Saturday, September 17, 2011

Vitamin Water: Blacks Humiliate White In Front Of Gorgeous Blonde

The usual Anti-White eye poison from Coca-Cola Company, makers of Vitaminwater.

Carrie Underwood plays a hot blonde training with a lot of inept white cosmonauts and powerful, dominant blacks.

Watch how she is used to tease us with desire (:26) in the instant before the black man's fist punishes the formerly feisty white trainer (:29). The message: don't think, white man, that you can assert yourself when a black man is in dah house.

More sexual humiliation comes at 1:06. Stop the video there. Note the sexual position of Underwood in relation to the black man behind her, as if he has her in a doggystyle position.

She is straddling the limp white guy, who absolutely begs her for CPR: "Revive me!"

Underwood's expression at 1:08 indicates such an idea is repulsive to her. And at the moment that she rejects the white guy's pathetic advances, she is surrounded by victorious blacks.

Boycott: Vitaminwater, Coca-Cola


  1. Although malicious, perverted, bisexual jews probably made this little gem as they determine most of what comes out of the tube, this makes one wonder maybe the contemporary white race is largely made up of wimps, idiots and faggots. dumb, perverted, self-destructive filth like this isn't just ignored by a majority of whites, it seems to be supported.

    For example, this great site seems to be the only one of its kind in articulating the harmful double standards of racial treatment by the media creators and then the expression of these by elements of society that regurgitate this thinking that can happen on a semiconscious level. But, the site counter shows that this site has only been loaded 129,394 times at the time of this writing. In contrast. there are countless cuckold videos on the YouTube-like sites that have received millions of views.

    click here

    Nice jewish boy cable rosenberg bought the most expensive mansion in arizona for his lovely, righteous video site called blacksonblondes and many similar cuckoldry websites including ones depicting gangs of blacks fucking white mothers and daughters and their sons and fathers respectively doing nothing but accepting and expressing smoldering excitement or pleasure. I doubt this money could be made without white assistance. in any case, I always chuckle inside when jews work to no end to maintain an image of being a chosen, righteous, compassionate race. don't think this schmekel is alone.


    another black dick worshiper, from brown, recently created some sort of memoir showing how proud he is of videotaping blacks fuck non-blacks and it even sells on amazon. greg etner of "bangbros" and "monstersofcock". these billion dollar cuckold networks are kosher as anything and they are not one jew operations. they require the top jews in finance, media production, legal manipulation, web hosting, etc. they are the embodiment of perversion and malice. I want to tie in the September 11 events, how the bad guys hate freedoms like these, how the media and government treat them and how white america is easily duped into murdering and dying for israel for max effect but i've used the max characters.

  3. Oh come on, I didnt see anything in this commercial. Your reaching for straws.

    They had a WHITE ATHLETE(urlacher) in there. They did not make him look pathetic. Most elite athletes are black. What do you expect?


    The one I see all the time is the smartphone commercial where THREE GOOFY WHITE GUYS are fucking around with their androids or whatever and some black lady comes in and gives them the stink eye.

  5. Thanks for being a testament to the message of this blog. While some blacks can be faster sprinters than whites due to unique proportions such as relatively long arms and legs and short, narrow torsos, Caucasoid men are indisputably strongest and largest. How does that fit in with your fabricated, forced conception of "the elite athlete"?

  6. that brings up another good question. should a race that has been infinitely superior in substantial ways such as creation and thought really lower itself in literal worship of blacks because of the fastness of some? should they celebrate the implied fucking and impregnation of their best women because a small group of blacks can run and jump?

    a wise man once said something like nature always avenges itself.

  7. It's interesting how this US commercial plays the anti-Russian card in an attempt to get viewers to support the negro American pilots. This was a cleverly thought-out propaganda piece. Though I don't think it promotes the product (flavoured water) very well.

  8. there is a way to solve this-kick a black dick loving jew in the balls to cure him of his sexual urges

  9. Vile anti-white garbage.

    Russian space programs: One.

    African space programs: Nil.

    End of story.

  10. "Russian space programs: One.
    African space programs: Nil."


  11. I find in the "blacks in space" theme a recurring one: just take a look at the MTV garbage and you´ll find a big % of its videos depicting blacks surrounded by ci-fi tech and surroundings they´d never create in a million years. (i think the more disgusting one is the Katy Perry one in which a she-alien gets involved with a black albino or something similar).

    Returning on topic: this is a p.o.s., you´d notice even how the blonde looks at the russian with disgust after pulling him out of the water.

    About african space programs, you forgot about this buffons:

  12. I will never drink Coke again.

  13. I wonder if Cari Underwould, had to submit her vagina to many black penis' for her world fame. If she did, that is a disgrace that she would sell out like that.

  14. i hate how if there's 2 or more people in a commercial it's the white guy who is a total idiot and a black or hispanic who is coveinently educated on whatever product or service.

    so basically its racist to portray a black or hispanic as anything other than superior you are racist but you can show a white man smoking crack, robbing a liquor store while dropping out of high school and its perfectly acceptable.