Monday, October 25, 2010


This is a commercial made by interns at Pepsi. It's called "Choose Wisely."

Looks like they're learning what makes a good Pepsi commercial!

Boycott: Pepsi

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Blacks Have Honor, Whites Have Pimples

Sometimes I think the more subtle examples of anti-white media are the most insidious.

They are so understated that they often slip past your bullshit filter, and slide ever more sleuthfully into your subconscious.

Consider this video as an example of such subtlety. If you blink, you miss it. The key role is the video's main "white" foil/antagonist, who appears at :35.

His position in the video and his whiteness is hardly an accident. Contrast him in your mind to the video's two black heroes, the honest player and the honest coach.

Already at the :04 second mark this video establishes a blacks vs. whites motif, when the black kid dribbles past the whitey and dunks on his sorry a**.

But then we see how selfless the black hero can be. With his puppy expression, he selflessly pleads to his coach to correct a ref's bad call, though he knows the correction will go against his team and disappoint his teammates.

And now comes the white kid at :35. The casting criteria was settled by the producers, who needed a morally bankrupt, physically ugly, sneering white kid.

Indeed. This video is not really about "How to Be a Good Sportsman" after all. No. That's just its stealth crypto-cloak. Its real agenda is to spread New World Order propaganda: Degrade the white. Always humiliate him. Uplift and praise the black. Even on stupid sportsmanship commercials. This is the new divine media law, ne'er to be gainsaid.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

racemix 2gether

Mixing. Mixing 2gether. This is how the corporate dorks at Activision who put out DJ Hero want you to see the world. This is what Activision CEO Robert Kotick (jew) wants you to want. This is what Vivendi (French Congo-lomorate and owner of Activision) CEO Jean Bernard Levy (jew) wants you to need. Mixing. 'Cause you know billionaire jews KNOW what you need to be cool, right?

And of course that cool that you need, which they are salivating to sell to you, involves MIXING. Not just mixing as a DJ, but race mixing, too. Get the pun? Sure: Mixing.

X-ing out your identity and blending anonymously into that mass of mystery meat.

Da white wimminz be givin days mac daddys duh special sauce, yo.

Keepin' it realz in duh spiritual ghetto of billionaire joos!

Boycott: Activision, Guitar Hero, Guitar DJ, Vivendi

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Western Cities' New Religion: Worshipping GSBFs (Gigantic Smiling Black Faces)

When archaeologists wake our dry bones in 9000 years, they'll know what many of us don't, that we - even inadvertently - worship Gigantic Smiling Black Faces.

Yes, GSBFs are now in all our major cities, both in Europe and North America, on even the most innocent and suburban thoroughfare, replacing our old kings and statesmen and gods and heroes. (The ads featured in this post are from Finland, the US, and Germany!)

They tell us what to buy, these faces. They tell us how to feel and what to think. Their smiles are an impanated host of the new religion, force-fed through the eye of even the most stalwart agnostic with quotidian regularity. Suck it down, bottom dweller.

You there, walking past, minding your own business, taking your dog for a walk: Grovel before the mighty GSBF!

In China, and in the East in general, they plaster their great leaders on walls. It is now no different in the silly-vilized West. We now have the Big Other before whom we must remain ever humble, pliable, and obedient.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

OLD SPICE meme of Blackworship Infects the Nation's Whitest College (BYU)

This ad is based on an Old Spice commercial that Antiwhitemedia featured back on February 22, just to show that these memes are circulating, like, virally. (Because you know viruses are good and cool and not at all harmful things, right?)

Same old story here, except it only ads to the tragic pathos that EVEN at one of the whitest schools in the United States, the object of desire and admiration (He gets an A+!!!) is still that smooth, aggressive charmer, the black or 3/4ths-blackish cool blackity black.

What's wrong with depicting cool successful A+ blacks? Well, maybe part of it is the condescending tone he adopts. He can't just pursue excellence, no, he has to rub it in yo face in typical black braggadocio and step on the servile whitey who must now worship him and SERVE him slavishly.

@ the 43 second mark. Heeeahhhh sled DAWG. Push me through the lie-berry, slave, while I eats me dis sammich!

Boycott: BYU