Saturday, August 4, 2012

More Olympic Anti-White Mayhem

In the Olympic spirit, circa 2012, we would like to give you another heart-warming story of the best going for the gold.

But in this case, Aaron Cook, Britain's best, is being cut from the Olympic team because he is a "person without color."

As if that wasn't sufficiently tragic, none of the mainstream media outlets are covering the story honestly

Note how in neither of these videos do the reporters mention the obvious: that Cook was disqualified because he is white? that he has been replaced with a black guy so that Brits can look more politically correct to the rest of the world?

So when do the British wake up to so many slaps in the face: when so many dusky-faced reporters tell them that their white star athletes are being replaced for no other reason than the color of their skin?

As a commenter on my Youtube channel said:
"must be that white privilege everyones talking about, lol"

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Olympic Cermonial Blackworship

What in heaven's name were they thinking?

But I called it.  I knew the Olympic organizers for London 2012 wouldn't be able to promote an iota of nationalist sentiment, as we saw in Beijing. No. They would have to prostrate themselves before the New World Order, parade around their dread-locked eye-dolls like a multiCULTy Moloch!

But of course, according to Danny Boyle, Britain was ALWAYS multicultural. Did you see all those dusky 17th century agrarians? Proof!

My Filipino friend laughed out loud at this moment, captured in the video above. Of course casting was going to conjure up a pair of youthful, flirtsy blacks for us, with the girl a little light-skined in order to imply subtly a bit of miscegenation in her past and our future.

It's just a tiny flirtatious moment--and yet it becomes the front-and-center focus of a (formerly) white nation's Olympic opening ceremony, normally the showcase through which a nation expresses its identity.

I guess this, then, is Britain's sense of self: dark faced people tussling over a cell phone. From Shakespeare and Thomas Tallis to this! Depressing.
Why can't whites, especially in Anglosphere, see that their weird, dark fixations look strange to the rest of the world (as to my Filipino friend) for whom racial abasement is not (yet) a religious tenet?

And religious it is, shown here, with a chorus line of whites, arms a-sway in raptures of devotion.

[Sorry for the extra long lapse. I was on the road and burdened by other writing projects. Please be patient if I fall off the radar from time to time!]