Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Good-Natured White Girl Schooled By Conceited Blacks

Here Disney and the Obama White House team up for a public service message about the "Magic of Healthy Living." Getting regular exercise might be one way to live magically and healthfully, yet this video also contains more subliminal instruction, namely demonstrating how it is magical and healthful for young white girls to play hoops in the urban park with their black boyfriends.

The interracial pairing here is made explicit at 1:00, when it gets sanctioned as if from on high by the First Lady's winking quote: "I do know excellent teamwork when I see it!"

But why are these blacks so conceited and so condescending to the poor girl? Disney and the White House are probably unaware how off-putting their script is. At :22 the black kid says, mockingly: "Maybe [hitting 30 freethrows straight is] not possible for you..." At :50, Michelle Obama says, condescendingly: "You know, eleven's not that bad."

These two blacks thus school the poor girl in various ways, showing her a) how to put deh bawl in deh hoop, and b) how to get all helfy and shit, and c) how to listen to the sagacious wisdom of black authority figures and d) how to pair herself up with a black guy.

The poor white girl never questions any of this. She goes along with the whole program with a dumb smile on her face - just how Disney and the White House want her to be!

Disney and the White House are Anti-White.


  1. The First Ewing scores on the white girl and then hi-fives the black bro? WTF?

  2. These two are old, but they may be useful.

    Let it play to the end and it goes into another one on its own.

  3. Who says racial elimination is an unhealthy pastime?

    I`m buying some shares in the magic negro health club chain.

  4. Get the ones with the 3 white dorks playing around and the black lady gives them a stink eye.

    That one is as blatant as it gets. Someone mentioned that media portrays blacks as serious, smart because they feel sorry for them. Since they have bad role models like thug rappers and athletes.

    What they dont know is the jew wins both ways. He makes blacks look cool yet stupid in rap while making them look serious, smart in other areas of the media.

  5. white america should c130 airlift a few million blacks to israel to share the blessings of this diversity

  6. Maybe not possible for you (white girl) lol.

    Pathetic Jewish garbage.

    Kill your television.

  7. By pairing white girls with black guys, they can work towards doing away with white penis. They see white penis as the problem.