant.

  5. I think this is targeting especially middle class and lower class whites - the ones that watch popular television - to prepare them for life among the "people of color" and "minority" masses. Upper class whites are rarely subject to such conditining as they seldom see popular television or participate much in any popular (Jewish) anti-culture and often still participate on a regular basis in European high culture such as ballet or opera that has yet to be Judaized.