Monday, August 29, 2011

We Whites Are Incompetent. Help Us Mulatto Lady!

White people are so incompetent. Clearly our lives are one big comedy of errors.

I don't know how the white race made it this far, seeing as we can't seem to even look at a car without it crashing catastrophically (:21).

They say we invented the wheel, the stirrup, trigonometry, opera, and moon rovers. But surely somewhere along the way we must have had a fat mulatto lesbian lady to help us keep up a minimal level of competence, as this ad insightfully suggests.

To what depths would we whites devolve if we didn't have blacks around to help us eke out some semblance of stability in life?

Just imagine!


  1. Of course this has been going on in South Africa for ages! Please look at the following advert: aimed at beer drinkers. White and black buddies watching rugby and drinking together? Believe me this does not happen in real life.I am an Afrikaner, I am proud to be white. The South African media keeps feeding us this bullshit in a country that is guaranteed to follow the same route as Zimbabwe.

  2. you didn't mention the element of celebrating the destruction or perversion of the white family.

  3. you is incompetent

  4. What about when the black lady says "sometimes you need a divorce lawyer" right when they crash? This Is telling white women who are in a relationship with any white man to "not feel bad to divorce him for the slightest mistake, Its only natural!" This is discusting and vile.