Saturday, November 19, 2011

In Spartacus (1960): An Early Example Of Blackworship

The "big black one" is the "most beautiful," says the white woman.

Would you see a quote like this in any films of the 1930s or 40s?

This brief scene might seem innocuous by today's Anti-White Media standards. But the portrayal of these amoral whites, juxtaposed with the noble, powerful black guy, is an early sign of things to come, preceding Flame in the Streets (1961) by a year.

Thus from an archivist's standpoint I wanted to get Kubrick's "classic" logged here.


  1. Bitch, get a dayjob. Seriously.

  2. No offense, but you're committing an error by associated Kubrick (the director) with the BIG JEW producers. Read Jamie Kelso's essay on Kubrick at Stormfront.

    It would be hard to find a man whose themes and soul was more European than Kubrick's. Watch Barry Lyndon. Listen to the music in 2001: A Space Odyssey. That movie might as well be called "White Man Explores and Conquers Space, then Transcends his Mortal Coil."

    Also, if you study the background of Sparticus, you'll see that it wasn't a movie Kubrick had much of a commitment to. He helmed the direction as a favor to Kirk Douglas. His stamp isn't on the movie, really.

  3. Anon:

    Point taken about Kubrick, though I am not an expert on him and am not in a position to measure his soul.

    But notice I didn't condemn the film itself, unlike, for instance Contagion: "This brief scene might seem innocuous by today's Anti-White Media standards."

    This line just always bothered me. It clearly evokes Anti-White Media, though in a kind of embryo stage. I wanted to log it.

  4. "Bitch, get a dayjob. Seriously."

    I have one. If this archive bothers you so much, why don't you play elsewhere?

  5. You`re right to have included this clip Neoswabian,as Ole Bob keeps reminding us:"why was this information produced" or in this case: "why was this pro-inter-racial storyline injected into a mass market film in a country that still had legal racial segregation"

  6. you mean the country still had the freedom of association

  7. i don't know if Kubrick is so innocent. i can recall at least one scene in Full Metal Jacket that promotes the false, malicious idea that the black penis is biggest or superior in some way.

  8. Anon,yes that is exactly what I meant.

    Forced integration means there is NO freedom of association.

    Anon2,yes,and Kubrick did "Eyes Wide shut" which although I`ve not seen it was lauded for it`s degeneracy.

  9. @ Neo

    Thanks for your timely response. I'm a card carrying amren member, and I believe you are peforming a valuable service. I just didn't see it on this one.

    Google "Kubrick" and "Hitler." You'll see he once remarked "Hitler was right about almost everything."

    Blond gentile Michael Bay or Quentin Tarrantino have gone way further with Negro worship than Kubrick ever could.

  10. @ anon November 20, 2011 6:54 AM

    You said: "i can recall at least one scene in Full Metal Jacket that promotes the false, malicious idea that the black penis is biggest or superior in some way."

    You're referring to the scene with the Vietnamese prostitute and Eightball, the black soldier. Watch it again. The scene has the opposite effect. The prostitute does not want the black man because he is rumored to be too "buku" (big). He shows her the penis, saying it "ain't too damn buku" and she agrees to accomodate him.

    Full Metal Jacket stars a Mormon (Matthew Modine) and features a white man with more spine (R. Lee Ermey) than any seen on screen since John Wayne.

    I'll say it again. Watch Kubrick's "Barry Lyndon." No one who has an appreciation for Thackery ("Vanity Fair" etc.) could believe the culturally relative horseshit that blacks are on a par with whites.

    I believe Jared Taylor said it best. White men who sit around blaming it all on "the jooz" sound a lot like negroes sitting around talking about "da man."

    Secular leftwing Jews have helped destroy America, no doubt about it. But I went to church today and the priest got up and solicited donations to help bring Ethiopians and Nigerians to America.

    It aint all "the jooz."

  11. michael bay is jewish

  12. The scene you are thinking of in FMJ is kind of making a joke out of the myth, it doesnt actually confirm or celebrate it.

    As for Eyes Wide Shut, it hardly endorses degeneracy. It has been said its an incredible spotlight on jewish power and attitudes. Kubrick, being jewish and with his great status, could get away with it in away other directors couldnt.

    I urge all to read this review:

    Eyes Wide Shut

    at this site:

    White Nationalism

  13. can't wait for your white race go's down the shit tube.

  14. white trash like you give good white peoples a bad name.

  15. can't wait for your white race go's down the shit tube...white trash like you give good white peoples a bad name.

    As Samuel Johnson might have said:

    "Sir, a retard's typing is like a dog's walking on his hind legs. It is not done well; but you are surprised to find it done at all."

  16. Anonymous at 12:27 and 12:28 contradicts.

    He says hes White yet he cannot wait for white race to become extinct.

    I have to give the jew an A on brainwashing Whites to the point where they wish for their own extinction.

    I personally think we should return the favor. My plan is brainwash jewish children to hate themselves. Racemix with negros. Obviously, we're not going to let the biracial offsprings live. But do it as an experiment for a short while.

  17. Where's the problem here? Maybe he is the most beautiful? Maybe Black males are just naturally more attractive than White males? White Nationalists even admit themselves that Black men have more testosterone. So you can you blame your women who already have a history of being cum dumpsters for wanting a well-endowed, tall, dark, and handsome MAN over today's average white man who reads fashion magazines, drinks Starbucks, wears skinny jeans, and watches Keeping Up With The Kardashians?

  18. On Friday, Nov. 4, I caught a movie review in our local Marxist rag we receive at work of a despicable smear job in a new Jewish film on William Shakespeare. The Jewish reviewer notes that the portrayal of Shakespeare as a plagiarist has no grounding whatsoever in fact, but still he praised the film. The picture and review at the following link says it all:


    Dr Paul Edmondson, head of knowledge and research at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, said: "This film flies in the face of a mass of historical fact, but there is a risk that people who have never questioned the authorship of Shakespeare's works could be hoodwinked.

    "Shakespeare is at the core of England's cultural and historical DNA, and he is certainly our most famous export.

    "Today's activity barely scratches the surface, but we hope it will remind people of the enormous legacy we owe to William Shakespeare of Stratford-upon-Avon."

    Personal life and advocacy

    Emmerich owns homes in Los Angeles, Manhattan, London and Stuttgart.[6][32][34][35][36] Emmerich likes to decorate his homes in a self-described "outlandish" manner,[36] adorning them with rare Hollywood memorabilia, murals and portraits of dictators and Communist figures, and World War II-Militaria.[6][35]

    Emmerich's extensive collection of artwork includes a painting of Jesus Christ wearing a Katharine Hamnett-styled t-shirt during his crucifixion,[36] prints of Alison Jackson's works of a Princess Diana lookalike making obscene gestures and engaging in sex acts,[34][37] a wax sculpture of Pope John Paul II laughing as he reads his own obituary,[34][37] and a Photoshopped image of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in a homoerotic pose.[36] Emmerich, who is openly gay,[4] and a financial supporter of U.S. progressive politics,[38] states that the decorations and pieces aren't declarations of any beliefs,[36] but rather reflections of his "predilection for art with a political edge".[37]

    Emmerich has claimed that he witnessed overt racism when producers and studio executives were opposed to allowing him to cast Will Smith for the lead in Independence Day, and reluctant to allow him to portray an interracial couple in The Day After Tomorrow.[39] He has also claimed that he has encountered homophobia from the same groups, and is vocal in his opposition of such behavior.[39] He has stated that sometimes he does "[not like working in] the movie business", describing it as a sometimes "very cold, brutal business", but his motivation to keep directing is that he genuinely "like[s] making movies".[6]

    In 2006, he pledged $150,000 to the Legacy Project, a campaign dedicated to gay and lesbian film preservation. Emmerich made the donation on behalf of Outfest, making it the largest gift in the festival's history.[40] In 2007, on behalf of the LGBT community, he held a fundraiser at his Los Angeles home for Democratic Party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.[35]

    Roland Emmerich - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Voir Dire

  19. The screenwriter, Dalton Trumbo was probably the one who wrote the line not kubrick. And guess what he was one of the hollywood ten. Western communism is largely responsible for subversion like this.It would have never been tolerated in the soviet union, because it doesn't really have anything to do with true communism.