Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Snickers: Cool Black Guy Helps Pathetic Whites Pick Up On Dem White Wimmenz

This black guy would be gettin' all dem white wimmins if he didn't have the white tagalong to cramp his style. The black guy takes him aside and gives him some "nuts."

That's right, just like how Mr. T's big black guns gave the white sissyboy some "nuts" in yesterday's ad. Is Snickers trying to equate its product with specifically black "nuts"? As if you, nerdy testosterone-deficient whitey, can have all the virile cool of the black man as long as you stuff his chocolate plank in your lily white mouth?

The white kid that Pesci morphs back into is not much of an improvement, it seems. It's hard to get white guys to have sex appeal, even with the black friend helping and the blackness-by-proxy of the Snickers bar.

Boycott: Snickers.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Snickers: Sissyboy White Man Shamed By Black Man's Massive Gun

This one seems so familiar, so reminiscent of our June 23rd video.

Is Snickers trying to suggest it is ok for blacks to attack blond guys?

Any surprise we are starting to see more behavior like this?

Snickers supports violence against whites.

Snickers supports white genocide.

Boycott: Snickers

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Racism: "Clearly A Limbic Brain Thing" In Whites And Only Whites

Apparently, so-called racism is a "limbic brain thing" in Tea-Party whites.

Janeane Garofalo references the limbic system in order to sound smart, to lend scientific credibility to what she is saying.

Put aside for a moment that the limbic system is an outmoded classification for most contemporary neurologists. Put aside that the limbic system might be said to manage things as diverse as our sense of smell, our memories, and our sense of direction.

But no. Here it is that which makes white people so damn rayyycisss.

For years, blacks have been rallying, forming explicitly black groups to promote a specifically black agenda. For years, jews have been rallying, forming explicitly jewish groups to promote a specifically jewish agenda. For years, Hispanics have been rallying, forming explicitly Hispanic groups to promote a specifically Hispanic agenda.

But as soon as whites so much as carry a placard in mild self-assertion, they are demonized in the mainstream media by the likes of Janeane Garofalo. They are branded "racists" and diagnosed with a crippling brain disorder.

She thinks she is being Anti-Racist. What she is is Anti-White.

Anti-Racism is a code word for Anti-White.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

T-Mobile's Africanized London: Selling Mindless, Butt-Shaking Sameness

[Due to copyright issues, today's video could not be embedded. To view the video for this article, click here.]

There is something more insidious going on in this ad than merely the context of a multicultural crowd.

There is a narrative unfolding illustrative the role of the pivotal and positive role blacks play in white London society. Thus this is biased, politicised opinionizing.

What is made to look like a random, real, unscripted event here is anything but. It is meticulously planned and professionally performed and edited to send all the right signals and come to all the right conclusions. The conclusion: whites will accept their genocide because it's Fun.

At first, the dance disturbance is not enough to really elicit notice amid the usual hubbub at Liverpool Street Station. The dancers are few; they are mostly white; they keep to themselves.

But gradually the dancing spreads; it takes over the station, becoming ever more Africanized, until nearly every frame contains prominently placed blacks showing whitey how to e'spress demselves (see 1:26, 1:33, 1:42). The money shot is at 2:07, where half the frame is made up of euphoric blond women, the other half of imposing, dancing black men. No accident there.

Cut to hallelujah chorus moment of the entire crowd. Now white Brits, instead of just going to work, can shake their butts in unison just like African tribes do; they can do the Watusi just like the tribe they never were, but can thankfully now become.

Boycott: T-Mobile.

[Again: hat tip to an anonymous contributor]

Friday, June 24, 2011

John Lewis: Archetypical White Female's Life Made Meaningful By Accepting Black Genes

John Lewis knew Britain's genocied and genociding zombies would love this ad. We at AWM don't.

Here we have the normal life of a white woman. An Archetype. As the commenter who submitted this ad notes, these vignettes representing the woman's passing life reveal token smiling blacks, as if their presence somehow makes her life more worthwhile, more "vibrant."

Note the panning camera between :22 and :25 reveals a black boy surrounded by faces of white girls. His face comes into view as the prominent central focus, right behind the face of our archetypical white girl. His presence under and behind her face suggests and foreshadows the impending miscegenation that will haunt her her whole life, but which she will eventually accept, and for this she'll be taken up into heaven, amen.

The woman's life passes normally. Her home is unassuming, typical, archetypical. Her family is normal, suburban, white. Her John Lewis attire wraps her in the flag of normality, unthinking blending-into-invisibility. Her John Lewis attire means she will not offend, or even make the slightest unscripted peep. She'll blend. She'll blend. She'll blend.

And blend she does. Right after fighting with her white family at :59, she turns to go outside. A flash of brilliant white. She steps out into a new day with her new family, her multi-racial family. Her daughter has paired up with a black guy and she is ok with it. She offers him iced tea, nourishingly, acceptingly (1:08). Now her life will not have been meaningless.

She can face death, strolling off into the sunset with her blond grandson and kinky-haired mixed-race granddaughter running up ahead (1:25).

This ad is geared to appeal to the millions of middle aged white women in Angloshphere who have been raised to think (and so think) that their morality hinges on their opinions of blacks, and, if they could only accept blacks into their lives, under their roofs (as here), or into their wombs, they will be saved.

Boycott: John Lewis.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Snickers: White Sissies Need Big Brown Barrel, "Nuts," And Abuse From Aggressive Black Psycho

More white male emasculation, humiliation, and sissification brought to you buy a major "food" corporation. These "food" products turn you doubly to mush: your body is destroyed by all the sugars as your mind is warped by the images of their ads. Resist. Reject. Revolt. Boycott Snickers.

[Hat tip to an anonymous British commenter for the above vid.]

On that football-themed note, we have a Bonus Video: Pepsi Cheers As High Caste Brazilian Gets Tricked By Lowbrow African.

Imagine if the races were reversed? Note the fist-bumping white consumer of Anti-White media at the end of the video. He thinks it's cool that the black guy made the white guy look foolish. Boycott Pepsi.

[P.S. For the poster who thought last Saturday's commercial was all about hair: you know you're being silly. No one has spent millions of public dollars promoting the coexistence of hairy people with hairless people. There was no civil "rights" movement pushing hairless people into hairy schools; there is no flood of bald immigration into hairy lands; there are no blockbusters trying to encourage hairless folk to integrate into shaggier neighborhoods. There is no historic tension between the cue ball and the mop. There are no elementary school curricula devoted to making sure all hair types live together in harmony and potentially interbreed. There is no hair guilt. There are no hate speech codes surrounding hair. Hair is not charged with emotion, suffused with cash, relentlessly pushed in our face 24/7. No. You fail.]

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Young Turks Blame Whitey For "Race Problem," Praise HUD Enforcenent Of White Genocide Codes

Ah. Once again the Anti-Whites are talking about this "race problem."

You know, the "race problem" that will only be solved when every white neighborhood gets its due influx of non-whites, as required by HUD's genocidal social engineers.

And so these Young Turks use their just-so stories, their unsubstantiated hearsay accounts, to make whitey (Tea Party Republican Rayyyycists!) feel guilty about wanting to protect their white enclaves for themselves and their white neighbors.

But no one is going into Turkey and making the Turks feel bad about driving away all the Greeks in order to create a more homogeneously Turkish community.

No one is going into Turkey and making
the Turks feel bad about driving away all the Armenians in order to create a more homogeneously Turkish community.

No one is going into Turkey and making
the Turks feel bad about driving away all the Kurds in order to create a more homogeneously Turkish community.

I see. Once again it's Turkey for the Turks, white communities for everybody!

They say they're anti racist. What they are is Anti-White.

Anti-Racism is a code word for Anti-White.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

DORITOS: Spreading Anti-White Blackworship Homo-Porn

This one pretty much speaks for itself, loud and clear. Millions saw this Superbowl ad that placed blacks on a pedestal of godhood and turned white men into pathetic sissy scrounges.

Drill that meme into our 5 year-old daughter's mind, Doritos.

Boycott: Doritos.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Wells Fargo Helps White Women Share Luxurious Ice Cream Moment With Black Men

Don't think it is any accident that this young, stunningly gorgeous, empowered white female entrepreneur gets to share a creamy, decadent, luxurious, tongue-caressing, oral moment with this black man, her peer.

Don't think it is any accident that both at :04 and :09 an emasculated white male has been reduced to a servile role. His serfdom allows the white woman and black man to satisfy their hunger together.

These are not accidents, but intentional, scripted, professionally produced. Each instant is gone over with a fine-toothed comb. The message: an empowered white female will pair up with a black man. White men are mere castrated doughy serfs.

Boycott: Wells Fargo.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

White Women Lust For Blacks; Violence Against Them Is Hilarious

Some commercials you think are going to be innocent and tame, when all of the sudden they take that drastic Anti-White turn.

The "cute" (though unoriginal) interplay between the black couple makes us sympathetic at first. Our guard is down. This is how the makers of this propaganda think they can drive an Anti-White message past the trench lines of our natural psychic defenses and circumvent our tribal-survival instincts and our tendency to protect women.

All this, so that when the white woman tries to seduce the black man, some less racially aware whites might laugh at her violent rejection, at the hit-and-run crime, at the helpless heap she forms on the ground.

White males have so been ripped from their natures by the Pepsi's and Doritos' of the world (mass/crass big-brand consumerism and unhealthy, high-fructose, corny products) and of course by all the Anti-White Media of the last 40 years that they are now able to see their women, with whom they have co-evolved for the last 40,000 years, get turned into a moaning heap of near-death by other tribes - AND NOT REACT.

Boycott Pepsi, of course. But there are other ways to react. Fight the whole Anti-White game at the national and global levels. Confront the ADL, the NAACP, the SPLC, the IMF, the UN. Fight even at the local level. Educate yourself on REAL history and economics so you can challenge your teacher (or your children's teacher) on the specifics of their curriculum.

Above all, challenge your friends, the next time they say that something is racist, to think about how anti-racism
isn't innocent, how anti-racism can be totally insidious, and how anti-racism is just a code word for anti-white.

Monday, June 6, 2011

More White Emasculation: Sucking Off The Black Man

The people who made this commercial actually expect you white sheep to buy this "cheese" product. Don't give them that pleasure: they're doing nothing but producing a weapon in your genocide.

Here again we have a failed attempt at subtlety, at the subliminal pairing of a white woman and a black man. The very first frame of this commercial shows an entirely scripted, deliberate casting of an attractive, busty blond woman in the background and a black guy in the foreground. This is to get the viewers attention, evoking eroticism and danger. Such miscegenation-suggestion in what would seem to be randomly placed extras (such as here) is a common, under-the-radar weapon in the Anti-White Media arsenal.

But soon this commercial becomes a much, much more blatant example of Anti-White Media. The white guy that comes in on the right is pathetic in that he begs the black man for his scraps of leftover food. The black guy, cool and satisfied, denies him casually.

It is at this point that the white man (:11) rather disturbingly starts sucking off the finger of the black guy. The manner of his sucking simultaneously infantilizes him and emasculates him, as he becomes both a helpless nursing baby and a fellatio artist before our very eyes. Then we laugh at the white man's expense. He's so pathetic.

Of course the emasculated, dorky white men that appear in the next frame lack the hot blond in the background of their frame. When left to their own devices, white men (just like in yesterday's featured ad) devolve into something utterly unmanly, in this case into babies who need their soiled diapers changed (:23) and into homo-eroticized fecalphiliacs (:25).

PLEASE boycot the triangular yellow death that is Doritos.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Even "Tough-Guy" White Men are Closeted Queen Sluts

We have shown many examples of white men being emasculated in today's Anti-White Media (see, for example, here, here, and here).

But this piece takes the cake, for it suggests that even "tough-guy" whites are nothing more than closeted queen sluts. Here a trucker type is able to nurture his true self, which ends up being that of a white woman who ends up turning the head of a black guy (:18).

Thus this video satisfies all three commandments of the Anti-White Media gospel: 1) All white men are emasculated. 2) White women are for black men. And 3) Black men are for white women.

Boycott livingsocial.com