Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Blacks And Whites Unite In Spreading Neocon Global Hegemony In Jeeps

Here is a Superbowl ad by Jeep that was seen by millions. Seems pretty innocent, pretty feel-good, right? How could one have a problem with these teary-eyed sentiments?

But the over-the-top emotional appeal here makes it one of the most effective and insidious Anti-White ads we have seen. 

For what do we take away from an ad like this? We get the fact that families love their family members. We get it. Pretty indisputable. But this natural, instinctive desire to protect loved ones here gets used as a weapon against--against what?--against our natural, instinctive desire to protect loved ones!

For the overuse of mixed racial imagery here implies that we need to feel protective feelings for not just members of our own family and our own race, but for all races who march under the Stars and Stripes. We are, after all, according to Jeep, UNITED! And precisely how are we united? We are united not by blood, but by virtue of our falling within the arbitrary and artificial borders of a political entity that is caught up in a media-driven expansionist agenda in the Middle East! That is what unites us gawd-damn it!

Does anyone else out there gag at the cynical opportunism of this corporation trying to play our emotions like a fiddle? Does anyone out there cringe at the Oprah voice trying to get our nads all juiced up with weepy "feel!" imperatives?

And of course the black woman gets the hero close up at the end. It captures the whole of the new religion's morality play: put aside your reservations, whitey. Don't fight it. As long as you are worshiping black faces, you can call yourself morally superior and then, without a guilty conscience, be shipped off to faraway North Africa and the Middle East and kill some poor sods for your Neocon and Neo-Liberal globalist overlords. 

Boycott: Jeep