Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dumb Honkies Crash Into MSU (Miscegenation Suggestion University)

Professional Magic Negro Dennis Haysbert stars as the voice of the "good hands" of Allstate. Yes that's right, the same Haybert that played the Magic Negro in one of the most Anti-White movies of recent years (which is saying a lot) Far From Heaven.

Here a powerful black man is asserted twice, both times to protect you from the worthless honky. First we encounter (at :17) the hulking presence of the black football star, white girl draped over his shoulder, fighting back against the two hillbilly white men who have defaced team and tribe.

Then, another powerful black man, Haysbert himself, as narrator. He represents the insurance company who will also protect you from the aforementioned white hick lunatics.

Two black man pitted against two dumb white men who can't drive. Casting-wise, what are the odds?

Pretty high, I reckon, in the era of Anti-White Media.

Boycott: Allstate.


  1. "Are you in good hands?" This advert gives that question two possible answers: Are you in the hands of moron whites or powerful, protective blacks? Yuck.

  2. Notice how the 'righteous' blacks react with violence. At least there is a modicum of truth in this anti-white kosher production.

    Love how the 'righteous' violent blacks are hanging with the pretty white cheerleader. More kosher fantasy crap.

    Do NOT have a television except to watch carefully selected non-Jewish films or else your brain will rot.