Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fiat: Don't Even Try, Stupid White Boy

This one comes at you very fast, so much so that even my trained eye didn't make much of it at first, but the narrative is quite unmistakeable:

In a lame twist on the commercial where thousands of women chase down the guy using Axe body spray, thousands of men of various races chase down Jennifer Lopez in her new Fiat.

But the advertisers couldn't just be satisfied making a pastiche, inverting the paradigm of a popular icon. No. They had to also make it subtly and insidiously Anti-White.

Note the main white guy at :12. He is a subject of ridicule. He makes a ridiculously unflattering facial expression, one that shows him to be far down on the evolutionary ladder of "hipness" and "coolness."

J-Lo confirms this to us. We see her react to the white guy's entreaty by making a face (:12) that says "Get off the hood of my Fiat, freak."

She only stops (:21) when a black guy appears before her. This time her face wears an expression of intrigue and interest. The black guy and a Hispanic guy pull her out of the car and together they do the grinding copulation dance, with the black guy entering from the rear at :26.

While one might object by saying that J-Lo herself isn't white, that's not the issue. This commercial still sends out the message that white men are geeky and are not to be mated with. Millions of white girls will see this video and the meme will be instilled in their minds.

Hat tip to an anonymous commenter.

Boycott: Fiat.


  1. Why do people hate whites so much? We've given humanity the wheel and the CERN Super Collider and everything in between. This is the thanks we get?

  2. @Anonymous #1: I've wondered this for some time, too. I think we're not actually "hated" (though it sure seems like it with the barrage of anti-White sentiment everywhere you turn), but rather we're the epitome of civilization.

    White European philosophy led to the Enlightenment, but it's only Whites who have a sense of decency to the point of allowing criticism of us. Think about it: how long would you get away with burning an Iranian, Chinese, or Zimbabwe flag in any of those nations?

    White men are the "big kid on the block" so to speak, and that's who everyone is going to try to take down if they are to supplant their own societal structure.

  3. J-Lo is mostly white and thats how most of the white audience will perceive her.

  4. "J-Lo is mostly white and thats how most of the white audience will perceive her."

    there is nothing white about 'jlo' .. but this commercial definitely craps on whites yet again

  5. Go ahead,hate your own race while driving around in your Diversity-Mobile.

  6. Any white guy chasing after that coal-burning Boriqua needs his head examined. Whites are systematically scapegoated and blamed for nearly every ill and historical slight of Western society, and the mass media is purposely inundating us with images of cuckolding as a form of psychological warfare to break our resolve while also minimizing our stature. It's very interesting that we can be extremely oppressive yet also so weak and unappealing according to the deconstructionists with the most power and influence in the US media. Figure that one out...

  7. If the "enemy" puts propaganda in 30 second commercials, imagine what else he will put them in.

    Thanks for waking me up to this. I used to be bored by commercials. Now I watch them with careful eyes.

    BTW it was me who suggested this one. I have a big screen TV. Its harder to catch it on youtube unless you make it full screen.

  8. The white guy that jumps on the hood is obviously made to look geeky.

    I wonder why we never see Jewish males mocked in these ads??

    Oh, that's right..... they are made geeky Jewish males.

  9. yep, living through the negro makes those little jew boys feel powerful. they are the ultimate cuckolds.

  10. Why would you chase a mexican whore anyway