Friday, October 30, 2009

Multi-Racial Squad of Degenerates Enjoy Vandalization of Heritage While Driving Gook Car

Blonde male plus mezzo-black female; White male plus strange-looking mystery meat female, possibly from South-American or Arabian continent, species unverified.

Effeminate Limp-Wristed White Faggot Acts as Fawning Ditzy Slave to Octoroon Mariah Carey

And then kisses her.

Pucker up, Amerikwan!

"Snoring Chimp Causing His Coalburner to Lose Shuteye"

Caption from

Image from The Daily Mail in the JewK.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

More Kikeywood Apologosia

Hear that, Whites? At 1:42, Matt Damon says "We need to change as well." We need to change, Whites. We need to be more accepting of blacks. In fact, in South Africa, we need to change so much that we can learn to accept the daily rapes and murders of White Afrikaners. That's just part of their "lashing out" at the vile Whites that have oppressed them for so long. That is why it occurs in South Africa, The United States, Britain, France, Poland, and even Japan; wherever blacks go, they "lash out" against racism by raping the local populace.

In fact, here's a story from just today about a rape in South Africa,

Johannesburg - A mother-of-three was allegedly “repeatedly” raped by two uniformed policemen in Kempton Park in the early hours of Sunday morning.
When he heard about it, Martie Olivier’s husband, Sarel, went to the Kempton Park police station and assaulted various police officers on duty before being brought under control.
He said they were unable to lay a charge of rape later that day because the police refused to take their statements.
Although rape victims are not normally identified, the couple gave permission for their names to be published.




Thursday Afternoon Compare and Contrast

So much of how we perceive our world in the modern age is through visceral comprehension of everything around us, particularly the linking between images and words. An individual, if presented with images of a common thread, each associated with negative descriptions, will internalize these things; this is almost certainly a determinable effect on some people when exposed to propaganda of similar ilk over, and over, and over. That is why it is called propaganda. These are all from CNN, same day, related articles through parallel linkage. Tell me this is a coincidence now, you slimy, evil anti-White racist apologists.

Your White boyfriend is a loser, and annoying. Unhappy relationships ensue with White men.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sorry For the Lapse, But

HEY WHITE AMERICA! FUCK your own White kids! Who cares about those degenerate pieces of shit?! They're worthless! In fact, put them in close proximity with a gigantic, 6'8", powerfully built black kid with a sordid family history, and even let him sleep in your house with your gorgeous blonde children and wife! Let him FUCK them! Smile and watch as your daughter is carried into the bedroom upon the shoulders of this volatile killing machine! He's not going to hurt you! It's not like once in a while blacks go on violent, sadistic rape-n'-murder fests when they come in contact with pretty White people! And walking into a housing project dressed like that (1:50) won't even elicit a single cat call or terrifyingly aggressive and physical sexual advance from unemployed hoodlums! That's just the evil White racists making shit up about runaway sons of crack addicts and their propensity for committing crimes involving Boric acid, brillo pads, hack-saws, lye, guns, butcher knifes, machetes, bleach, fire and gang rape that are completely unimaginable to the average White! Hell, taking in the son of a crack-addict of any race is a great, terrific, superb idea! You piece of evil White shit! Your life is great, and you have beautiful Aryan kids! You should be ashamed of yourself!

Oh yeah, and check out that look from the White girl at 2:30. Seems like a solid investment in your genetic future, sweetie. That guy can overhead press a six year old and has a 2.5 GPA. He's worth forsaking your bloodlines for, ain't it?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Three Words:

Channon and Christian. Even the Daily Mail in the United Kingdom realized that there was a gross inadequacy in the amount of coverage given by the American Jew media to the young White woman and man that were stripped, raped, tied up, sodomized with table legs, and doused in bleach in an attempt to cover up the crime. The crime was done by BLACKS. And there was hardly a peep from the media. Why? Because in this upside down world where Israel is king and blacks don't manage to skin people alive in bathtubs full of bleach every so often, blacks are intelligent, caring and victimized by the evil White people of America, half of which are miscegenating assholes with Asian fetishes. What racism? How many White babies have been denied existence because of your propaganda? WHAT RACISM?!

Are these MSN Jews for real? A bunch of hookers get killed 'but there's lack of media coverage?' I actually REMEMBER this story for months back because it was front page news for a day. Channon and Christian were not. MSN is really running with this blame-the-Whites type thing into the frickin' ground.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sitting Around And Waiting to Die

Yeah, inspiring. Real inspiring. Hey young Americans! You're spearheading a movement! You're doing something as important as fighting in World Wars, colonizing the West, building nations! You're wearing overpriced jeans that sag off your ass just the right amount! And you're celebrating what a multicultural ghetto your shithole country is! You have no purpose, but to hold hands with your local non-dangerous-looking black and scream 'go forth'! That's right! Go forth while China's military power, economy, ethnic unity and national IQ surpasses ours! Go forth and be mulattos / part-Puerto Ricans! Who the hell cares, we're gonna run the world because we can hold hands with the different colored assholes around us and run through the part of the Meadowlands that hasn't been paved over for a strip mall! In fact, engage in coitus with members of different races, because we're a super-duper multicultural wasteland, and we're proud of it, and ain't nothing else matters, not even the fact that one quarter of the world is Islamic and a bunch of bisexual 125-pound mulattos with yellow afros and poor vision won't offer much resistance!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Volkswagen Pushes Notorious Mixed-Race Couple to Sell Cars

Boy, oh boy, look! What a cool and enviable lifestyle! They have a big old house, they drive fast, the wife is a supermodel, and the husband looks like he regularly takes a twelve gauge to the face to get high. Notice Seal in white vehicle and Klum in black. "I suppose," proclaimed Daniel, "that makes it less noticeable, right, Harvey?"

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Particularly Egregious Example

Maybe I'm over-exaggerating.

But what do we make of commercials like this one? If anything, this one is pretty funny. I'll post it to see what people think. "Black Taco" may simply be an attempt at sexual humor, but there is also the overemphasis on the word "black" contrasted sharply to, once again, your stumbling, doofy, unattractive White prick. They really had to go dredging the World of Warcraft forums to find this spongey, pig-eyed, half-scalped dweeb to represent your average White? Notice the only other Whites in the commercial are a faggot and a blonde, both linked closely to the word and imagery of "black." This is blatant.

I apologize for the poor quality. I will post a better one if I can find it.

Dancing Our Way Into the Apocalypse

I remarked to some dear friends, while watching this commercial last night at their apartment equipped with a TV (which I do not have), that my mind is completely incapable of wrapping itself around the concept of diversity. It is, like many other minds when left to their own behest, attracted to wholeness, security, and completeness. 

Anyways, notice the rather dysgenic nature of the "models". This is what passes as human these days, apparently. The one in yellow is particularly disturbing. What the hell is that thing? Which continent does it hail from? Does it matter? Is it gay? But notice the multiplicity of colors in - you guessed it, the shell of the item for consumption and the people that are presenting it as a product. Can you put two and two together, White man? The prevalence of 'almost-Whites' is the most dire concern, e.g., in purple, black, orange, light purple, and grey. So is the only example of two people wearing the same color: that's right, a black male and a White female. Also, notice how this commercial is presented as just so puerile and carefree.

And these are the skinny, effeminate, childlike, polychromatic faggots that are going to be defending this country against the homogenous east?

Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Serious Post, Part 2. Dysgenics in the West: The Worst of Human Nature or Media Agenda?

Every Friday I'll devote a post to serious discussion, and am willing to engage the readers in understanding the phenomena around us in this degenerate, backwards world.

The question, this time, is why White childbirth is spurned by the media, and when childbirth is lauded or paraded, it is almost always associated with non-White birth.

A quick glimpse at MSN, for example, reveals this:

There are immediate incentives being put forth for non-Whites to procreate. But is this coincidental? Clicking on the link brings about these disparate images in sequence:

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Babies, babies, babies!

Irony! The dark hair is subtle; it seems to purvey the image of multiracialism and diversity more so than would an image of four White women, each equipped with with the array of hair colors available to Whites - i.e., blonde, redheaded, brunette, black, auburn, etc., etc., - since the many "diverse" races of the world all... share... the... same... hair... color.

Oh well, diversity, pendejos!

Anyways, what's the message here? It's okay for brown women to be reproducing exclusively in Western cultures? That the brown women that are reproducing look nothing like the denizens of those inner-city spawning pools and welfare nests? That White men should get brown women knocked up because they're more fertile, or more attractive, or... Help me out here, guys. I only threw this up because it must be a slow day at Corporate Jew Headquarters.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Casual Submission From Boston

Daddy, is that what really happened?

Submitted by John, MA.

MSN Wins Lookalike Contest

What are these things? These "New Americans" are looking weirder and weirder every day.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just Like Fallout 3, Except You Can't Pick The Race of the Protagonist

The future as we know it will see the complete dissolution of the United States and Western civilization, to instead be populated by... you guessed it, Afro-Americans and Jews that look like Mila Kunis or mystery meats that look like Mila Kunis. You pick it, White America. Other than that, this looks like one helluva documentary. Remember when they put handsome White men and women in movies? Back in, oh, 1939 or so?

Here's Why We're Losing

Get the picture, White Man?

But I Can't Relate...

I'm supposed to feel safe when a half-Mex / half-Asian uber-masculine mystery meatress is "protecting" a disunified, heterogeneous group of people with no common ethnic background against enemies that will necessarily be non-White. Can you run that by me again? Isn't this exactly what happened to Rome?

Monday, October 12, 2009

May The Gods Grant Us Salvation

Original here. And we bleed ourselves to death for we are weak, and thrall to the Jew and to our own corrupt and plastic nature. Brothers and sisters I do not know what we will do but I do know what we must do.

Those Notorious Brinks Commercials

I've heard commentary on these, from the perspective of your average Republican, beer-sipping, football-watching, Negro-worshipping Amerikwan male, stating that these adverts are hostile to men. Are you kidding me? You don't notice something more vile? For example:


Those young mystery-meat children are just enjoying their television with their White/Latina mother when, BOOM, in crashes a Bulgarian skinhead, intent on playing Bootface with the miscegenator and her spawn. Because this situation is fairly common in the Disjewnited States of Amerikwa.

More Talmudvision Boohickey

What's more egregious, the "White" or the overemphasis on this fellows pronounced ethnic Whiteness, as embodied by his striking blue eyes and fair skin? Because, as is common knowledge in this upside-down world of overt Satanism and immorality, blue eyed White men are the most perpetuated and common criminals, as manifested in the innumerable Brinks commercials that show similar acts of crime, i.e., burglaries. Which reminds me... time for another post.

I know none of you Whites are going to be watching television anyways, since you are already aware of Das Juden, right? Right?!

Friday, October 9, 2009

On A Side Note...

If there has been any time in the entire history of the world where being black was remotely considered to be a good thing, it's right now. The whole world's lost it. If you're so humble, asshole, turn it down.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

White People These Days...

I'm not going to blame anybody (re: Hollywood Jews) for entartete kunst like this, other than these hyper Marxist feminist dykey types that almost always grew up in some small town and are looking to strike back at something. Notice the subtle anger displayed towards normative White men, representative, perhaps, of childhood sexual abuse, and the horrid wheezing lesbian warbling the soundtrack. I came across this while browsing the Trailers section over at Yikes. These "artsy" types - I do have my suspicions that the lead actress is, indeed, an octoroon - circa 2009 really need psychiatric help, better parenting, or two barrels to the temple. I can imagine the only people that would watch this film would be a handful of fat curly haired half-Asian juniors at SUNY Purchase; but still, a number of people will watch the trailer, hence it will make this site. Even Hollywood isn't this bad.

Although this is pretty egregious:

The West needs help.

Clear as Daylight

Self-explanatory. You know, White women of breeding age only make up 2% of the World's population. Keep throwing it away in favor of mulattoes with severe identity crises. Also, halfricans with Brillo-pad orangish hair also make "big bucks" without going to graduate school; keep this in mind when you race traitors are thinking about getting old and needing a half-caste to take care of you! This image would've had several people shot decades ago. Where did we go wrong?

Submitted by Edward. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

How Is This Worthwhile Reading?

How about an article stating "Why the British Managed to Control 75% of the World and Civilize the World's Myriad Brownfaces"?

Nah, Hirschel, let's put a front-page article up about why these White men have bad teeth when 70% of the muds around the world haven't discovered running water, and hence, proper hygeine.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Holy Guacamole!

I'll tell you what, if this type of greasy home invasion happened in a house filled with real White men, and not some drooling metrosexual fratboys, there'd be some Thick N' Chunky salsa all over the walls and six dead pepperonied Guadalajaras slumped on the floor. I hardly think those White fellows would be dancing to this merengue trash if the Castle Doctrine were in effect, unless, of course, some Jew thought this would be funny. Which it is.

Where Da White Wimmenz At?

Because only White people splurge on "joory", big screen TVs, strip clubs, Cadillac Escalades, $150 dollar sneakers, and other materialistic junk.

It's All Tied Together...

I happened across this seemingly innocuous video discussing a "laser weapon" that will be used in the future to

"transform the battlespace and save lives by giving war fighters a speed-of-light, ultra-precision engagement capability that will dramatically reduce collateral damage."
The accompanying screen-shot is:

Of course, it features a fugly, raceless, perhaps half-Asian, perhaps Philipino, perhaps Hispanic mystery-meat woman. But, oh happy-go-lucky American liberal / idealist / conservative / Republican / Democrat / Neo-Conservative / football-watching / mass-consumerist / "patriot," I thought that after all is said and done, and we're all the same race or we're all mixed-race, there would be no more war?

Wrong. We'll all look like that woman and her counterparts (who wants to bet her husband is a White guy?) and all sit around drinking beers as part of the world's first truly multicultural country, mottled shades of the White men that preceded us, a true representation of globalism, and in between NFL games - three hours of Negro worship - we'll cheer that such weapons are being used on those bad, bad, evil Muslims in the Middle East, unknowingly, to us, the only people on earth that would be resistant to the Jewish agenda of world domination.

Oh no! Johnny insulted Israel!

That video has much, much to say about the West.

May God save us all.

Dear White America:

For embracing your own genocide (re: diversity) without a whimper.

-Signed, The Jews in Charge

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Dammmmnnnnn, yo...

Let's see. 13% of the population of the United States is black. So, any White woman has, what, a 5-6% chance of having a black as a boyfriend? This image sure is relevant, right? WRONG. Maybe this is what it really should say:

Friday, October 2, 2009

Hey, Pure Whites!

I'm your New World Order Woman of the Week! I could be from anywhere in the world! That's the point, White man! Having absolutely no phenotypical identity is swell! When we're all the same, then we'll all be happy and get along just super duper, right? Life will be so rich and meaningful! And those poor, poor Jews in the Middle East, well, they're allowed to look different from us, too, alone! Why? Well, I just feel so terrible about that  horrible Holocaust that happened four hundred years ago by those ancient, mythical blue-eyed, blonde haired people of "Germania"!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Not Really In The Spirit of This Site, but Relevant...

Child Adopted, then Returned. Hmmm..... I wonder why, you Janeane Garofalo, sweating, treacherous dyke. Are these people sick? Someone answer me this. Are they just that completely insane? 

Also, I suppose right now is a good time to call me "racist." After all, I oppose White people favoring non-White babies over their own potential children, for committing cultural suicide, for supporting miscegenation which destroys bloodlines, genetics, beauty, intelligence and creative capacity. That makes me "racist," right? Because I love my own people so much that I'm finally taking a stand against genocide of a people whose existence hangs by a thread?

Shout It From the Rooftops!

White man! Here's a nice trifecta for you, courtesy of those treasonous liberal heathens at CNN.  

1) Polanski? Jewish child-molester? Fuhgedaboudit! He's one of the best directors, and he's Jewish to boot! Since being a Jewish director is pretty dang difficult, with all the Gentile oppression in Hollywood!

2) Think your White history and all the things it entails, including chivalry and moral women, is cooler than the unnatural, soulless, anarchic, orgiastic, disease-ridden mulatto Jew-fest of modern America? You must be stuck in the past! Loser!  


Whites Done Did Stole They Civilization And Sheet

Dearest readers: At the place of my work there is a black woman. She is thirty-three years of age and is attempting to take an algebra class at a city college, which itself is an apologist citadel of affirmative action and spawning hole of government workers. I spent a few hours trying to teach her an understanding of negative numbers. She could not, I repeat, not, understand how a number could be negative. It was as though her brain would simply not register the idea.

And here we see a bloated, balding White man "cheating" off a hip, young Negress. These Schoensteins should write science fiction. It would be more believable.

A Jew is a Jew

Funny how that dweebish Italian man betrayed by his whore woman looks almost exactly like the oily oven liner from lauded Hollywood Holo-drama, "Life is Beautiful."

Hey, Jews, try to be consistent! If you want to propagandize, do it right, sheesh. Although I do think, as long as we're imagining the fellow in the commercial being a Chosen, that it's quite nice seeing him stuffed into a metal contraption. I've got another place I'd like to stuff 'em! Self-fulfilling prophecy, anyone?

Oh, right!

Because pretty White girls cheat all the time, especially off dutiful, intelligent mystery meats / Orientals. Also, White men are distant and cruel, ala the middle image. Lastly, miscegenation, Hollywood Style! A 30-something-year-old childless Wigger plus nigress! That's healthy development for the West! Here's lookin' at 'cha, Jews!