Sunday, November 6, 2011

Another Talk Show Jewess Promotes Miscegenation

Why am I not surprised that Sally Jesse Raphael's real last name is Lowenthal?

Such TJB (Typical Jew Behavior):

1) Hide your real name and ethnic identity.
2) Promote racemixing and "diversity."
3) Make $£$£$£$£$ by undermining social norms and white ethnic interests.


  1. Hi neoswabian, I don't know if youhave seen my message in previous comments, however, I found this:

    Oreo's spot, retarded white kids and smart black boy:

    Oreo is anti-white

    Plus, look at the description:

    Advertising Agency: DraftFCB, NYC, USA
    Agency Producer: Michelle Carman
    Creative Director: Noah Davis
    Art Director: Todd Eisner

    Eisner is a Jewish surname

  2. Anon: Good find! It certainly follows the familiar patter. We should be featuring this soon.

  3. You can see the Oreo ad here, its a site for discussing ads:

    Ive even taken the trouble to register and leave a helpful comment.

  4. Just to cheer everyone up a little, here's a racially adequate commercial that brought a smile to my face today:

  5. Sally Lowenthal, why didn't you have a nice jewish boy paired up with that attractive European-derived shiksa? Oh, what was that? The jews don't promote race-mixing for jews??? You mean a double standard? Oy vey!!!

  6. on youtube there are many videos like: "white women are leaving white men in high numbers", "black men and white women are made for each other", etc... disgusting. The site is owned by two jews, Sergei Brin and Larry Page

  7. Looks like Sally would have loved living in Madagascar if Adolf had got his way.

  8. The massive amount of media that is promoting this garbage is just sickening. It used to just be maybe 2 to 3 commercials, but, now it's almost every single commercial, movie trailer, and promos that are spewing this message, or making blacks look more superior to whites. I am just glad that there are people that do notice it. A majority of people I watch tv with, don't really notice until I point it out to them. The worst part is, they put the blacks in the right frames, so that if you fast forward, you still see them on your tv.

  9. Couple submissions here.

    I haven't been watching it, but it sounds like the show Pan-Am, which was originally being marketed as extremely White, has gone in a decidedly anti-White direction. There's a thread about it at VNN:

    Also, an anti-White music video from "Swedish House Mafia" (typical shit, Whites stealing a car from a Black guy):

  10. Europeans. You are at the receiving end of a full-scale pschyological operation of the US and Europe with the full backing of the UN and coordinating global governmental bodies.

    You MUST marry a European and have at least 3 children if you want to have the chance for you or your posterity to survive this jewish led genocide.

  11. The sight of an erectus attempting to take a genetic dumb in the womb of a white woman - no matter how ditzy she might be - is one of the most repulsive sights in the world.

    The forces at work behind the destruction of the West are so, SO much more dark and sinister than even those of us who can see on sites such as this can imagine.

  12. Anon: I tried posting the Swedish House Mafia vid here before but the thing is under some kind of strict copyright protection. I'm trying to work on getting around that. It remains, however, a hideous piece of work, no doubt.