Sunday, May 27, 2012

White Men Are Idiots. Black Men And White Women: Pair Up!

Another great find from one of our sharp-eyed contributors. We have often maintained that these subtle commercials are sometimes more poisonous than the more explicit ones because they creep under our radar and poison the well of our unconscious minds.  

Does anyone think these memes are accidental when they play out identically in two separate videos? 

Sure, at first glance these ads might just look to be mocking stupid white men. But you'll notice more going on if you are attentive.

Watch the weird placement of the black guy and blonde white woman in the first video, above. Though physically they are spaced a few feet apart, the camera angle makes it look like they are meshed into each other. At :04, when the black guy leans up against the car, he seems to lean into the white woman. They share the center of the frame together. 

Now pause at :05. Look at the black guy's hand, which is coolly leaning on the windshield of the car. From the angle of the camera, it actually looks like it is draped across the blond woman's waist, touching her just above her vaginal area. Again and again they use this this angle (at :15 and :20). Eventually it looks like he's caressing her. 

Any accident, this pairing? this juxtaposition of black man on white woman while a white guy is made to look like a fool? If you think it is just my own paranoia, check out video two, below. 

Again the white guy is depicted as foolish while the cool black guy and white woman pair up. Again at :04 they are integrated into each other. The white woman looks back at the black guy, as if for reassurance. Again at :05 they are leaned into one another. At :14 they simultaneously shake their heads disapprovingly. In other words, they team up, gang up in rejection of the white male dolt.

Funny how the people who produced this ad think you white fokes gonna go out git yerselves a brand new Chevy like the brainwashed pathetic sheep you are. 

Let's prove them wrong.

Boycott: Chevy.
Hat tip: An AWM contributor.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

LiveLinks: White Women Lust After Black Guys Who Listen

I agree with the anonymous commenter who suggested this one: the commercial is repugnant indeed. 

I sometimes feel I have become numb to the insults that the Anti-White Media throws at us, after having pored over the worst of the worst for so long. But this little ad brought all of my original gag-reflex sensitivity back, as if I were an AWM neophyte. The meme-masters are getting ever-more brazen with their psychic attacks against the white male sense of self.

I hardly need to point out the evil game being played in this ad, it is so obvious. The typical "nice" white guy is shown to be grossly inadequate, and is totally shown up by the in-yo-face, know-it-all negro. The black guy's sneering smack-down of his white "friend" leaves the white waitress positively breathless with passion.

And still the white guy doesn't get it. "What's hot?" he wonders. "The chilli or the chicken?" Ha ha ha. The white psychic cuckold is totally in the dark, blinded by the glare of the volcanic sexual chemistry erupting before him. Pathetic.

Boycott: Livelinks.
Hat tip: An anonymous contributor.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

PBS: Please Let Sweet Innocent Somalis Into Your Town!

More proof that your State Department is actively engaged in genociding the white population of the United States. They work at every level: facilitating the physical movement of black "refugees" from Somalia into middle America (in this case Shelbyville, TN) and then promoting the integration of these refugees via their propaganda arm at PBS.

This film "Welcome to Shelbyville" was screened at the State Department to glowing in-house reviews. It was lovingly promoted by our very own Bureau of Population, Refugees, Migration, and Death To Whitey.

The short clip above is representative. It features a white guy who is inserted by the editors to give voice to the anti-immigration position. Surely they could have found someone to make a more intelligent appeal? But they used this guy, an ex-mayor. Why interview the ex mayor? I suspect the current mayor doesn't mispronounce Muslims as "Muslins."

The editors turn this man's reasoned skepticism into seeming paranoia by immediately cutting from his warning--"They're out to kill us"--to some shots of one of the Muslims in question. And, lo and behold, she turns out to be a harmless old lady! Awww. She just wants to "work" and "find a better education," and this old, dim-witted, alarmist white guy won't let her!

How can our own State Department and our own public broadcasting network give whites fair representation when at the level of video editing there is always this relentless tendency to spin things in the direction of our genocide? Don't resist the influx of the third world, whitey, or PBS will make you look like a foolish old man.

Boycott: PBS.

[ATTN: Sorry for the recent lapse. As I mentioned earlier this year, I am currently writing a few books, one of which is closely related to the contents of this blog. I thank you for your continued interest and I hope to be posting here more regularly in the near future. There is certainly no dearth of Anti-White Media to archive and critique. Know thy enemy!]