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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Multi-Kwulti Commercial Once Again Shows New-Age Anti-Racial Rainbow Youth Are Closely Associated with Consumerism. Says: "Don't be so White!"

This time pertaining to mayonnaise. Even mayonnaise needs to rehabilitate its image now, for being just too damn white. After all, the joke was that Mayo was for White people, right? So here we see a mulatto, a disproportionate amount of negroes, a black dancing with a White woman, a black man draped around a White, and a disheartening lack of White men. Oh wait! There is one! Right under the vocal caption of "Don't be so Mayo," showing a "boring" White male, obviously a fan of mayonnaise! What a fuckin' dope! That prick loves mayo? What a prick, just like all White men!

Obviously, what they really mean is: don't be so white!

You decide, dear readers.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Jewish-Owned Mystery-Meat Semi-White Instrument of Genocide, Lady Gaga, Claims White Men as Murderous Wife Beaters and Black Men as Saviours

I apologize for the recent delay, as Johnny is also employed, but luckily for him, to a White woman, and Johnny must work, as well.

Anyways, here is a fairly old video, but a very disturbing one, enough so that it makes young men like me scream for retaliation. Lady Gaga is seen being raped by a blue eyed male, disfigured and disabled through White violence, and therein finds her salvation in black men in black power suits, who strip her and coddle her, in her weakness. The White men in the video appear either as shady, greasy wife-beaters, or as bisexual, effeminate gang-bang enthusiasts, rubbing on Gaga as well as each other on a couch crafted in the finest of Western tradition.

A further discussion of the material can be found at VNN, which also discusses the GAP commercial which I posted earlier.

Keep it White, my brothers and sisters, for the war is growing in intensity.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Diverse Crowd of Partiers Dances to Negro DJ Superhuman and Revels in Christmastime Racial Degeneracy

It's a Holiday extravaganza gone globalist nightmare, and it's all on your TV, 24/7.

Modern life, after all, is nothing but a party, as we drink and shimmy along into global homogeneity and meaningless existence, where purchasing corporate products defines our very being, even that of crackers.

Note proximity of dancing rare redhead to hideous, pockmarked and shoddily-clothed semi-negro in checkered hat. Also note the traditional Christmas greeting delivered in Spanish, whereby avoiding overt White-Christmas references as well as catering to the new-American spic crowd.

Crappily-Dressed Multi-Kwultis in Chinese Clothing Dancing Their Way into Racial Oblivion

Wanton multi-kwulturalism during the time of sacred White holidays, complete with a salute to Kwanzaa, fabricated Negro holiday, and evil Judaic Holiday celebrated by 1.5% of the American population, or something like that. Note the pairings, of course, with black men, and White women, white men with black children. Note the childish,Negrorhythmic nature of it all, carefree as these subhumans march into global doom as America nears its final days.

White Male Shown with Mestizo / Negro Female in Racial Wreck

Fixing his car, but destroying his racial heritage. Clued in from

I apologize for neglecting comments, recently. I had forgotten I had put on comment moderation, which is now on.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Windows Commercial Celebrates Appropriation of White Culture by Hideous Non Whites and Mystery Meats

Diversity for diversity's sake. Count the number of Whites in the video and how little face time they receive despite this entire commercial being filmed in the West. Note the faggot bowing in the end, a racial eunuch castrated of his civilization. Also note the mulatto in a European city, pretending that her hut-dwelling compatriots built the damn place. Note as well the pathetic, childish, flippant and peace-loving soundtrack to a bunch of 32-year-old flabby, weak, coddled manchildren that will be hunted down and slaughtered in the coming global race war.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

An Advertisement for Something...

With a free pairing of blonde tramp and bestial, thong-clad Jamaican "brudda." Thrown in, free of charge! Then, blonde housewife cheats on her doofy White husband with oversized steroid-infected wigger.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Got This One From VNN; Opinions Needed

White guy gets dumped by his redheaded girlfriend at prom. Meanwhile, we see a homie wrapped around a White girl, a slimy little Vietnamese with helmet hair and a trucker cap paired with a White girl five inches his taller, and another White kid with an young African-American doe.

What's your vote? Good, bad, subliminal or delusional?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Let a Nepali or Subcontinental Asiatic, an Arab / Near Easterner and a Mystery Meat with Dyed Hair Drive Your Drunken Blonde Aryan Girlfriend Home

While listening to the most advanced form of black music ever created in ten thousand years of existence. Bad parenting, here's to you.

Red Haired, Blue Eyed Male Model Breaks Into Home Looking For Some White Pussy, Just Like in Real Life

Saved by square-jawed half-caste with iron will.

Because well spoken, charming, rugged, extremely handsome White men generally get pretty pissed off when a White girl doesn't give up some o' dat fine-ass pussy within thirty minutes of meeting her, right? Or was that black men? I dunno, man, those statistics are a little fuzzy sometimes. Shit!