Thursday, December 22, 2011

Di[e]versity Training Video - Training You How To Hate Whitey

[Pardon for the recent lull. Holidays, you know.]

Today we feature a form of Anti-White Media that we have heretofore neglected: the diversity training video.

Many of us have been forced to watch them when taking a new job. Has anyone ever noticed how over-the-top Anti-White they are?

What this video doesn't tell you, but which is clear from the production company's website,
is that the non-whites it features are for the most part professional "diversity" consultants.

The most hostile man here, the colorfully dressed, mixed-race guy, Mr. Victor Lewis, has made a living airing Anti-White grievances. Therefore his spiel about the white guy "standing on the shoulders" of other races is likely scripted; it is probably a point he has made (and was likely paid to make) in front of audiences hundreds of times.

Meanwhile, the white guy they gang up on is just your average Joe. He's not a professional advocate for white interests. He just runs a shop.

So here we have professional race hustlers and "diversity trainers" picking on this one white fall-guy. They put him on trial. Even the black guy he's sitting next to, who acts as his lawyer, turns on him.

But if I had been in the room, I would have had to remind them that just about every race there had at one time gone through an expansionist phase. For instance, one of the men next to Mr. Lewis looks like he could be a Mongolian. Why doesn't Mr. Lewis turn threateningly towards the Mongolian man and tell how he "stood on the shoulders of," enslaved, dominated and decimated the white people of the Russian Steppe for hundreds of years? If the man happened to be Japanese, Mr. Lewis could have complained how the man's ancestors enslaved the Koreans for thousands of years.

In fact, Mr. Lewis himself looks vaguely like Muammar Gaddafi. He could easily be part Arab or Moor. But he doesn't turn to himself and say: You know, self, for hundreds of years you harassed all your neighbors; you killed and enslaved the Indo-European Persians; you converted them at the point of a sword to your oppressive religion; you conquered and killed and converted the people of Spain; you harried all weaker and less organized tribes, enslaved them when you could and justified that enslavement with your not-very-PC religious text, the Koran. Indeed, you have historically dominated your own women, who to this day are far less likely than a white European woman to maintain any sense of independence.

I could go on with critiques of Mr. Lewis, and shall: he singles out the white guy for such particular scorn, blaming him for the alleged wrongs of the white race as a whole. But, to be fair, does he ever think to thank him for the things that the white race has done for him? Has given him? The clothes he is wearing, as Afro-licious as they appear, were made in a textile mill invented by white people. Books, in which he studied to learn how to hate white people, were invented by white people. He probably drove to the film set in a car, invented by white people. And the camera that was used to spread his message of hating white people was invented by white people.

He cries and moans about how North America was taken from red people by white people. But why, then, is he in North America? Who is keeping him here? It's the 21st century, Mr. Lewis. You can get on a plane (invented by white people) and move back to the Sudan, where you look to be from. Oh, but then how would you earn your bread, Mr. Lewis? For then in the Sudan, who would pay you to complain about white people?

Don't mean to burst your bubble, Mr. Lewis, but there in the Sudan you would find people who look a lot like you, people who are currently in the process of raping and murdering and marauding their weaker, darker neighbors. Not a single victim-pimping race-hustling seminar within a thousand miles! How on earth would you then manage to pump yourself up with your high-and-mighty speechifying? How on earth would you continue to spin the narrative of your moral superiority?

I mean, there are lots and lots of ways to counter Mr. Lewis' impassioned argument that aren't, as he claims, merely efforts to "mystify" this issue. If anything, Mr. Lewis is the one doing the mystifying. His raised voice, threatening posture, and harsh tone all serve to take the discussion out of the realm of facts and logic, and push it into the realm of coercion, which is precisely where the makers of this film want to take it.

One more thing: this idea that blacks are somehow morally righteous because they never were imperialistic or colonialist is pure hogwash on so many levels. For one, don't all the PC history texts talk about how we all come from Africa? So if people who are descended from Africans live all over the world, doesn't that mean that at some point Africans were expansionist, and displaced the other human species? Seems kinda contradictory that we are constantly encouraged to celebrate the fact that "we're all from Africa" but fail to heap upon those expansionist Africans the same scorn we reserve for those expansionist Europeans.

Furthermore, the fact that Africans failed to expand like Europeans did in modern times has nothing to do with some kind of innate virtue among blacks. I mean, it wasn't like blacks thought of taking North America for themselves and then chose not to because like peace-loving little Dalai Lamas they thought it would be "disrespectful" to take the lands of other tribes. No. Everybody knows they didn't expand on their own because they couldn't get their act together, technologically speaking. If they could have, you know they would have. Had they been able to construct the Viking longship, they would have made it to Nova Scotia, too. This bitching and moaning about white colonialism is just displaced envy.

This video, claiming to be about encouraging "diversity," actually only trains us how to hate white people.


  1. Also, to hear Mr. Lewis talk, you would think that Africa and Asia today consist of just a bunch of white people taking advantage of non-whites. But when I travel in Africa and Asia, the only whites I see are tourists. Unlike whites, Africans and Asians seem to have continents all to themselves! It's Africa for the Africans. Asia for the Asians. White countries for everybody! This is why Mr. Lewis is a diversity trainer in an historically white country like the United States. If he was a diversity trainer in Japan, he would be unemployed.

  2. Neoswabian,

    AltRight just posted this -

    I am not sure if it is real, but it is classic AWM either way - take a white guy - reality: Epic Beard Man - who beat down a thuggish black man and became an internet meme for it; Anti white media version: The old white guy is made into a mexican, and naturally, they turn the single black guy into two white skin heads, as if the handful of skinheads are terrorizing public transport in the inner city. Uh huh

  3. I daresay if a Mexican beat up a couple of skinheads (itself far-fetched), the people at 4chan who populaize many memes probably wouldnt have cared. Part of the appeal of the original was that one white guy didnt just tolerate thug black behavior, and most of us just try to ignore it or pretend it doesnt happen.

  4. Neoswabian,

    I have finally hit a home run. Hollywood has decided to make a movie about Epic Beard Man, an old white man who beats up the young black male in transit bus. Hollywood JEWS made turned the white guy into a Mexican. The black attacker into white racist skinheads.

    Even the youtube commentators cannot believe it. This is one is a must in pointing out the JEWISH AGENDA.

  5. makes me want to go out and find louis farakhan and bitch slap him with my belt until he crys in apologies for being a black fruit

  6. Louis Farakhan,

    One of the few Blacks the Jews hate. Along with OJ Simpson who killed the jew poolman.

    Like Arabs, the jews want us to hate these 2 blacks. Only because they hate them.

  7. You don't have the balls to try and smack anyone..let alone Minister Farrakhan lol. Who are you kidding? You're a coward who's time on this planet has finally come to an end. Bye whitey :)

  8. Louis Farrakhan is well loved & respected. Like a previous comment only hate Minister Farrakhan because the so-called Jews want you to.


    Wiggers rapping on Hyundai Elantra commercial

    Not only are they wiggers, but 40 year old wiggers. I guess whoever came up with this commercial thought it would be a good idea to make middle aged white men look stupid to sell cars.

  10. 'You don't have the balls to try and smack anyone..let alone Minister Farrakhan lol. Who are you kidding? You're a coward who's time on this planet has finally come to an end. Bye whitey :' ) i'd slap you

  11. I reposted this. Well done.

  12. Here's one that you may have seen, but it's for Pace Salsa. It involves a white woman, eating chips and salsa with an african and a hispanic, and they denigrate and laugh at the sorry white guy who gets his salsa from "New York City."

    Here's the link:

  13. 'You don't have the balls to try and smack anyone..let alone ill show you some balls boy what shit hole do you call home?

  14. I didn't even watch the video as I know that the moderator only puts up the truth exposing the joo commie take over and anti White position of the media and ( and I use this word lightly ) entertainment industry which is nothing more than a progrom like the communist ( who are all joo by the way ) in Russia used to exterminate or undermind the White race.

  15. Profiteering from an ongoing genocide of white children.

    Disgusting parasites.

  16. .... about a seven on the tension scale there Tyrone.

    Another STRONG argument for SEGREGATION.

  17. What an ignorant racist tool that "Mr. Lewis" is. What a Jewish prop.

  18. Noway should a mud be able to direct and take over a dialogue about race when a aryan is present. That just is uncivilized.

  19. I met bullying, ignorant, rabid, near psychotic creatures like this at university. They screamed,roared, hissed and ranted at White students in a menacing and threatening manner. Then, they accused us of being a RRRAYYCYST or a BIIIGGGOT when we avoided them like the plague they are. I concluded that many were JEALOUS of White man's fair skin, beautiful women, wealth, attractive homes and neighbourhoods, their refinement, superior intelligence and the ability of many to love and be loved..rather than desiring base, carnel lust. Mainly I think they felt hurt because White man rejected them. They lazily concluded it was just about the skin colour, and some Whites ARE repulsed by dark/black skin/heavy features,but Whites are mainly repulsed by the violence that lurks within their hearts and in their streets.Whites love each other (not the diseased and corrupted, perverse ones)..but generally speaking, Whites like, trust and love each other in a kind way. How can anyone 'like' this bullying, loud mouthed ignoramus with its hate-filled distorted expression and rage?THERE'S ONLY ONE THING THE BLACK MAN CAN DO BETTER THAN THE WHITE MAN AND THAT IS HATE.Quote from Black pastor Manning ATLAHMIN BLACKS ARE LOSERS AND HATERS. My heart wept for the White man being attacked. Of course he is right that we all need to be an adult and take responsibility, do our duty, and study and work hard. What else? If this creature had studied harder he would know there has been more shocking slavery towards Whites than towards Blacks: Google: THEY WERE WHITES AND THEY WERE SLAVES. The old white guilt propaganda 'ain't working no more,' Buddy. You and Obama have had your day!

  20. "This video, claiming to be about encouraging "diversity," actually only trains us how to hate white people."

    Whats the difference?

  21. Every single one of you is backward, ignorant, bigoted and a murderer at heart. I wish and pray that your sons and daughters all bring home the blackest woman/man to marry, and may all your grandchildren be dark-skinned too.

  22. neoswabian, you could have included the fact that the blacks who were held as slaves by the whites, held slaves captured from enemy tribes or given to them by friendly tribes long before the first white men setted foot in Africa.

    See "Europe and the people without history" from Eric Wolf, more specifically the chapter about slavery.

  23. Indeed, all of the conditioning against the White man in this video his entire life has made any logical retort impossible for him. It has been made forbidden for him to raise issues of White accomplishments or the crimes of other races. It is okay to list the crimes of the White man by any other race and this is justice, it is unjust for the White man to say the same of any other person from a different race.

    So, he must just sit there and listen. If he objects to the crimes Whites have supposedly done to others, it is as good as him saying the White man is superior intellectually, technologically, culturally, and militarily (even though all of this is true).