Sunday, September 18, 2011

E!News Celebrates Miscegenation As "News"

A follow-up to yesterday's miscegenation propaganda: you know there is a problem with our culture when "entertainment news" shows gleefully report on the minor flirtations that occur on the set of a commercial about water.

But hey, this is potential black-on-blonde miscegenation we're talking about here, so apparently it instantly becomes BIG NEWS to be reported with ENTHUSIASM.

Look how 50 Cent ogles the poor girl from his boxing rink :05-:11.

I was going to transcribe what he is saying here, but honestly for the life of me I can't figure it out. I'm sure it's something vile.

Regardless, it gets taken up as "news" by E! and spread worldwide.

Boycott: E!, NBCUniversal.


  1. It looks like she's only being friendly with him to humor the cameras. The only people excited about this are him and eNews.

    Yes, this isn't news. Why is it even being aired?

  2. Gossip magazines and news programs report on insignificant little things like this all the time. Who attended last night's Oscar/Emmy/Grammy/MTV/BET/CMT/whatever awards... Whether Actress XYZ had a nose job, what new purse or jewelry she's wearing, whether that slight weight gain means she's pregnant, whether that tiny weight loss means she's anorexic...

    "Miscegnation propaganda" exists, but this isn't it.

  3. (And then, on a really slow day, they'll come up with a new article on Princess Diana or something like that... trivia and insignificant pseudo-news is their bread and butter.)

  4. Look how excited that media whore is to be promoting race mixing. The kosher editors replay the clip where the pretty white girl touches the black man on the shoulder how many times? The power is in your pocket book Euro-Americans. Drop your cable subscription. Boycott "professional" sports. Boycott all corporations that use kosher anti-white advertising agencies. Take your deposits out of the (insolvent) kosher banks. Cut them off.